Hint of Wicked by Jennifer Haymore


Wallbanger alert!

I really wanted to like Hint of Wicked, especially since I always like to find new authors. However, one of my many pet peeves is male hero's who can't make up their minds and think they are in love with one woman while bedding another. So, having the heroine in the book do that doesn't make it any better just because she's a woman. I thought the plot was interesting and was excited about how it would be worked out, but Sophia just waited too long to make up her mind. Not only couldn't she make up her mind, but she was inconsistent. One minute she's mad at Garrett and the next she's massaging him. One minute she's fiery, the next she's passive. And, how long can you love a guy who locks you up and keeps you a prisoner in your own house? Even if you have wonderful memories of him.

And Garrett, husband 1, what a creep. He's gone for 8 years, suffering from amnesia, he comes back, he is still able to think like a human person. However, it never crosses his mind that maybe his wife has moved on, maybe she thought he was dead, maybe she remarried, maybe she loves someone else, maybe this is the 1800's where a woman alone might have a tough time. Here's what I'll do, I'll lock her up and brow-beat her and then she'll love me.

I didn't buy the daughter from this union, the 7 year old child who has Albert Einstein residing in her body. Pet peeve: children that don't act and talk like children.

The only person in this book that I liked was husband number 2, Tristan. He was everything a romance hero should be, he even saved Mr. Jerk Garrett's life. And he continued to love Sophia throughout her Garrett is my soul mate, Tristan is my soul mate, Garrett is my soul mate, Tristan is my soul mate, oh only 25 more page in the book! I guess Tristan is my soul mate, I think. Poor Tristan, he gets stuck with Sophia and Garrett gets his own story.

Anyway, I wish Ms. Haymore the best and I think that this book is going to be one that the public will either love it or hate it. I also think that Jennifer Haymore will be around for quite awhile, it's just this book is not my personal cup of tea.

Time period: Regency
Place: England
Sensuality: Scorching (bondage warning)


Delia said...

Sheesh! I can't decide whether to not read it because it's so bad and awaste of time, or to read it and see what was SO bad that you gave it an F. Huh! The latter, I think. Yes, may I borrow it?

SidneyKay said...

To be honest, I debated on the rating. Almost gave it a C-, but it had too many of my hot-buttons. One giant biggie "infidelity" even though she was married to him/them. I can except close calls when it comes to the big one and some of my favorite books have the big taboo infidelity in them. But, it is a problem that is resolved, and here I don't feel it was. The sex in this book was just a tad bit nonchalant for my taste.