The Vicar's Daughter by Deborah Simmons
At last success!! After my disappointment with the Sandra Hill story, I was a filled with just a tad bit of trepidation when I decided to continue my project of rereading old books that I remember with fondness. Well, let me tell you Deborah Simmons The Vicar's Daughter, published in 1995) will stay on my list of 10 favorites.

Loved this story. There is nothing better than a stuffed-shirt hero meeting his downfall. I had forgotten just what a stuffed shirt he really was and how everything had to be on this really tight schedule, how tidy he was, how orderly he was. Of course, Charlotte turns his world upside down. This is a really great story and what I remembered as a food fight was instead a champagne fight. There are more books in this series, one of them Tempting Kate, which I reread as soon as I finished Vicar's Daughter...and it was also delightful. I'm now rereading the next one in the series The Last Rogue, this has been great fun. I think I can highly recommend these books.

This is not a complicated story, it's witty and fun watching another man sputter his way to love.

Time Period: Regency
Place: England
Sensuality Rating: Hot
Also: Tempting Kate,
published in 1997


Delia said...

OK, I read it. Very funny, although she really was ditzy. But she's what 17? So it can be forgiven. But I almost stopped reading on the third page (page 9 in the edition I had) when I saw the dreaded "from whence." Aarugh! Only your A+ rating made me go ahead and read in spite of that!

Melissa said...

I thought it was a fun romp.