May 15 to June 14, 2015!! Upcoming Releases!!! Hey, Delia!!More Than Just Historical Romance!!!

Release dates between May 15, 2015 and June 14, 2015.  Series indicates a spin-off, sequel, trilogy, brother/sister, secret society/spies, good friends who attended Oxford/Eton, vampire/werewolf - anything that has something continuing - even if written 20 years ago. Anthology/novella/trilogy could be an anthology or a bunch of books in one print or novella - one tiny book or an anthology with a bunch of novellas - could be a trilogy and then the author writes a fourth book - I'm getting a headache. Ebook, only sold electronically for now. Debut - congratulations! 

Historical Fiction
Barbara Kyle,
The Traitor’s Daughter, series
Jamie Attenberg,
Saint Mazie
Jeanne Mackin,
A Lady of Good Family
Laura Andersen,
The Virgin’s Daughter, series
Lucy Sanna,
The Cherry Harvest 
Vanessa Lafaye,
Under a Dark Summer Sky
Susan McGregor,
The Harlot Saint

Contemporary Romance/Mainstream/New Adult
A. Meredith,
Follow Me Back, series, new adult
Amy Connor,
Million Dollar Road
Anne A. Wilson,
Barbara Delinsky,
Cecy Robson,
Once Pure, series, new adult
Dani Atkins,
The Story of Us
Debbie Mason,
Wedding Bells in Christmas
Donna Kauffman,
Sea Glass Sunrise, series
Dorothea Benton Frank,
All the Single Ladies
Elizabeth Hayley,
The Best Medicine
Emily Liebert,
Those Secrets We Keep
Fiona Gibson,
As Good As It Gets
Harriet Evans,
A Place for Us
Jane Porter,
It’s You
Janet Dailey,
Texas Tough, series
Jemma Forte,
If You’re Not the One
Jenna Sutton,
All the Right Places, series
Jennifer Bernard,
All of Me, series
Jennifer Probst,
Searching for Beautiful, series
Jessica Lemmon,
Rescuing the Bad Boy
Jessica Topper,
Courtship of the Cake, series
JL Merrow,
The Shamwell Tales, series
Joy Lynn,
Blowing Off Steam
Judith Fertig,
The Cake Therapist
Julie James,
Suddenly One Summer, series
K. Bromberg,
Sweet Ache
Kate Sherwood,
Mark of Cain
Katie Ashley,
Vicious Cycle, series
Kerstin March,
Family Trees
Kim Wright,
The Canterbury Sisters
Kimberla Lawson Roby,
The Ultimate Betrayal, series
Kimberly Lang,
Something to Prove
Kishan Paul,
Blind Love
Lauren Dane,
Back to You, series
Lauren Gallager,
Kneel Mr. President, ebook
Lia Riley,
Upside Down, series, new adult
Linda Lael Miller,
The Marriage Season, series
Lisa Bingham,
Desperado, series
Lora Leigh, Laurelin McGee,
Anthology: Hot Alphas
Lorie Wilde,
Rules of the Game, series
Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza,
The Knockoff
Lutishia Lovely,
The Perfect Revenge, series
Maisey Yates,
Brokedown, series
Mary Alice Monroe, The Summer’s End, series
Mary Kay Andrews,
Beach Town
Mary Monroe,
Bad Blood
Meg Benjamin,
Finding Mr. Right Now, series, ebook
Meg Cabot,
Royal Wedding, series
Molly McAdams,
Trusting Liam, series, new adult
Polly Dugan,
The Sweetheart Deal
Robin Strachan,
Designing Hearts
Rochelle Alers 
Cherry Lane, series
Samantha Young,
Moonlight on Nightingale Way, series
Sara Arden,
Finding Glory, series
Sara Richardson,
No Better Man
Sarah Hall,
The Wolf Border 
Sarah Vaughan,
The Art of Baking Blind
Shannon Stacey,
Under the Lights, series
Sharon Sala,
I’ll Stand By You
Sophie Jackson,
A Pound of Flesh
Susan Kietzman,
The Summer Cottage
Suzanne Rock,
At His Service, series
Talia Carner,
Hotel Moscow
Tamara Dietrich,
The Hummingbird’s Cage
V.C. Andrews,
Secret Brother, series
Victoria Vane,
Sharp Shootin’ Cowboy, series

