Sinful Surrender by Beverley Kendall
Sinful Surrender, a book full of loathsome characters! See the tears in my eyes.

OMG where do I start? I wanted to like this book, and when it started out I thought I had found another debut author who could write romance. But, then it turned ugly. First of all there's the stalker chick heroine Millicent or Missy as she is called by those who love her. She has loved the whiny, jerk hero James forever. James is the friend of her equality atrocious brother (who by the way is the next one to get his book). The brother doesn't think his best friend James is good enough for his sister, and he wants James to end the infatuation. Why would you have a best friend who you don't want hanging around your sister?

Even though we are talking a time period when an innocent girl would have a chaperon, our stalker heroine doesn't seem to have any problem waltzing into James house at all hours of the day and night to throw herself at him. Of course, he can't resist, he can't control his lust, he can't, he can't, he can't. So, his predator animal instinct takes over and he has mind-numbing sex with her and then he kicks her out of his house. Does she get the hint? Are you crazy, we still have more pages of this atrocious behavior to go through. One of the more heart warming moments is when he parades his mistress around in front of her and then gets mad when her feelings are hurt. That was sarcasm. I really hated this guy.

Of course, there are always the secondary characters that might save this story, there is the Ice-princess who lies and says James is the father of her child, the drunken lover who when he's not drinking is glaring at people, there is the 17 year old about-to-have-her-own-book-woman who publicly insults Millicent's atrocious brother. This book is so full of people I couldn't keep track of all of them. Now, I will admit that not all of the characters were horrible. There were a few that had redeeming qualities, maybe four out of, oh...I don't know, hundreds.

In case you missed it, I hated James, he was such a ass and I really don't know why Millicent thought she loved him. I would have cut my losses the first time he showed up with a floozy on his arm. He really was a whiny big baby.

The sad thing about this book is technically the writing is good, but the characters in the story are horrible. I debated on the high rating.

Time/Place: Victorian England
Sensuality Rating: Hot!

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