Faith by Deaneane Clark

Duck!! Watch out wall!!!!


If you like " I hate rakes, but I'll kiss them...then I'll never believe anything they say", then Faith by Deneane Clark is for you. Do you know why Faith hates rakes? Because when she was five she was tricked into a maze and caught the eldest son of the household having fun with a maid (if you get my drift). Anyway, he told her that if she moved or made a sound a giant spider would eat her. So, because of that she doesn't like rakes and is afraid of intimacy...get it...a giant spider is going to eat you, so you will always hate rakes. Plllleeeeaaasse!

I could not finish this clunker, the writing was of the "I can do this" style. I really like to give new authors a chance, and I had read a favorable review calling this book a romp. However, someones definition of a romp and mine are not simpatico.

I will confess, that yes, I did skip ahead in the story...Because, this idiot couple were having one misunderstanding after another...Never talking to each other...listening to bad advice. The book is 288 pages long for Pete's sake and they don't get around to consummating their forced marriage until page 250. And, then...and then...because she's a virgin and he thought she was a whore, they have another misunderstanding and then she gets kidnapped. Where's that wall!

I don't think I will be waiting for this particular author to develop her craft.

Time/Place: Regency England
Sensuality Rating: Warm

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