The Immortal Hunter by Lynsay Sands (Book 11 Argeneau Series)
The Immortal Hunter
is more plot driven than character driven, there is absolutely no chemistry between the two main characters Dani and Decker. One of the reasons for that is in Lynsay Sands vampire world the vampires have life-mates, so there isn’t any real effort made to explore their relationship.

The vampire world of Lynsay Sands is an interesting place. These vampires can be in the sun, they are vampires because of “nanos” in the blood, they are from Atlantis, there are fang and non-fang vampires, there is a governing council of elders, they are limited to one child every one hundred years, you know you have met your life-mate because you cannot read their mind and other interesting bits of information that Ms. Sands drops throughout her books.

It isn’t necessary to read all 11 books in the series to follow this one, but it helps. However, this book pales in comparison to my favorite in the series “The Accidental Vampire

The book opens where the last book ended, wrapping up all of the loose ends that were left over. Once those ends are tied, Decker decides he wants to relax, however he can’t because Dani and her sister Stephanie have been kidnapped by rogue vampires, he and his partner must rescue them. And, so the chase begins.

There were too many things in this book that either disturbed or irritated me, here are just a few (spoiler’s included):
1. Dani’s sister Stephanie is only 15 when she is kidnapped and turned into a vampire.
2. The really depressing conversation(s) on how they were going to tell Dani’s parents that she was a vampire. Would they tell the parents, would they pretend the women were dead or at school, would they wipe out their mind?
3. If vampires can read minds, why can’t they read the mind of the villain in the next room? A plethora of characters from previous books showing up.
4. Last, but not least, cell phones, cell phones, cell phones, talking on cell phones, getting batteries for cell phones, listening to cell phones, speaker phones…aaakk!

(Spoiler: there are loose ends at the end of this one too.)

I don’t think I liked this one very much.
Sensuality Rating: Hot

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Delia said...

But with the cell phone annoyances, it sounds very true to life!