A Wicked Lord at the Wedding by Jillian Hunter
Another Boscastle!

A Wicked Lord at the Wedding by Jillian Hunter is another book that produces the "I can write as good as her" syndrome.

Lots of sex in this book, but no communication. After the couple (Sebastien and Eleanor) are married, Sebastien disappears into The War and is gone for long periods of time without a word to Eleanor.

When the story opens he is at a costume party trying to win his wife's affection back. And let me say something about silliness, Eleanor is dressed up as a cat...seriously, a cat. With a tail, in Regency England. Hard to swallow. More silliness: in her husbands absence she has turned into the Mayfair Masquer. She dresses up like a man and breaks into people's homes, looking for some stupid letters written by someone blackmailing people. Groaning. See...silly...and it hasn't even started.

And then there is Sebastien, he is just across the ocean fighting or whatever he's doing. Does he send a message to his wife? Noooooo! Does he sit down for a heart-to-heart with his wife? Nooooooo! What is his plan to win his disguised as a man wife back? He'll seduce her, that's what! Of course, Eleanor cannot love him again. Nooooo, she cannot trust him again. Nooooo, however, there's nothing wrong with a bit of really hot sex.

Really, this book is truly a groan feast...Hisssss.

Time/Place: Regency England
Sensuality Rating: Hot

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