Tempted at Midnight by Jacquie D'Alessandro

What a great story! And the hero is one of my favorites: the strong rake befuddled by love.

Really, the plot of Tempted at Midnight is secondary to the interaction between the two main characters of Emily and Logan. Emily is secretly writing a female vampire story so she can save her family from financial ruin. Logan is a wealthy man and someone is out to kill him. But that all seems to fade into the background as you watch these two characters get to know each other.

I even chuckled out loud in a couple of spots.

There were some scenes where all of the other characters from previous books showed up, but not enough to distract from Emily and Logan. The characters are mostly honest with each other, both of them are strong willed and believable. The story moves at a fast pace, almost to the point where I think some of the secondary characters get lost. But I loved this couple, they made me laugh.
Sensuality Rating: Warm/Hot

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Melissa said...

Good read!