Mystic Warrior by Patricia Rice
Oh, woe is me. You know Patricia Rice as always been one of my auto-buy authors, I have all of her books or should I say, all of her historical/paranormal. She's one of those Signet regency authors and one of my favorite books of hers written in 1992 was Mad Marie's Daughter. This one however, The Mystic Warrior, took forever for me to read. This is the third and last in her series of Mystic Isle and in my opinion the weakest.

Maybe, I was just getting tired of the "in the hands of the Gods" or the hero not being able to control his powers or the heroine being cold. It just went on and on. There was a quest for a chalice that I didn't care about, a hoaky save the island with all of the islanders joining in, the heroine reuniting with her dead parents for a icky goodbye. The romance was one of those romances where the hero and heroine are destined for each other, they have climaxes outside of their bodies and they know when a baby is planted in the womb. Also, the hero is responsible for her father's death and he really is responsible for the death, it's not a pretend responsibility.

Enough whining, I just couldn't get into this book and the only reason I'm giving it the high rating I'm giving it is because I haven't given up on Patricia Rice. Yet.

Time Period: 1700's (French Revolution)
Place: France and Mystic Isle
Sensuality Rating: Hot, even the out of body sex.

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