Horrible Heros

Here they are, those loathsome losers, those heroes that rape, commit adultery (we don't care why), and can't get over their first loves (give you a hint guys, she's evil)... and those little-dab-will-do-you men.

Clayton, Duke of Westmoreland, Whitney, My Love, Judith McNaught
Gavin Montgomery, Velvet Promise, Jude Devereux
Steve Morgan, Sweet Savage Love, Rosemary Rogers
Philip Hawksbury, Midsummer Magic, Catherine Coulter
Nikolas Angelovsky, Prince of Dreams, Lisa Kleypas
Severin of Langthorne, Rosehaven, Catherine Coulter
Frederick Sullivan, Dancing with Clara, Mary Balogh
Brandon Birmingham, Flame and the Flower, Katherine Woodiwiss
Nicholas Delaney, An Arranged Marriage, Jo Beverley
Clayton Armstrong, The Counterfeit Lady, Jude Devereux

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