Upcoming Releases, June 15 to July 14, 2013!!!Hey, Delia! More than Just Historical!!!

Release dates between June 15, 2013 and July 14, 2013.  Series indicates a spin-off, sequel, trilogy, brother/sister, secret society/spies, good friends who attended Oxford/Eton, vampire/werewolf - anything that has something continuing - even if written 20 years ago. H/O indicates either a hardcover or over-sized book or over $10.00 paper back (not ebook price.) Anthology/novella could be an anthology/novella or a bunch of books in one print. ebook, only sold electronically for now. Debut - congratulations!

Adrienne Basso,
How to Be a Scottish Mistress
Amelia Grey,
The Rogue Steals a Bride, series
Ann Lethbridge,
Her Highland Protector, series
Brenda Joyce,
A Rose in the Storm, series
Bronwyn Scott,
A Lady Risks All, series
Cecilia Grant,
A Woman Entangled, series
Christina Brooke,
London’s Last True Scoundrel, series
Denise Patrick,
Family Scandals
Elizabeth Essex,
Scandal in the Night, series
Jennifer Haymore,
The Duchess Hunt, series 

Julie Anne Long, It Happened One Midnight, series
Lauri Robinson,
The Cowboy Who Caught Her Eye
Lindsay Sands,
An English Bride in Scotland, series
Lucy Monroe,
Warrior’s Moon, series
Maggie Robinson,
In the Arms of the Heiress, series
Margaret McPhee,
Mistress to the Marquis, series
Monica McCarty,
The Hunter, series
Rosanne Bittner,
Paradise Valley
Sabrina Jeffries,
What the Duke Desires, series
Stephanie Laurens,
The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh, series
Wendy Soliman,
Beguiling the Barrister, series, ebook

Historical Fiction
Brandy Purdy,
The Queen’s Rivals, h/o
Elizabeth Cooke,
Rutherford Park

Gillian Bagwell,
Venus in Winter, h/o
Stephanie Thornton,
The Secret History: A Novel of Empress Theodora, h/o

Contemporary/ Mainstream
Alison Stone,
Too Close to Home
Barbara Delinsky,
Sweet Salt Air, h/o
Bella Andre,
From This Moment On, series
Beth Harbison,
Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong Finger, h/o
Candis Terry,
Anything But Sweet, series
Cydney Rax,
My Husband’s Girlfriend
Danielle Steel,
Love at First Sight
Diana Palmer,
Protector, series
Elin Hilderbrand,
A Beautiful Day, h/o
Emilie Richards,
Somewhere Between Luck and Trust, series
Fern Michaels,
Gotcha!, series
Francis Ray,
After the Dawn, series
Gabriel Roth,
The Unknowns, h/o
Germma Burgess,
Brooklyn Girls, h/o
Hannah Richell,
The House of Tides
Holly Chamberlin,
The Summer Everything Changed
Holly Robinson,
The Wishing Hill, h/o
J.D. Mason,
Drop Dead, Gorgeous, h/o 

Jaci Burton, Carly Phillips, Erin McCarthy, Jessica Clare, Hot Summer Nights, anthology
Janet Goss,
The Great Divide
Janis Thomas,
Sweet Nothings
Jeanette Murray,
The Officer and the Secret, series
Jenny Colgan,
Meet Me at the Cupcake Café, h/o
Jill Gregory,
Blackbird Lake, series
Jude Deveraux,
True Love, series
Kat Murray,
Bucking the Rules, series
Katrina Onstad,
Everybody Has Everything
Kelly Harms,
The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane, debut
Kristen Ashley,
Own the Wind, series
Laura Griffin,
Exposed, series
Linda Lael Miller, Jill Shalvis, Lucy Monroe, Kate Angell, Cat Johnson,
He’s the One, anthology
Lindsay McKenna,
The Loner, series
Lori Wilde,
All Out of Love, series
Margaret James,
The Wedding Diary, h/o
Marilyn Pappano,
A Hero to Come Home To, series
Mary Alice Monroe,
The Summer Girls
Mary Simses,
The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop and Café, h/o
Maya Banks,
Forged in Steele, series
Megan Hart,
The Favor
Mia March,
Finding Colin Firth
Mingmei Yip,
The Nine Fold Heaven, series 

