A Matter of Class by Mary Balogh

Get your cute-0-meter out!

Mary Balogh's is in top form with A Matter of Class, a novella that reminds me of the old traditional Regency. Of course, the old traditional Regency was not $15 buck-a-loos, so check it out from your favorite library or borrow it from a buddy, but read it!!

Whether you like Mary Balogh's or not, she knows how to put words together to make a full story and even though this story is short, it is a well-written book. For those of you that don't like flashback, too bad, because they are in this book; however, they blend perfectly into the storyline. In fact, they are needed for this particular story. I can't tell you too much of the plot because there are some unexpected surprises in this one. (Unless, like me, you read the end of your books first...I have to tell you, in this case resist the temptation!)

The hero, Reginald is the son of a wealthy coal merchant. His father wants him to be a gentleman. The heroine (Lady Annabelle) their neighbor, is the daughter of a Marquess. And, let me tell you the marquess is a real snob and very class conscious. Reginald and Annabelle are both well-written, interesting characters.

So, find this book (remember $15.00), pull up an easy chair, get a cup of hot chocolate and spend a few hours enjoying a pleasant read.

Time/Place: Regency England
Sensuality Rating: Warm

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Melissa said...

A beautiful story!