Mystery/Thriller/Suspense/Romantic Suspense
Alex Grecian,
The Harvest Man, series
Alex Erickson
, Death by Coffee, series
Alyssa Maxwell,
Murder at Beechwood, series
Anne Stuart,
Consumed by Fire, series
Annie Knox,
Collared for Murder, series
Ben Coes,
Independence Day, series
Cameron Harvey,
The Evidence Room
Carola Dunn,
Superfluous Women, series
Carolyn Haines,
Bone to be Wild, series
Clare Donoghue,
No Place to Die, series
D.A. Keeley,
Fallen Sparrow
Daniel Palmer,
Constant Fear
David Housewright,
Unidentified Woman #15, series
Douglas Corleone,
Robert Ludlum’s The Janson Equation
Edith Maxwell,
Farmed and Dangerous, series
Elizabeth Craig,
Tying the Knot, series
Elle Kennedy,
Midnight Captive, series
Emma Kavanagh,
After We Fall
HelenKay Dimon,
Falling Hard, series
J.J. Arlidge,
Eeny Meeny, series
J.T. Ellison, What Lies Beneath, series
James Grippando,
Cash Landing, series
Jane Casey,
The Kill, series
John Farrow,
The Storm Murders
Kat Martin,
Against the Tide, series
Kate Carlisle,
Ripped From the Pages, series
Kate White,
The Wrong Man
Katie Reus,
Shattered Duty, series
Kendra Elliot,
Spiraled, series
Krista Davis,
The Diva Steals a Chocolate Kiss, series
L.A. Kornetsky,
Clawed, series
Lee Hollis,
Death of a Cupcake Queen, series
Lorna Barrett,
A Fatal Chapter, series
M.P. Cooley,
Flame Out, series
Maggie Sefton,
Purl Up and Die, series
Maggie Toussaint,
Bubba Done It, series
Mark Pryor,
The Reluctant Matador
Nancy J.Parra,
Bodice of Evidence, series
Paige Shelton, Bushel Full of Murder, series
Penny Pike,
Death of a Chocolate Cheater, series
Peter Higgins,
Radiant State, series
Renee Knight,
Rita Mae Brown,
Tail Gait, series
Robert Rotstein,
The Bomb Maker’s Son
Ryan Lockwood,
What Lurks Beneath
S. J. Watson,
Second Life
S.K. Tremayne,
The Ice Twins
Sharon Bolton,
Little Black Lies
Sheila Connolly,
Privy to the Dead, series
Tiffany Schmidt,
Hold Me Like a Breath
William S. Cohen,
Win Blevins
and Meredith Blevins, The Darkness Rolling

