Upcoming Releases!! November 15, 2013 to December 14, 2013!! Hey Delia! More Than Just Historical!

October 25, 2013
Release dates between November 15, 2013 and December 14, 2013.  Series indicates a spin-off, sequel, trilogy, brother/sister, secret society/spies, good friends who attended Oxford/Eton, vampire/werewolf - anything that has something continuing - even if written 20 years ago. H/O indicates either a hardcover or over-sized book or over $10.00 paper back (not ebook price.) Anthology/novella could be an anthology/novella or a bunch of books in one print. ebook, only sold electronically for now. Debut - congratulations!

Historical Fiction
Amy Tan, The Valley of Amazement
Barbara Mutch,
The Housemaid’s Daughter, h/o
Stephanie Dray,
Daughters of the Nile, series

Amie Louellen,
Ten Reasons Not to Date a Cop, h/o
Angela Winters,
Nothing to Lose, series, h/o
Antonio Munoz Molina,
In The Night of Time, h/o
C.H. Admirand,
Welcome Back to Apple Grove, series
Erin McCarthy,
Full Throttle, series
Jennifer Probst,
Searching for Someday, series
Karen Doornebos,
Undressing Mr. Darcy, h/o
Kristina McMorris,
The Pieces we Keep
L.A. Witt,
Conduct Unbecoming, m/m
Lacey Baker,
Just Like Heaven, series

Laura Florand, Chocolate Heart, series, h/o
Laura Kaye,
Hard as It Gets, series
Lexxie Couper,
Suspicious Ways, h/o
Linda Lael Miller, Kat Martin, Mary Carter, Laura Florand,
No Place Like Home, anthology
Lisa Plumley,
So Irresistible, series
Lois Greiman,
Finding Home, series
Lori Foster, Lucy Monroe, Sara Title,
Delicious, anthology
Nicole Chase,
Suddenly Royal, series
Niobia Bryant,
Strong Heat, series
Sarah Jio,
Morning Glory, h/o
Stacey Ballis,
Out to Lunch, h/o
Susan Donovan,
Sea of Love, series
Terri Dulong,
Secrets on Cedar Key, series, h/o
Tracy Solheim,
Foolish Games, series

Yipes! Contemporary/Mainstream  I Missed. Out There!
Catherine Bybee,
Not Quite Enough

Deborah Reed, Things We Set on Fire
Fannie Flagg, The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion
Lilian Darcy,
Marry Me, Cowboy, ebook, novella
Megan Crane,
Tempt Me, Cowboy, ebook, novella
Nikki Turner,
The Glamorous Life 2: All That Glitters Isn’t Gold
Sandra Edwards,
The Marriage Fix, series
Stacy Gail,
Ugly Ducklings Finish First, ebook

 Tracy March, Tempted in the Tropics, ebook

Ann Purser,
Scandal at Six, series, h/o
Anne Perry,
A Christmas Hope, series, h/o
C.C. Benison,
Ten Lords a-Leaping, series, h/o
Carola Dunn,
Heirs of the Body, series, h/o
Carolyn Hart,
Cry in the Night
Catherine Lloyd,
Death Comes to the Village, series, h/o
Chris Cavender,
The Missing Dough, series, h/o

Christopher Reich, The Prince of Risk, h/o
Cleo Coyle,
Billionaire Blend, series, h/o
Corrina Lawson,
Phoenix Legacy, series, h/o
Dean Koontz,
Innocence, h/o
Donato Carrisi,
The Lost Girls of Rome, h/o
Ed Kovacs,
Burnt Black, series, h/o
Elizabeth Craig,
Quilt Trip, series
Ellen Larson,
In Retrospect, h/o
Gene Hackman,
James Becker,
The Lost Testament, series
James Rollins, Rebecca Cantrell,
Innocent Blood, series, h/o
James W. Hall,
Going Dark, series, h/o
Jennie Bentley,
Home for the Homicide, series
Jo Davis,
Hot Pursuit, series
Joan Hess,
Murder as a Second Language, series, h/o
Juliet Blackwell,
Home for the Haunting, series

