Upcoming Releases!! February 15 to March 14, 2014!! Hey, Delia! More than Just Historical!!

Release dates between February 15, 2014 and March 14, 2014.  Series indicates a spin-off, sequel, trilogy, brother/sister, secret society/spies, good friends who attended Oxford/Eton, vampire/werewolf - anything that has something continuing - even if written 20 years ago. h/o indicates either a hardcover or over-sized book or over $10.00 paper back (not ebook price.) Anthology/novella could be an anthology/novella or a bunch of books in one print. ebook, only sold electronically for now. Debut - congratulations!
Historical Fiction
Anne Fortier,
The Lost Sisterhood, h/o
Brandy Purdy,
The Boleyn Bride, h/o
Deanna Raybourn,
City of Jasmine
Donna Thorland,
The Rebel Pirate, series, h/o
Erika Robuck,
Fallen Beauty, h/o
Janie Chang,
Three Souls
Kate Alcott,
The Daring Ladies of Lowell, h/o
Roberta Rich,
The Harem Midwife, h/o
Vivien Shotwell,
Vienna Nocturne, h/o

Barbara O’Neal,
The All You Can Dream Buffet, h/o
Bella Andre,
Come a Little Bit Closer, series
Claire R. McDougall,
Veil of Time, h/o
Daniell Steele,
Power Play, h/o
Deborah Fletcher Mello, T
he Sweetest Thing, series
Elise Sax,
Love Game, series
Emma Cane,
A Promise of Bluebell Hill, series
Ginger Jamison,
Liberty, series, h/o
Heidi Cullinan, Marie Sexton,
Family Man, h/o
Helena Hunting,
Clipped Wings
HelenKay Dimon,
Baby, It’s Cold Outside, ebook
Janie Chang,
Three Souls, h/o
Jennifer Bernard,
Four Weddings and a Fireman, series
Judi Fennell,
What a Woman Wants, series
Judith Williams,
Midsummer Magic, h/o
K.A. Linde,
Off the Record
Kimberly Kincaid,
Turn Up the Heart, series
Laura Kaye,
Hard As You Can, series
M. Leighton,
Some Like it Wild, series, h/o
Marilyn Pappano,
A Man to Hold on To, series
Mary B. Morrison,
I’d Rather be With You, series, h/o
Mary Hogan,
Two Sisters, h/o
Mhairi McFarlane,
You Had Me at Hello
Nikki Turner,
Always Unique, anthology, h/o
Noah Bly,
The Third Hill North of Town, h/o
Pam Weaver,
Pack up Your Troubles, h/o
Rachael Herron,
Pack up the Moon, h/o
Robyn Carr,
The Chance, series
Shayla Black,
Theirs to Cherish, series
Sheila Roberts,
The Cottage on Juniper Ridge, series
Sophie Littlefield,
House of Glass
Sugar Gamison,
Thrown for a Curve, series
Susan Kietzmane,
A Changing Marriage, h/o
Susan Mallery,
Evening Stars, series
Tara Sivec,
Shame on You
Tessa Hadley,
Clever Girl, h/o
Tiffany L. Warren,
The Replacement Wife, h/o
Virginia Kantra,
Carolina Man, series

Alyse Carlson,
Keeping Mum, series
Ann Cleeves,
Dead Water, series, h/o
Annelise Ryan,
Board Stiff, series
B.J. Daniels,
Atonement, series, h/o
Brad Parks,
The Player, series, h/o
Bruce DeSilva,
Providence Rag, series, h/o
Bruce Holsinger,
A Burnable Book, h/o
Brynn Bonner,
Death in Reel Times, series, h/o
C.S. Harris,
Why Kings Confess, h/o 

Carol Cassella, Gemini, h/o
Cindy Dees,
Close Pursuit
Colette McBeth,
Precious Things, h/o
Daryl Wood Gerber,
Inherit the Word, series
Denise Mina,
The Red Road, series, h/o
Denise Swanson,
Dead Between the Lines, series
Dixie Lyle,
A Taste Fur Murder, series
Don Passman,
The Amazing Harvey, series, h/o
Duffy Brown,
Pearls and Poison, series
Gina Robinson,
Love Another Day, series
Harry Bingham,
Love Story, with Murders, series, h/o
Isla Morely,
Above, h/o
J.D. Robb,
Concealed in Death, series, h/o
J.T. Ellison,
When Shadows Fall, series, h/o
James Grippando,
Black Horizon, series, h/o
Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg,
The Chase, series, h/o
Jeffery Deaver,
Trouble in Mind, anthology, h/o
Jennifer Harlow,
Werewolf Sings the Blues, series, h/o
Joanne  Fluke,
Blackberry Pie Murder, series, h/o
Kate Brady,
Where Evil Waits, series
Kate Rhodes,
A Killing of Angels, series, h/o
Laura Bradford,
Shunned and Dangerous, series
Laura Childs,
Steeped in Evil, series, h/o
M.C. Beaton,
Death of a Policeman, series, h/o
Molly Macrae,
Spinning in Her Grave, series
Nikki Duncan,
A Killing Touch, series, h/o
Pamela Christie,
Death Among the Ruins, series, h/o
Patrick Lee,
Runner, series, h/o
Peg Cochran,
Iced to Death, series
Rebecca M. Hale,
How to Paint a Cat, series
Rene Denfield,
The Enchanted, h/o
Rhys Bowen,
City of Darkness and Light, series, h/o
Steven Saylor,
Raiders of the Nile, series, h/o
T.T. Monday,
The Setup Man, h/o
Thomas Christopher Greene,
The Headmaster’s Wife, h/o