Paranormal Romance/Science Fiction/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy
Alastair Reynolds,
Slow Bullets
Alex Bledsoe,
Long Black Curl, series
Alexandra Ivy,
When Darkness Ends, series
Astrid Amara,
Song of the Navigator
Beth Cato,
The Clockwork Crown, series
Brenda Huber,
The Seer, ebook
Candice Gilmer,
Saving Her Destiny, series
and Susan Griffith, The Shadow Revolution, series
Clive Barker,
The Scarlet Gospels
Dana Marie Bell,
Never More, series, ebook
Darynda Jones,
Eighth Grave After Dark, series
Diana Pharaoh Francis,
Edge of Dreams, series, ebook
Ed Finn
and Kathryn Cramer, ed, Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future
Ed Greenwood,
The Iron Assassin
Erika Johansen,
The Invasion of the Tearling, series
James S.A. Corey,
Nemesis Games, series
Jeffe Kennedy,
The Talon of the Hawk, series
John Birmingham,
Resistance: Dave vs. the Monsters, series
Kami Garcia
and Margaret Stohl, Dangerous Deception, spinoff
Kate Baxter,
The Last True Vampire, series
Katherine Harbour,
Briar Queen, series
Kevin J. Anderson,
Blood of the Cosmos, series
Kristin Cast,
Amber Smoke, series, new adult
Laurell K. Hamilton,
Dead Ice, series
Lori Handeland,
In The Air Tonight, series
Marc Turner,
When the Heavens Fall
Margaret Fortune,
Mark Lawrence, The Liar’s Key, series
Mercedes Lacky,
From a High Tower, series
Mike Shepherd,
Survivor, series
Nalini Singh,
Shards of Hope, series
Naomi Novik,
Neal Stephenson,
P.N. Elrod,
The Hanged Man, series
Paul Tremblay,
A Head Full of Ghosts
Peter Orullian,
Trial of Intentions, series
Simon R. Green,
From a Drood to a Kill, series
Tamara Jones,
Spore, ebook
Terry Brooks,
The Darkling Child, series
Tracey Martin,
Revive, series

Young Adult
Anna Banks,
Anne Heltzel, Charlie,
Presumed Dead
Betsy Schow,
Carrie Ryan,
Daughter of Deep Silence
Emmy Laybourne,
James Patterson,
Maximum Ride Forever, series
Katie M. Stout,
Hello, I Love You
Lexa Hillyer,
Proof of Forever, debut
Katie McGarry,
Nowhere But Here, series
Margo Rabb,
Kissing in America
Mary Weber,
Siren’s Fury, series
Mary McKinley,
Rusty Summer
Michelle Krys,
Hexed, series
Michelle Krys,
Charmed, series
Nina Berry,
The Notorious Pagan Jones
Rachel Vincent,
The Stars Never Rise
Sara Shephard,
The Good Girls
Sona Charaipotra
and Dhonielle Clayton, Tiny Pretty Things
Sophie Kinsella,
Finding Aubrey
Stephanie Kuehn,
Delicate Monsters
Tera Lynn Childs and Tracy Deebs,
Powerless, series
Valyne E. Maetani,
Ink and Ashes, debut

Charlotte Stein,
Sweet Agony
Em Petrova, 
Ropin’ Hearts, series, ebook
Faye Avalon,
Indecent Exposure
Jessica Clare,
One Night With a Billionaire, series
Joely Sue Burkhart,
One Cut Deeper, series
Katriena Knights,
Blood on the Ice
Lilah Pace,
Asking for It
Lou Harper,
Secrets and Bow Ties, series
Sarah Castille,
Beyond the Cut, series
Tess Bowery,
Rite of Summer, series

Inspirational Romance/Fiction
Amanda Cabot, In Firefly Valley
Anita Higman,
Summer’s List
Betsy St. Amant,
Love Arrives in Pieces
Charles Martin,
Water From My Heart
Christine Johnson,
Love’s Rescue
Deborah Raney,
Two Roads Home, series
Denise Hunter,
Married 'Til Monday
Eva Marie Everson,
Five Brides
Jennifer Beckstrand,
Huckleberry Harvest, series
Jerry S. Eicher,
A Blessing for Miriam
Jody Hedlund,
Hearts Made Whole
Karen Witemeyer,
A Worthy Pursuit
Lorna Seilstad,
As Love Blooms
Lynne Hinton,
The Case of the Sin City Sister
Margaret Bromley,
Undercover Bride, series
Marta Perry,
The Rescued, series
Mary Connealy,
Now and Forever
Melody Carlson,
Once Upon a Summertime, series
Melanie Dickerson,
The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest
Richard L. Mabry, Md,
Fatal Trauma, series
Rachelle Dekker,
The Choosing, debut
Sandra Orchard,
Desperate Measures, series
Sarah Price,
Second Chances
Vanetta Chapman,
Murder Freshly Baked, series

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