Spirited Brides by Amanda McCabe
If you have insomnia, this book is for you! It will put you to sleep in a matter of minutes.
Spirited Brides by Amanda McCabe is a reprint of two regency books that were published in 2003.

The first one One Touch of Magic has a very slight touch of the paranormal in the form of kind of reincarnation. Miles and Sarah are the main characters in this book, she's digging up a viking village and he owns the land she digging on. The villain is easy to spot, and the romance is almost not there at all. This was a mediocre traditional regency read, however it is better than then second story in the book, A Loving Spirit.

A Loving Spirit has a story full of matchmaking ghosts haunting the castle of the uptight hero Philip and the ghost-chasing heroine Cassie. This story could have been really funny, but the author seams to have pulled back every time I thought that moment for a laugh out loud might occur. She must never have seen the Bob Hope movie, Ghostbreakers, later made into a Jerry Lewis/Dean Martin vehicle Scared Straight.

Both stories just sort of meandered along, never really going anywhere. Too bad, both of them could have been really good and it wasn't that there wasn't enough time. The books were long enough to have created some really funny memorable characters, they just didn't.

Time/Place Regency England
Sensuality Rating: Kisses

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