Honor's Splendour by Julie Garwood

You know, I’ve decided that when I read too many disappointing books in a row, I will need some kind of refresher; much like a wine taster refreshes their mouth after each swig. So, my spit turned out to be Julie Garwood’s Honor’s Splendour, written in 1987 and this book reminded me of why I love romance novels so much. And, why Julie Garwood’s older books are so wonderful.

This is the story of Lady Madelyne and Baron Duncan. Duncan is a typical Garwood hero, he falls hard right away, but it takes a long time for him to figure it out. Lady Madelyne is a Garwood heroine that everyone around her falls in love with, even dogs and horses.

This medieval romance book is filled with wit, humor, adventure, chivalry, villainy and a creepy step-brother. This is an exciting story brimming full of wonderful characters and by the worn condition of my book; I must conclude that I’ve read this book many times before. I’d venture to say that it has even taken a bath with me (it's pages were crinkly, as if a cat might have knocked it into the tub.)

Anyway, it was a good to read an old treasure, and if you’ve never read one of Garwood’s medieval books, this is a excellent choice to start you down the road to obsession.
Sensuality Rating:Warm/Hot
P.S. if you've never visited Garwood's website, you should. It has a lot of animation.


Rose May said...

How interesting. When I read this book, I was sorely disappointed in the characters and the plot. I follow your blog rather vigerously, and enjoy your sarcasm, humor, and wit in your reviews. More important is your blunt honesty. I really trust your opinion, as a reviewer. However on this book it seems we differ - I gave it the grade D for inconsistent, stereotypical characters, too many mini-plots, and a distracting wolf.

To each her own!

SidneyKay said...

Sometimes when I review older books, I know that I'm stepping into territory that not everyone is going to agree with. Thanks for enjoying the blog and if we all liked the same books there would only be one out there. And wouldn't that be boring.