Whirlewind Wedding by Jacquie D'Alessandro
Another palette cleansing!!

Whirlwind Wedding
by Jacquie D’Alessandro

After the last book, I decided, since a new decade was upon us to dip into the past and read a book from the year 2000; one I remembered fondly. It's always interesting to see how much your tastes change with the passing years. Well, much to my surprise Whirlwind Wedding by Jacquie D'Alessandro still holds up.

Elizabeth Matthews is a heroine who is warm, witty and intelligent; she also has visions. Now, don't become alarmed, the visions do not overpower the book. She is invited to the country estate of the Duke of Bradford, Austin Jamison. I did have a problem with the name Austin, so, I found myself skipping over his name. Anyway, Austin is injured and Elizabeth saves him, but they are caught in a compromising position and forced to marry.

I did enjoyed watching this marriage of convenience blossom. They made a great couple until the big misunderstanding. And, it is that misunderstanding which lowers the rating of this book. The big misunderstanding was very silly and I wish the author had come up with some other method of creating tension between this very charming couple.

So, except for the misunderstanding contrivance, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it. By the way, this author's website is not one of my favorites. I always feel some eye strain after visiting it.

Next, onto a debut author.

Time/Place: Regency England
Sensuality Rating:

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Melissa said...

I had trouble reading this book initially and I'm not sure why. Once I started reading it a second time, I became absorbed in the story and enjoyed it.