Some Like it Wild by Teresa Medeiros
Well, it seems I’m over my slump and back into some good books. Didn’t last long did it? Some Like it Wild is the second book in the Kincaid series, and no, you don’t have to read the first book (Some Like it Wicked) to know what is going on here. This is one of those standard plots about a Scottish thief masquerading as a missing heir and surprise, surprise, he's the real heir. However, in the hands of Ms. Medeiros, this standard storyline turns into a very enjoyable read.

The characters of Connor and Pamela are wonderfully witty and the secondary characters are fun. In fact, secondary characters almost steal the show, but don’t. I am hoping for a sequel with Sophia (Pamela’s sister) and Crispin (Connor’s cousin). Sophia and Crispin are very funny in their antagonizing banter. I loved Sophia and her reason for not liking Crispin. I wish Ms. Medeiros would update her website better so that I could find out, however it seems she has to write. La di da.

There aren't any surprises in this book, but don't let that bother you. This is not a dark brooding novel, but one that will but a smile on your face and I find it very easy to recommend.
I have changed my rating to grades instead of's easier and more flexible.
Sensuality: Hot

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