Sleepless in Scotland by Karen Hawkins

This is why I love Karen Hawkins, I started this book Sunday and finished it on Monday. Her books for the most part do not drain my brain, they are what I would call fluff. Sleepless in Scotland is the fourth book in the MacLean Curse series.

Now, let me say, this book has one of my pet peeves (and this is a long list): TWINS! I hates twins to pieces! However, in this book they are not pretending to be each other, so it's ok. The hero, Hugh, is trying to save his brother from marriage and the heroine Catroina is trying to save her twin sister from ruining herself. Of course, everything back fires; Hugh and Catroina are forced to marry. After the wedding, the rest of the book is filled with getting to know each other.

There isn't any Mary Balogh angst or Julia Quinn comedy, it is a quick mediocre read and if you want to read the series, then you need to read this one. If you do, you will probably not remember it after a few days...nothing really bad, just a plain ol' read.

By the way, the curse is the guys can control the weather.

Not every book has to be mind blowing.

Time period: Regency
Place: England
Sensuality Rating: Hot

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