Highland Scandal by Julia London
This is the second in Julia London's "Scandal" series. Remember Jack from the other one, he's on the run from the Regent and he's running in Scotland. Och! Do'n ya know. There was almost too much Scottish twang in this one.

Highland Scandal was an interesting read for me because while I was reading it I was enjoying it, however when I would put it down, it would completely leave my mind.

I love the character of Jack Haines, and he really has a number of bad days in Scotland. The character of Lizzie I'm not really too sure of because she came awfully close to being one of those irritating feisty women who won't listen to reason. She was stubborn for way to long. There was a secondary romance between her crippled sister and her guard, however, there wasn't enough of the secondary story to suit me. There were some parts of the book that seemed a little choppy and Jack's sudden mood change toward the end of the story startled me. I had no idea why he was turned into a jerk for about 10 pages.

So, this book had parts that I enjoyed, but it also had parts that were a bit uneven and even unbelievable. I struggled with giving it a C but because I did like Jack's character I'm giving it a B-.

There is a third in the series, A Courtesan's Scandal coming out in October, so dinnae fash yerself.

Time Period: Regency
Place: Scotland/London
Sensuality Rating: Hot

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