Karen Rose Smith, Staged to Death, seriesKate Parker, The Vanishing Thief, series, h/o
Kay Hooper,
Hostage, series, h/o
Kelley Armstrong,
Wild Justice, series
Krista Davis,
Murder She Barked, series
Kylie Logan,
Buttoned Up, series
Laura Kaye,
Hard as It Gets, series
Laurie Cass,
Lending a Paw, series
Lene Kaaberbel, Agnete Friis,
Death of a Nightingale, series, h/o
Lindsay McKenna,
Down Range, series
Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush, Rosalind Noonan,
Sinister, anthology
M.L. Buchman,
Take Over at Midnight, series
Maggie Barbieri, Once Upon a Lie, series, h/o
Maggie Shayne,
Wake to Darkness, series
Marcia Muller, Bill Pronzini,
The Spook Lights Affair, series, h/o
Mark Greaney,
Dead Eye, series

Michael Connelly,
The Gods of Guilt, series, h/o  

Monique Domovitch, Getting Rich, series, ebook
Morag Joss,
Our Picnics in the Sun, h/o
Paige Shelton,
Merry Market Murder, series
Steve Mosby,
The Murder Code, h/o
Victoria Abbott,
The Sayers Swindle, series
Wallace Stroby,
Shoot the Woman First, series, h/o

Gadzooks! Mysteries I Missed! Out There!
Carolyn Hart,
Ghost Gone Wild, series, h/o
Nikki Navarre,
The Russian Tempation, ebook
Sharon Sala,
A Thousand Lies, h/o
Waverly Curtis,
The Big Chihuahua, series

Paranormal/Fantasy/Science Fiction
Anne Hope, Soul Chase, series, ebook
Dakota Cassidy,
The Accidental Werewolf 2: Something about Harry, series, h/o
David Dalglish,
A Dance of Mirrors, series, h/o

David G. Hartwell,
Year’s Best SF 18, anthology, h/o
Deborah J. Ross,
Shannivar, series
E.L. Tettensor,
Darkwalker, series
Francis Knight,
Last to Rise, series, h/o
Gene Wolfe,
The Land Across, h/o
George R.R. Martin, Gardner Dozois,
Dangerous Women, anthology, h/o
Gerry Bartlett,
Real Vampires Know Size Matters, series, h/o
G.T. Almasi, Hammer of Angels, series
Harry Turtledove, Things Fall Apart, series, h/o
Ian Tregillis,
Something More Than Night, h/o

J.T. Geissinger, Edge of Darkness, series
Jacqueline Koyanagi,
Ascension, series, ebook, h/o
Jean Johnson,
The Grove, series, h/o
John Gwynne,
Malice, series
John R. Fultz,
Seven Sorcerers, series
Katriena Knights,
Necromancing Nim, h/o
Kathryne Kennedy,
Everlasting Enchantment, series
Mary Abshire,
Immortal Revenge
Mercedes Lackey
, Elementary, anthology
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff,
Accidentally Married to…a Vampire?, series
Sara Humphreys,
Unclaimed, series
Sarah Pinborough,
The Chosen Seed, series
Tes Hilaire,
Prince of Shadows, series
Vivian Arend,
Under an Endless Sky, series, h/o
William Dietz,
Andromeda’s Choice, series, h/o

Shazam! Paranormals I Missed. Out There!
Isis Rushdan,
Protector of the Flame, series, ebook
Karen Wiesner,
The Deep, series
Kathleen Collins,
Realm Walker, ebook
Marie Hall,
Death’s Lover, h/o
Sierra Dean,
Secret Unleashed, ebook
Sonya Clark,
Trancehack, ebook
Veronica Scott,
Warrior of the Nile, ebook

Elle Jasper,
Darklove, series
Faith Hunter, Kalayna Price, ed,
Kicking It, anthology, h/o
Gini Koch,
Alien Research, series
Joseph Nassise,
Watcher of the Dark, series, h/o
Melissa Mayhue,
Warrior Untamed, series
Nancy Holzner,
Hellbound, series Tessa Adams, Flamebound, series
Vaughn R. Demont,
Lightning Rod, series, h/o

Zoink! Urban I Missed. Out There!

