SidneyKay's 10 Favorite Romance Authors

These are all historical romance.

1. Jo Beverley is one of my all time favorites. She has published over 30 books; generally she writes in Medieval, Regency or Georgian time period. She is also the author of some science fiction, which I have not read. She has some stand alone books; however most of her books are part of a series, although those could be read separately. Sensuality rating warm to hot.
  • The Shattered Rose (1996) – when this book first came out I didn’t like it, however, it is now one of my favorite Beverley books. It’s the story of a crusader returning home to his wife, who thought he was dead and is pregnant. It’s a very poignant story and the secondary characters bring in the humor.
  • Devilish (2000) – is the 4th in the “Malloren series, about the oldest brother Rothgar. This book is set in Georgian England and is sort of a swashbuckler.
2. Mary Balogh is another author that’s been around for a long time. Her books I believe have all been set in Regency England, there may have been a couple in Wales. She’s written over 65 full books and a number of novellas. She is one of the few authors that can get away with writing about the taboo subject of adultery. She is a pretty heavy duty author, and has had only a couple of books that are lighthearted. Sensuality rating warm to hot.
  • Simply Love (2006), this is one of the few books that almost made me cry when the couple finally came together.
  • Slightly Married (2003), one of the better marriage of convenience stories.
3. Susan Carroll stories have a little bit of magic or supernatural plot to them and she’s one of the few authors that don’t have a website. She’s written over 20 books. Sensuality rating warm to hot.
  • The Night Drifter (1998) is the second book in The St. Leger series. The hero has the ability to leave his body, and falls in love with a woman while out of his body. The woman of course falls in love with his soul, but isn’t exactly enthralled with him when he’s in his body. This is a tortured hero book.
  • The Dark Queen (2005), this book is set in the Renaissance and has real people interwoven with the fictitious ones. Catherine de Medici plays a big role in this book. The book really evokes the period its set in.
4.Candice Proctor (her historical), she writes mysteries under the name of C. S. Harris. Her historical books are set in all different time periods and a number of them are set in Australia (her home country). Much to my chagrin she has written only 7 historical novels. Sensuality rating warm to hot.
  • Beyond Sunset (2003) is set in the South Pacific and the hero and heroine hate each other on sight. The setting is lush and the book is funny.
  • Night in Eden (1997) is set in Australia. The heroine has been convicted of killing her husband and her baby has just died and she is sent to the Australian outback. The hero is in need of a wet-nurse for his infant son. This is a very vivid story of the Australian outback.
5. Laura Lee Guhrke has written over 13 books. She’s written books from different historical time periods, including some from the American old west. Some of her books have a humorous side in them. Sensuality rating warm to hot.
  • The Marriage Bed (2005), I love this book. This book is a very controversial book among romance readers; you either hate it or love it. The reason: infidelity. When the book begins, you already know the main characters because you have been introduced to them in some books published previously and you know that they are leading separate lives. This is the story of how they work it out.
6. Deborah Simmons has written over 20 books and some novellas, most of her books contain elements of humor. Sensuality rating warm to hot.
  • The Vicar’s Daughter (1995) takes place in Regency England and has a terrific food fight in it. Very lighthearted romp.
7. Loretta Chase has written over 17 books, and for most parts they have humor in them. She is also the author that has written my all time favorite romance book. Sensuality rating warm to hot.
  • Lord of Scoundrels (1995) is filled with witty repartee. It has strong and intelligent lead characters and a wonderfully written brother. This book has also been voted by other readers as the number one best romance book of all times.
8. Suzanne Enoch (2004) writes both historical and contemporary. Her historical books usually have humorous elements in them. I would also give her books a sensuality rating of warm.
  • A Matter of Scandal, funny book. The hero is “hoist by his own petard”
9. Karen Ranney is a new author for me, even though she’s written over 20 books. Her books cover a number of different time periods, from medieval to Edwardian, from England to Scotland. Her sensuality rating is mostly hot.
  • Till Next we Meet (2005) is a Cyrano de Bergerac story that ends happily with a handsome hero.
10. Elizabeth Hoyt is a new author, bursting onto the scene in 2006 with 4 wonderful books. Sensuality rating hot.
  • The Raven Prince (2006) is her debut book. A scarred gruff hero, a plain heroine set in Georgian time. He keeps loosing secretaries because of his temper, she becomes his secretary. Great writing.

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