The Tarnished Lady by Sandra Hill
I have been recommending this books for years, obviously all based on a faulty memory. The Tarnished Lady by Sandra Hill is filled with so many things that are my personal pet peeves, I find myself dumb-struck. It's only been 15 years, where was my brain? The only good thing about this book, was the representation of the time period. The really dirty filthy time period.

The heroine was annoying; she was one of those feisty women. You know, feisty as in really really stubborn and doing numb things like disguising yourself as an old woman, putting yourself in needless danger and not being honest. And the hero! AAAKKKK! Let me get my hands on that neck. After hot sex, he mistrust her because he discovers a letter from her former paramour. After hot sex, he mistrusts her because she's been in disquise. After hot sex, he mistrusts her because she disobeyed him (she's feisty remember) and returns to her old home. He will not trust her till she can prove that she is worthy of him. He plays tricks on her, like that oh so funny pretend interlude with another woman. Why does he do that you may ask? Because, he wants to see if she will get jealous, doesn't care whether it might hurt her. What a jerk! Argh!

With every page I turned, I keep waiting for that book that I had fond memories of, but noooo. I'm really surprised that this book is only 15 years old, because it really seems like something written 40 years ago.

So with a sad sniffle, I must bid adieu to The Tarnished Lady, and banish it from my recommendation list. And jumpin jiminies! I really have to start reading some of the others that are decades old and on my list of beloved books.

Time Period: 945 AD
Place: Saxon England
Part of Viking Series I
Sensuality Rating: Hot

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