Molly Cannon, Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Molly Robinson,
The Wishing Hill
Nancy Thayer,
Island Girls, h/o
Paula Treick DeBoard,
The Mourning Hours, debut
RaeAnne Thayne,
Willowleaf Lane, series
Robyn Carr,
The Newcomer, series
Rochelle Alers,
Secret Vows, series

Shelley Noble, Stargazey Point
Shiloh Walker,
Lost in Love, novella
Stephanie Evanovich,
Big Girl Panties
Stephanie McAfee,
Down and Out in Bugtussle
Stephen P. Kiernan,
The Curiosity, h/o
Susan Crandall,
Whistling Past the Graveyard, h/o
Susan Mallery,
Two of a Kind, series
Taylor Jenkins Reid,
Forever, Interrupted
Teresa Mummert,
White Trash Beautiful, series

Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Alexander Campion,
Death of a Chef, series
Annamaria Alfieri,
Blood Tango, h/o
Betty Hechtman,
Yarn to Go, series
Bill Pronzini,
Nemesis, series, h/o
Catherine Coulter,
Bombshell, series
Chevy Stevens,
Always Watching, series, h/o
Chuck Greaves,
Green-Eyed Lady, series
Daniel Silva,
The English Girl, series, h/o
Daryl Wood Gerber,
Final Sentence, series
Donna Andrews,
The Hen of the Baskervilles, series, h/o
Dorothy Howell,
Evening Bags and Executions, series
Elizabeth Adler,
Please Don’t Tell, h/o
Ingrid Thoft,
Loyalty, h/o
James Rollins,
The Eye of God, series, h/o
Jane K. Cleland,
Lethal Treasure, series, h/o
Jeff Crook,
The Sleeping and the Dead, series, h/o
Julia Heaberlin,
Lie Still
Julie Hyzy,
Grace Takes Off, series
Juliet Blackwell,
Tarnished and Torn, series
Karin Slaughter,
Unseen, series, h/o
Kitty Pilgrim,
The Stolen Chalice, series
Laura Griffin,
Exposed, series
Laura Morrigan,
Woof at the Door, series
Lee Hollis,
Death of a Coupon Clipper, series
Linda Castillo,
Her Last Breath, series, h/o
Lisa Jackson,
Tell Me, series, h/o

Lorna Barrett, Not the Killing Type, series, h/o
Lottie Maggach,
Kiss Me First, debut, h/o
Margaret Coel,
Watching Eagles Soar, anthology
Mary Daheim,
Gone with the Win, series, h/o
Max McCoy,
Of Grave Concern, series
Maya Banks,
Forged in Steele, series
Melissa Bourbon,
A Custom-Fit Crime, series
Michael Hiebert,
Dream With Little Angels
Miranda Parker,
Can’t Keep a Bad Bride Down, series
Molly MacRae,
Dyeing Wishes, series
Rick Mofina,
Into the Dark, series
Sara Gran,
Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway, series, h/o
Sophie Hannah,
Kind of Cruel, series
Sophie McKenzie,
Close My Eyes, h/o
Steve Hamilton,
Let It Burn, series, h/o
Steven James,
The King, series
Susan, Spann,
Claws of the Cat, series, h/o
Tami Hoag,
The 9th Girl, h/o
Tom Piccirilli,
The Last Whisper in the Dark, series
Victoria Laurie,
Deadly Forecast, series
William Ryan,
The Twelfth Department, series, h/o

Paranormal/Science Fiction/Fantasy
A.  Lee Martinez,
Helen and Troy’s Epic Road Quest
Alex Bledsoe,
Wisp of a Thing, series, h/o
Alex Kava,
Stranded, series, h/o
Andrzej Sapkowski,
The Time of Contempt
Cat Devon,
The Entity Within, series
Cecy Robson,
A Cursed Embrace, series
Charles Stross,
Neptune’ Brood, series, h/o
Christine Warren,
Hungry Like a Wolf, series
Devon Monk,
Cold Copper, series
Django Wexler,
The Thousand Names, series, h/o
Donna Grant,
Midnight’s Captive, series

