Romanceland Abbreviation for the Cool People

So you to can visit other romance websites and be one of those cool people that use abbreviations. People will idolize you and be amazed at your extent of your knowledge. And they won't think you are some kind of nerd. Promise.

ASAP - as soon as possible
BIL - brother-in-law
BTW - by the way
DB - dear boyfriend
DD - dear daughter
DH - dear husband
DIK - desert isle keeper
DNF - did not finish
DS - dear son
DW - dear wife
ETA - edited to add
FIL - father-in-law
FOLS - friends of library sale
FTR - for the record
FWIW - for what it's worth
FYI - for your information
GF - girlfriend
H/H - hero and heroine
HEA - happy ever after
HTH - hope this helps
ICAM - I couldn’t agree more
IIRC - if I recall/remember correctly
IMHO - in my humble opinion
IMO - in my opinion
ITA - I totally agree
LMAO - laughing my a** off
LOL - laughing out loud
MIL - mother-in-law
NP - no problem
OMG - oh my gosh
OOP - out of print
OP - original poster
OT - off topic
POV - point of view
PP - previous poster
ROFL - rolling on floor laughing
SIL - sister-in-law
SO - significant other
TBB – to be bought
TBR – to be read
TMI - too much information
TIA - thanks in advance
TSTL - too stupid to live
TTFN - ta ta for now
TTYL - talk to you later
UBS - used book store
WTF - what the f**k
WTH - what the hell? (variant of WTF)

Big Mis or Big Misunderstanding - H/H having a huge dramatic conflict over something easily resolved with a 2-minute conversation
Big Separation - H/H are separated for a significant period of time in a book
Glom/Glomming - discovering a new-to-you author and buying up their backlist in a frenzy

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