The Heiress in His Bed by Tamara Lejeune

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I was disappointed in Tamara Lejeune's latest, The Heiress in His Bed. For those of you who are not familiar with the writing of Ms. Lejeune's, her books are what I would call screwball comedy. Sort of like the screwball comedies (movies) from the 40's and it takes a talented hand to write them, in fact I think comedy writing is probably one of the hardest to write. And, that's why I'm disappointed with this book. I liked her previous writings and found that her debut novel was hysterical, but this one just doesn't go there. Plus, it has one of my pet peeves, ye' olde mistaken identity. I realize that mistaken identity happens a lot in screwball comedy, but in this case it wasn't funny.

The reason this book doesn't get an F, is that the first half of the book is pretty good, but then Viola runs away to the country and all of these characters show up for what is supposed to be farce. But, it was just too forced. And, I thought Julian (the hero) was mean or stupid and not funny.

Can't recommend this one, if you want to read a screwball comedy, read her first book Simply Scandalous or better yet watch my all time favorite screwball movie "My Man Godfrey" with Carole Lombard.

Time Period: Regency, I think
Place: England
Sensuality: Hot

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