E.C. Ambrose, Elisha Barber, series, h/o
Erin McCarthy, Kathy Love,
Thanks for the Fangover, series
Francis Knight,
Before the Fall, series, h/o
Gena Showalter, Kait Ballenger debut,
After Dark, anthology
George Mann,
The Executioner’s Heart, series, h/o
Jillian Stone,
The Education of Dr. Exeter, series
Karen Slaughter,
Unseen, series, h/o
Kate Elliott,
Cold Steel, series
Ken Scholes,
Requiem, series
Kresley Cole,
MacRieve, series
Kris DeLake,
A Spy to Die For, series
Lindsey Piper,
Caged Warrior, series
Lora Leigh, Alyssa Day, Meljan Brook Lucy Monroe,
Enthralled, anthology
Mary Hughes,
Biting Oz, series
Melissa Marr,
The Arrivals, series, h/o
Michael Flynn,
On the Razor’s Edge, h/o
Mina Carter,
Perfect Mate, series
Neil Gaimon,
The Ocean at the End of the Lane, h/o
Ofir Touche Gafia,
The World of the End, h/o
S.M. Wheeler,
Sea Change, debut, h/o
Shona Husk,
The Outcast Prince, series
Stephanie Tyler,
Dire Desires, series
Terry Brooks,
Witch Wraith, series, h/o
Vicki Lewis Thompson,
Werewolf in Alaska, series

Darynda Jones,
Fifth Grave Past the Light, series, h/o
Diana Rowland,
White Trash Zombie Apocalypse, series
Jamie Quaid,
Damn Him to Hell, series
Jess Haines,
Forsaken by the Others, series
Kate Griffin,
The Glass God, series
Kevin Hearne,
Hunted, series
Laura Griffin,
Exposed, series
Lee Roland,
Vicious Moon, series
Lucienne Diver,
Crazy in the Blood, series
Pamela Palmer,
A Kiss of Blood, series
Susan Krinard,
Mist, series, h/o
Yasmine Galenorn,
Night Vision, series
Yolanda Sfetsos,
Split at the Seams, series

Alessandra Torre,
Blindfolded Innocence
Elle Kennedy,
Feeling Hot, series
Emily Cale, Ginny Glass, Christina Thacher, Maggie Wells,
Love Letters Volume 3: Wicked Whispers, anthology
Jory Strong,
Inked Destiny, series, h/o
K.A. Mitchell,
But My Boyfriend Is
Katie Porter,
Chains and Canes, series, ebook
Lainey Reese,
Damaged Goods, series
Lauren Gallagher,
Who’s Your Daddy?
Lisa Marie Rice,
I Dream of Danger, series
Marie-Nicole Ryan,
Taming Talia, series
Dirty Rotten Liar, series
Savanna Fox,
Dare to Be Dirty, series
Serenity Woods,
Seven Sexy Sins, series
Vonna Harper,
His Slave

Young Adult
Abbi Glines,
Because of Low
Amanda Sun,
Ink, series, debut
Amir Abrams,
The Girl of His Dreams
D.J. MacHale,
Sylo, h/o
Elle Fowler and Blair Fowler,
Where Beauty Lies, series, h/o
Gemma Burgess,
Brooklyn Girls, series
Hannah Jayne,
Truly, Madly, Deadly
Heather Anastasiu,
Shutdown, series
J.A. Rdmerski,
The Edge of Never
Kasie West,
The Distance Between Us, h/o
Liz Bankes,
Louise Rozett,
Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend, series
Marni Bates,
Invisible, series
Saundra Mitchell, editor,
Defy the Dark, anthology, h/o
Shannon Delany,
Weather Witch, series
Shaunta Grimes,
Viral Nation
Tessa Gratton,
The Lost Sun, h/o

Amy Clipston,
The Hopeful Heart, series
Ann H. Gabhart,
Small Town Girl, series, h/o
Anne Elisabeth Stengl,
Dragonwitch, series, h/o
Bonnie Calhoun,
Pieces of the Heart, series, h/o
Colleen Coble,
Rosemary Cottage, series
Debby Mayne,
Pretty is as Pretty Does, series, h/o
Diana Wallis Taylor,
Claudia, Wife of Pontius Pilate, h/o
Diane T. Ashley and Aaron McCarver,
Ginny Aiken,
Remember Me When, series, h/o
Jolina Petersheim,
The Outcast, debut, h/o
Karen Barnett,
Melody A. Carlson,
A Home at Trail’s End, series
Wanda E. Brunstetter,
A Vow for Always, series

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