The Naked Baron by Sally Mackenzie
This is a silly book! But, sometimes everyone needs to read a silly book. All of Sally MacKenzie's books have made me smile, and the Naked Baron by Sally MacKenzie is no exception to that rule. In fact, I would say that this is one of her better tries.

There isn't any angst ridden hero in sight, but there is David, who loves big girls with big chesticles and Grace fits that description to a t. From the moment these two see each other, he cannot control any of his organs (if you get my drift.)

Plus, there is another romance going on between his Uncle Alex and her Aunt Kate. This story isn't really a secondary story because it takes up quite a bit of the book. I had to refer back to the blurb on the back to make sure who the story was about. But don't whine too much about that either, because this story about an older couple (she's 40, he's 45) was also great. There was really quite a funny scene involving pebbles thrown against a window.

This is a fast paced, lighthearted read filled with hot sex.

Sometimes I give stories high marks because they blow me away, this story didn't do that, but it was FUN and that is the reason I'm giving it a such a high mark, even with some of the 21st century vernacular.
Sensuality Rating: Scorching

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