 Amanda Bonilla, Vengeance Borne, series
Coleen Kwan,
Darke London, ebook
Paige Cuccaro,
Heaven and Hellsbane, h/o

Young Adult
Aimee Carter,
Pawn, series
Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner,
These Broken Stars
Andrea Cremer,
Snakeroot, series, h/o
Corrine Jackson,
Pushed, series
Weisman, Rain of the Ghosts, series
J. Barton Mitchell
The Severed Tower, h/o
Jordan Dane,
Crystal Fire, series
Katie McGarry,
Crash Into You, series, h/o
Laura, Lisa Roecker,
Third Lie’s the Charm, series
Michele Vail,
Unchosen, series
Miranda Kenneally,
Racing Savannah,series
Monica Murphy,
Three Broken Promises, series, h/o
Ni-Ni Simone,
True Story, series
Rachel Van Dyken,
Elect, ebook
Richelle Mead,
The Fiery Heart, series, h/o
Sadie Hayes,
The Next Big Thing, series

Aarggh! Young Adults I Missed, Out Already!
Andrew Klavan,
Nightmare City, h/o
Annobel Pitcher,
Ketchup Clouds, h/o
Lea Nolan,
Allure, series
Melissa Guinn,
Headfirst Falling, debut, ebook
Romily Bernard,
Find Me, h/o
Sophie Jordan,
Foreplay, series, h/o

Vivi Barnes, Olivia Twisted

Christine Lauren, Beautiful Beginning
Delilah Devlin, Texas Surrender, series, h/o
Joey W. Hill,
Unrestrained, h/o
Katriena Knights, Necromancing Him, h/o
Lauren Dane, Megan Hart, There All Along, h/o
Lauren Jameson,
Breathe, h/o
Lucinda Carrington,
The Ninety Days of Genevieve, h/o
Mackenzie McKade,
Bound by an Angel, series, h/o
Raina James,
Three Wicked Wishes, series
Rhian Cahill, Lexxie Couper,
Party Hard, h/o
Sommer Marsden,
Restless Spirit, h/o
Sylvain Reynard,
Gabriel’s Redemption, series, h/o

Vivian Arend, Rocky Mountain Freedom, series, ebook

G-o-l-l-y! Erotica I Missed, Out Already

Allison Tyler,
Dark Secret Love, h/o
C.C. Gibbs,
All He Wants
Christina Phillips,
Tainted, ebook

Delilah Devlin, ed, High Octane Heroes, h/o, anthology
Donica Avet,
Primal Flavor, ebook
Elle Kennedy,
Since You’ve Been Gone, ebook
Jess Michaels,
For Desire Alone, h/o
Juliana Ross,
Improper Arrangements, ebook
Lexi Post,
Passion’s Poison, ebook
Lynne Barron,
Portrait of Passion, ebook
Sommer Marsden,
Restricted Release, ebook

T.J. Michaels, Seeker’s Solace, ebook

Anita Higman,
A Marriage in Middlebury, h/o
Beth Wiseman, Ruth Reid, Mary Ellis,
An Amish Miracle, anthology, h/o
Dorothy Love,
Carolina Gold, h/o
Gilbert Morris,
Sabrina’s Man, h/o
Katharine Swartz,
The Vicar’s Wife, h/o
Lisa Carter,
Aloha Rose, h/o
Suzanne Field,
The Painted Table, h/o

Ssspttt! Inspiration I Missed, Out Already
Beth Wiseman,
Plain Peace, h/o
Brandi Boddie,
The Preacher’s Wife, h/o
Brennan Manning,Greg Garrett,
The Prodigal
Christa Parrish,
Stones for Bread
Debbie Vigule,
Kiss of Revenge, series
Diana Wallis Taylor,
Ruth, Mother of Kings, h/o
Jane Myers Perrine,
The Wedding Planners of Butternut Creek, h/o
Katherine Reay,
Dear Mr. Knightley, h/o
MaryLu Tyndall,
Elusive Hope, series
Michael Landon, Jr, Cindy Kelley,
Traces of Mercy, h/o
Neta, Dave Jackson,
Derailed, series, h/o
Rene Gutteridge,  Cheryl McKay,
Greetings from the Flipside, h/o
Ruth Logan Herne, Anna Schmidt,
Love Finds you in the City at Christmas, h/o
Vannetta Chapman,
The Christmas Quilt, series, h/o

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