A Duke of Her Own by Eloisa James

A Duke of Her Own, is the final book in Eloisa James Desperate Duchesses series and it's one of the best. Even though this book stands on it's own, I would recommend that you read all the Duchesses books because the hero of this one Leopold Dautry, Duke of Villiers' story has been threaded through all of them.

If you are familiar with Ms. James writing style, you know that she usually has more than one story going on in her books, however, this one is devoted entirely to the relationship between Leopold and Eleanor. And thank goodness, there isn't too much about a chess game in this one, just Shakespeare. There were some wonderfully written detailed scenes in an orphanage that were really creepy. The one qualm I had with this one was that Leopold took an awfully long time to see the light and also an awfully long time to see through the character of Lisette The Lisette part of the book is what is keeping me from giving this book an A rating, I didn't care for the way Leopold lusted after Eleanor while he intended to marry Lisette (even thought that is explained away.)

All in all, this is a good book.

Part of Desperate Duchessess series
Time period: Georgian
Place: England
Sensuality: Hot


Melissa said...

Michelle says you have to quit recommending series because there are too many books to read. Your reviews are great and she reads what you recommend. She enjoyed this book as well and now has to read the rest of the series.

SidneyKay said...

My favorite in the series was "An Affair at Christmas" or something like that. It's hard to recommend a book not in a series, because most author's sign for a three book contract and they suck you in with a series. I have continued to read certain authors when I don't necessarily like their books, because I want to see the series end. I, of course have a faulty memory, so a lot of times I get my series mixed up. Or, I see a name and know I've read their story before, so then I go on a hunt. A series is a dangerous thing.

Melissa said...

I loved this series. Thanks! Book 1 is my favorite followed by Book 4. I'm sorry but the chess scene was extremely hot! I enjoyed seeing how Villiers changed thru the series and became a better man.