Upcoming Releases May 15, 2013 to June 14, 2013! Hey, Delia! More than Just Historical!!!

April 23, 2013  
Release dates between May 15, 2013 and June 14, 2013. Series indicates a spin-off, sequel, trilogy, brother/sister, secret society/spies, good friends who attended Oxford/Eton, vampire/werewolf - anything that has something continuing - even if written 20 years ago. H/O indicates either a hardcover or over-sized book or over $10.00 paper back (not ebook price.) Anthology/novella could be an anthology/novella or a bunch of books in one print. ebook, only sold electronically for now. Debut - congratulations!

Amy Sandas, Rogue Countess
Annie Burrows,
Reforming the Viscount
Cindy Nord,
No Greater Glory
Connie Mason, Mia Marlowe,
One Night With a Rake, series
Courtney Milan,
The Heiress Effectsometime between May and August
Diane Gaston,
A Reputation for Notoriety, series
Eloisa James,
Once Upon a Tower, series
Emily Greenwood,
Little Night Mischief, series
Gayle Callen,
Surrender to the Earl, series

Jayne Fresina, Lady Mercy Danforth Flirts with Scandal, series
Jeannie Lin,
The Sword Dancer, series
Johanna Lindsey,
One Heart to Win, h/o
Juliana Gray,
How to Tame Your Duke, series
Juliet Miller,
Highlander Taken, series
Karen Hawkins,
How to Pursue a Princess, series
Lecia Cornwall,
The Secret Life of Lady Julia, series
Lisa Plumley,
The Honor-bound Gambler, series
Lori Austin,
An Outlaw in Wonderland, series
Michele Sinclair,
Seducing the Highlander, series
Nicole Jordan,
Lover Be Mine, series
Olivia Drake,
Stroke of Midnight, series
Portia DaCosta,
Diamonds in the Rough
Sara Luck,  Marci’s,
Desire, series
Tammy Falkner,
Magic of “I Do”, series, debut
Tessa Dare,
Any Duchess will Do, series
Vicky Dreiling,
What a Wicked Earl Wants, series,
Zoe Archer,
Sweet Revenge, series

Historical Fiction
Laura Anderson,
The Boleyn King, debut
Elizabeth Fremantle,
Queen’s Gambit, h/o

Main Stream/Contemporary

Ally Blue, Graceland
Anne Calhoun,
Beth Albright,
The Sassy Belles, series, debut
Brenda Jackson,
A Brother’s Honor, series
C.H. Admirand,
One Day in Apple Grove, series
Carolyn Brown,
Billion Dollar Cowboy, series
Cathryn Fox, Nikki Duncan, Mackenzie McKade,
Burned, Bold and Brazen
Courtney Angela Brkie,
The First Rule of Swimming, h/o

Dawn French, Oh Dear Silvia, series, h/o
Dee Tenorio,
The Virgin Revenge, series
Donna Alward,
Beneath the Badge, ebook
Dorothea Benton Frank,
The Last Original Wife, h/o
Elizabeth Bass,
The Way Back to Happiness, h/o
Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop,
The Why of Things, h/o
Erika Marks,
The Guest House
Erin Nicholas,
Just for Fun, series, h/o
Geneva Holliday,
Jesse Hayworth,
Summer at Mustang Ridge, series, debut
Jill Shalvis,
It Had to Be You, series
Jodi Thomas,
Can’t Stop Believing, series
Julie Thomas,
The Keeper of Secrets, h/o
Karen Erickson,
Worth the Risk, series
Karen Joy Fowler,
We are Completely Beside Ourselves, h/o
Karen White,
The Time Between, h/o
Karen Wiesner,
Losses and Gains, series
Katherine Webb,
A Half Forgotten Song, h/o
Kim Barnouin,
Skinny Bitch in Love, h/o
Laura Drake,
The Sweet Spot, series
Linda Lae Miller,
Big Sky Summer, series
Lionel Shriver,
Big Brother, h/o
Lois Greiman,
Home Fires, series, h/o
Lori Carson,
The Original 1982, h/o
Lori Wilde,
Love at First Sight, series
Mary Kay Andrew,
Ladies Night, h/o
Mary Monroe,
Lost Daughters, series, h/o
Meg Donohue,
All the Summer Girls
Megan Mulry,
If the Shoe Fits, series
Niobia Bryant,
Never Keeping Secrets, h/o
NoViolet Bulawayo,
We Need New Names, h/o
Robin Kaye,
You’re the One, series
Rochelle Alers,
Haven Creek, series
Ruthie Knox,
Flirting with Disaster, ebook
Sally Koslow,
The Widow Waltz, h/o
Sarah Jio,
The Last Camellia, h/o
Sheryl Woods,
Sea Glass Island, series
Susan Mallery,
Just One Kiss, series
Susanna Kearsley,
Firebird, series, h/o
Virginia Kantra,
Carolina Girl, series

