Favorite Romance Books

This is different from my favorite author list, these are my favorite romance books, not nessarily by my favorite authors.

1. Lord of Scoundrels (1995), Loretta Chase...what a wonderful book, great use of language. If you like witty dialogue, this book is a must.

2. The Rake (1998), Mary Jo Putney…The hero in this book is an adorable alcoholic, who struggles to remain sober. This book was originally written as a traditional Regency under the title The Rake and the Reformer in 1989, because it stretched the boundaries of traditionally Regency, Ms. Putney decided to rewrite it in a longer version in 1998. Both books are excellent. Sensuality rating warm.

3. Night in Eden (1997), Candice Proctor...see favorite author list.

4. Promise me Heaven (1994), Connie Brockway took a long break from writing historicals, however she has dipped her toes into the water. This book was her debut and it’s similar to Mary Jo Putney’s “The Rake”. It is also one of the earlier "he has sex for his country books" Sensuality rating warm.

5. Bewitching (1993), Jill Barnett…It appears that Jill Barnett is once again set to venture into historical land. Bewitching is a funny book, and it has one of my all time favorite laugh out loud scenes. The heroine is an accident prone witch. Sensuality rating hot.

6. The Clergyman’s Daughter (1983), Julie Jeffries. Julie Jeffries wrote 2 books before she quit. What a shame. This is supposed to be a traditional Regency, but it’s very similar to a Mary Balogh book. When reading this book, a person must remember it was written before historical accuracy was in vogue and the hero does commit some violence against the heroine...Even though this is a small traditional Regency, I would give it a warm sensuality rating.

7. Simply Love (2006), Mary Balogh...see favorite author list

8. The Vicar’s Daughter (1995), Deborah Simmons...see favorite author list

9. Highland Rogue (1991), Arnette Lamb…Arnette Lamb passed away in 1998. She'd written 13 novels, all based in Scotland. The Highland Rogue is about the laird who has 4 illegitimate children (he has a way with women). He hires a governess who has a secret, her secret: her sister was the mother of one of these children and she doesn’t know which one and he won’t tell her. There is the big misunderstanding in this one, but there is also humor. Sensuality rating warm

10. The Secret (1990), Julie Garwood…Garwood writes both historical and contemporary suspense. I prefer her historical books. This is a wonderful story about an English girl who befriends a Scottish girl. The hero doesn’t know what hits him. It also has a story line of overcoming prejudice. Medieval Scotland. Sensuality rating hot.

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Melanie said...

Hey Kay :)

I just stumbled in here, and noticed that you're reading JAL's new book. I just fell in love with it and the hero of the book. I hope you like it.

I also see that some of your fave books are the ones I read and liked very much....

You're welcome to stop by my 'baby Blog' and check out some of my fave's as well :)

Happy reading :)