Vexing the Viscount by Emily Bryan

I wanted to like Vexing the Viscount because I’ve enjoyed Emily Bryan’s other books, but in the end I find I couldn’t like it.

For the first time in a long time I like the heroine of the book. Daisy Drake is a delightfully smart character. Daisy and Lucian could have been a really good couple. They engaged in wonderful repartee and their lovemaking was hot.

Now, let’s start with that lovemaking. You see Daisy is of course a virgin, but she’s been reading a book written by a courtesan, so she knows everything about love making, except where is that "hidden spot" located and of course she disguises herself as a courtesan. What self respecting heroine wouldn't? She also get's a wax job and thinks about her smooth "folds" alllllll of the time, or should I say her throbbing smooth folds. The other unbelievable element in this story is: ta da, Lucian is a virgin also. And, I just want to say, for a virgin he knew all of the right moves, no fumbling around in the dark for this guy, no sir. I’m not rally sure why the author made him a virgin, but whatever the reason it wasn’t successful. He just didn’t seem like one.

Thrown into the disguise business were two villains committing treason, a crazy father, a retired courtesan, the courtesan’s gay husband and flashbacks to a Roman romance that tie into a hidden treasure. It was all too much of a hodgepodge that didn’t connect very well.
Sensuality Rating: Hot

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