Mystery/Thrillers/Romantic Suspense

Alafair Burke, If You Were Here, h/o
Alex Gracian,
Black County, series, h/o
Allison Brennan,
Stolen, series
Allison Kinglsey,
Trouble Vision, series
Benjamin Constable,
The Three Lives of Tomoni Ishikawa, debut, h/o
C.M. Wendelboe,
Death on the Greasy Grass, series, h/o
Carol Ann Martin,
Looming Murder, series
Carolyn Haines,
Smarty Bones, series, h/o
Dean Koontz, Deeply Odd, series, h/o
Dee J. Adams,
Living Dangerously
Diane Kelly,
Death Taxes, and Hot-Pink Leg Warmers, series
Elizabeth Corley,
Requiem Mass, series, h/o
Grace Carroll,
Murder After a Fashion, series
James Runcie,
Sidney Chambers and the Perils of the Night, series, h/o
Jane Casey,
The Last Girl, series, h/o
Janet Bolen,
Thread and Buried, series
Janet Dailey,
Triumph, series, h/o
Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg,
The Heist, h/o
Jeffery Deaver,
The Kill Room, series, h/o
Jeffrey Allen,
Father Knows Death, series
Jill Sorenson,
Karen Keshinen,
Blood Orange, debut, h/o
Kate Carlisle,
A Cookbook Conspiracy, series
Kate Watterson,
Charred, series
Kevin O’Brien,
Krista Davis, The Diva Frosts a Cupcake
Kylie Logan,
Mayhem at the Orient Express, series
Lauren Beukes,
The Shining Girls
Lindsey Davis,
The Ides of April, series, h/o
Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush,
Something Wicked, series
Luke Delaney,
Cold Killing, series, h/o
Maggie Sefton,
Close Knit Killer, series
Mary Louise Kelly,
Anonymous Sources, h/o
Michelle Rowen,
Bled and Breakfast, series
P.L. Gaus,
The Names of Our Tears, series, h/o
Pamela Christie,
Death and the Courtesan, debut, h/o

 Peg Cochran, Steamed to Death, series
Ridley Pearson,
Choke Point
Rita Mae Brown,
The Litter of the Law, series, h/o
S.J. Bolton,
Lost, series, h/o
Sheila Connolly,
Monument to the Dead, series
Shelley Costa,
You Cannoli Die Once, series
Soren and Lotte Hammer,
The Hanging, series, h/o

Paranormal/Science Fiction/Fantasy

Alan Averill, The Beautiful Land, debut, h/o
Alexandra Ivy,
Darkness Avenged, series
Beth Ciotta,
His Clockwork Canary, series
Cat Devon,
Sleeping with the Entity, series
Cathryn Cade,
Rolling in the Deep, series
Christine Feehan,
Leopards’ Prey, series
Cynthia Eden,
Avenging Angel, series
Deborah J. Ross,
The Seven Petaled Shield
Donna Grant,
Midnight’s Kiss, series
Heather Graham,
The Night is Watching, series
Jacquelyne Frank,
Forever, series
Jennifer Ashley,
Tiger Magic, series
Karen Kelley,
Where There’s Heat, series

