This Duchess of Mine by Eloisa James

I love Eloisa James' Duchess series and I've been waiting for Elijah and Jemma's story a long time. This Duchess of Mine is their story and if you have been following the other books you are going to like this one. And, you really should read the other books in the series just so you can get their background story.

In this one we learn all of the why's in their relationship, some of them we may not like, but oh well we are not the published author. Villiers also shows up as the strong secondary character, setting us up for his book coming out in July. I'm really looking forward to that one and the explanation of the five illegitimate children.

Back to Elijah and Jemma. It took me awhile to warm up to Elijah. Why, you ask? Because he is a passive kinda guy when it comes to doing anything about his love life. Why did it take him nine years to try to work things out with the woman he loved? And even when he came back, he plays that stupid chess game for a year. But, he did start to grow on me after awhile. I wasn't too keen on the game that Jemma was playing with him to make him not be so stodgy; throwing another woman at him was a plot device that I thought was rather adolescent. But, other than that, I found their relationship fascinating.

The love scenes were hot and the first love scene is hot and touching at the same time. And Jemma's reaction to her husband's illness is very realistic, I would probably react the same way she does.

Ms. James does a great job with the Georgian time period, the wigs, hair powder, beauty patches, men in heels, men dressed in brilliant colors, women in panniers. You must read this book, in fact read the entire series! I can hardly wait for the Duke of Villier's story!

Also, if you are at all familiar with Ms. James, you know that she always writes a follow-up chapter after her book is out, which she posts to her website. I find this rather amusing, because she bases this chapter on the whining of her readers.
Sensuality Rating: Scorching

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