Paranormal/Fantasy/Science Fiction
Anne Leonard,
Moth and Spark, debut, h/o
Ashlyn Chase,
Kissing with Fangs, series
Brandon Sanderson,
Words of Radiance, series, h/o
Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson,
Mentats of Dune, series
S.T. Almasi,
Hammer of Angels
David Weber,
Like a Mighty Army, series, h/o
Elspeth Cooper,
The Raven’s Shadow, series, h/o
Frank Tuttle,
Brown River Queen, series, h/o
Glen Cook,
Working God’s Mischief, series, h/o
J.C. Tyler,
Cole’s Redemption, series
Jaime Rush,
Angel Seduced, series
Kira Brady,
Hearts of Chaos, series
Leigh Evans,
The Problem with Promises, series
Lila Dubois,
A Monster and a Gentleman, series, h/o
Marie Brennan,
Tropic of Serpents, series, h/o
Mary Behre,
Spirited, series
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff,
Sun God Seeks…Surrogate?, series
Rachel Bach,
Honor’s Knight, series, h/o
Sarah McCarty,
Reaper’s Vow, series, h/o
Shannon K. Butcher,
Willing Sacrifice, series
Stephen Leigh,
Immortal Muse, h/o
Terry Brooks,
The High Druid’s Blade, series, h/o
Terry Spear,
Silence of the Wolf, series
Vicki Lewis Thompson,
Werewolf in Las Vegas, series

Anne Bishop,
Murder of Crows, series, h/o
J. T. Almasi,
Hammer of Angels, series
Kim Harrison,
The Undead Pool, series, h/o
Lauren M. Roy,
Night Owls, series
Leigh Evans,
The Problem With Promises, series
Lynn Viehl,
The Clockwork Wolf, series
Marjorie M. Liu,
Labyrinth of Stars, series
Mike Shepherd,
To Do or Die, series
Mur Lafferty,
The Ghost Train to New Orleans, series, h/o
Patricia Briggs,
Night Broken, series, h/o
Rhiannon Held,
Reflected, series, h/o
Rinda Elliott,
Dweller on the Threshold, series
Seanan McGuire,
Half-off Ragnarok, series
Sierra Dean,
Grave Secret, series, h/o

Young Adult
Adi Rule,
Strange Sweet Song, h/o
Ami Talkington,
Liv, Forever
Bree Despain,
The Shadow Prince, series, h/o
Carol Lynch Williams,
The Haven, h/o
Claudia Gray,
Steadfast, h/o 

Chelsea Fine, Best Kind of Broken, ebook
Deborah Blumenthal
, Mafia Girl, h/o
Gemma Burgess,
Love and Chaos, series, h/o
Janet Gurtler,
16 Things I Thought Were True
Jennifer Estep,
Killer Frost, series
Jennifer L. Armentrout,
White Hot Kiss, series
Kara Taylor,
Wicked Little Secrets, series
Kassy Tayler,
Remnants of Tomorrow, series
Marata Eros,
The Darkest Joy, h/o
Melissa Kantor,
Maybe One Day, h/o
Michelle Madow,
The Secret Diamond Sisters, series
Molly McAdams,
Deceiving Lies, series, h/o
Monica Murphy,
Four Years Later, series, h/o
Lauren Oliver,
Panic, h/o
Liz Czukas,
Ask Again Later
Sarah Mlynowski,
Don’t Even Think About It, h/o
Shannon Hale,
Dangerous, h/o
Tahereh Mafi,
Ignite Me, series, h/o

Alessandra Torre,
Masked Innocence
Ann Marsh, Lynn LaFleur, Stacey Kennedy,
Hot Shots, anthology, h/o
Vianca D’Arc,
Keeper of the Flame, series, h/o
Charlotte Stein,
Telling Tales
Dawn Ryder,
Out of Bounds, h/o
Denise Townsend,
Ocean’s Kiss, h/o
Jess Michaels,
Her Perfect Match, series, h/o
Kelli Maine,
Given, series, h/o
Kelly Jamieson,
With Strings Attached, series, h/o
Roni Loren,
Need You Tonight, series, h/o
Shayla Black,
Theirs to Cherish
Tara Sue Me,
Seduced by Fire, series, h/o
Tiffany Ashley,
Beyond the Velvet Rope, series

Amy K. Sorrells,
How Sweet the Sound, h/o
Amy Lillard,
Gabriel’s Bride, h/o
Anna Schmidt,
Simple Faith
Candace Calvert,
Life Support, h/o
Denise Hunter,
Dancing with Fireflies, h/o
Elizabeth Ludwig,
Tide and Tempest, h/o
Harry Kraus,
Lip Reading, h/o
Heather James,
Hands of Darkness, h/o
Jerry S. Eicher,
Holding a Tender Heart, h/o
Judith Miller
, A Shining Light, h/o
Julianna Deering,
Death by the Book, series, h/o
Kelly Irvin, Love
Redeemed, h/o
Kevin Alan Milne,
The Winner’s Game, h/o
Melody Carlson,
Dating, Dining, and Desperation, series, h/o
Mesu Andrews,
In the Shadow of Jezebel, h/o
Rachel Hauck,
A March Bride, ebook, novella
Rosalind Lauer,
A Simple Hope, series
Ruth Axtell,
A Heart’s Rebellion, h/o
Siri Mitchell,
Love Comes Calling, h/o
Stephanie Grace Whitson,
A Captain for Laura Rose, h/o
Stephanie Landsem,
The Thief, h/o

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