L. E. Modesitt, Antiagon Fire, series, h/o
Lilith Saintcrow,
The Red Plague Affair, series, h/o
Mary Wine,
A Captain and a Corset, series
Mercedes Lackey,
Steadfast, series, h/o
Molly Harper,
A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses, series
Nalini Singh,
Heart of Obsidian, series, h/o
Nina Bangs,
Wicked Memories, series, h/o
Shawna Thomas,
Journey of Dominion, ebook
Stella Cameron,
Darkness Bred, series
Stella Gemmell,
The City, h/o
Will McIntosh,
Love Minus Eighty, h/o

Cassie Alexander,
Shapeshifted, series
James Swain,
Shadow People, series, h/o
Jenn Bennett,
Binding the Shadows, series
Jill Archer,
Fiery Edge of Steel, series
Keri Arthur,
Darkness Unmasked, series                   
Mur Lafferty,
The Shambling Guide to New York City, debut, h/o
Nicole Peeler,
Tempest Reborn, series
Rhiannon Held,
Tarnished, series, h/o
Richelle Mead,
Gameboard of the Gods, series, h/o
Sierra Dean,
Keeping Secret, series
Simon R. Green,
Casino Infemale, series, h/o

Young Adult
Alex Flinn,
Towering, h/o
Amanda Hocking,
Tidal, series, h/o
Bennett Madison,
September Girls, h/o
Brigid Kemmerer,
Spirit, series
Eve Silver,
Rush, h/o
Josephine Angelini,
Goddess, series, h/o
Kady Cross,
The Girl with the Iron Touch, series, h/o
Kate Karyus Quinn,
Another Little Piece, h/o
Katie McGarry,
Dare You To, series, h/o
Leigh Bardugo,
Siege and Storm, series, h/o
Michelle Rowen,
Wicked Kiss, series
Nikki Carter,
Get Over It, series
Rachel Carter,
This Strange and Familiar Place, h/o
Stephanie Kuehn,
Charm and Strange, debut, h/o
Talia Vance,
Spies and Prejudice
Veronica Wolff,
The Keep, series


Christine Lauren, Beautiful Stranger, series
Crystal Jordan,
Unbelievable, h/o
Jaci Burton,
One Sweet Ride, series
Jess Michaels,
An Introduction to Pleasure, series
Katana Collins,
Soul Stripper, h/o

L.A. Witt, The Healing and the Dying, series
Lisa Renee Jones,
Being Me, series
Rhyannon Byrd,
Take me Under, series, h/o
Shelby Reed,
Games People Play, h/o
Tara Sue Me,
The Submissive
Vivian Arend,
Rocky Mountain Rebel, ebook

Carol Cox,
Trouble in Store, h/o
Eva Marie Everson,
Slow Moon Rising, series, h/o
Harry Kraus,
An Open Heart, h/o
Irene Hannon,
That Certain Summer, h/o
Jennifer Allee and Lisa Caron Richardson,
Diamond in the Rough, series
Karen Witemeyer,
Stealing the Preacher, h/o
Lori Copeland,
Sisters of Mercy Flats
Marta Perry,
Lydia’s Hope, series, h/o
Melody Carlson,
A Simple Song, h/o
Olivia Newport,
In Plain View
S. Dionne Moore,
A Heartbeat Away, series
Sandra Orchard,
Deadly Devotion, series, h/o
Thompson Square,
Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?, h/o
Tracie Peterson,
The Quarryman’s Daughter, series
Tricia Goyer,
The Promise Box, series, h/o
Wanda E. Brunstetter,
A Revelation in Autumn, series

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