November 15, 2016 to December 14, 2016!!Upcoming Releases!!Hey, Delia More Than Just Historical Romance!!

October 26, 2016
Release dates mostly between November 15, 2016 and December 14, 2016. Series indicates a spin-off, sequel, trilogy, brother/sister, secret society/spies, good friends who attended Oxford/Eton, vampire/werewolf - anything that has something continuing - even if written 20 years ago. Anthology/novella/short stories could be an anthology or a bunch of books in one print or novella - one tiny book or an anthology with a bunch of novellas - could be a short stories by one author, could be - I'm getting a headache. Ebook, only sold electronically for now. Debut - congratulations!

Historical Fiction
Catherine Ryan Hyde,
Say Goodbye for Now
Beatrice Colin,
To Capture What We Cannot Keep

Contemporary Romance/Mainstream Fiction/New Adult

Anna Todd, Nothing Less, series
Ashton Lee,
Queen of the Cookbooks, series
Barbara Davis,
Love, Alice
Donna Grant,
The Hero, series
Dorte Hansen,
The House is Mine
Fannie Flagg,
The Whole Town’s Talking
Jaci Burton, Rules of Contact, series
JB Salsbury,
Jessica Lemmon,
Shut Up and Kiss Me
Jules Bennett,
Caught Up In You, series
Julie Anne Long,
Wild at Whiskey Creek, series
Kate Pearce,
The Reluctant Cowboy, series
Kimberly Lang,
More than Anything, series
Kristy Moseley,
Worth Fighting For
Kylie Scott,
Twist, series
Liora Blake,
First Step Forward, series
LuAnn McLane,
Marry Me on Main Street, series
Megan Crane,
Devil’s Honor
Noelle Adams,
Trophy Wife
Paulina Simons,
Road to Paradise
RaeAnne Thayne,
The Holiday Gift and a Cold Creek Noel, series
Samantha Chase,
This is Our Song, series
Sarah Castille,
Nico, series
Sarah Morgan,
Miracle on 5th Avenue, series
Sue Margolis,
Days Like These
Wally Lamb,
I’ll Take you There
Wendy Lee,
The Art of Confidence

Mystery/Thriller/Suspense/Romantic Suspense

Abbie Roads, Hunt the Dawn
Amanda Flower,
Prose and Cons, series
Amanda Lee,
Better Off Thread, series
Andrew Hunt,
Desolation Flats, series
Bernard Minier,
Don’t Turn Out the Lights, series
Carola Dunn,
Buried in the Country, series
Carrie Smith,
Forgotten City
Catherine Lloyd,
Death Comes to the Fair, series
Christine Husom,
Frosty the Dead Man, series
Christopher Fowler,
Bryant and May: Strange Tide, series
Cynthia Eden,
Taken, series
Dan Wells,
Extreme Makeover
David Baldacci,
No Man’s Land, series
Diana Orgain,
Trigger Yappy, series
Diane Kelly,
Above the Paw, series
Donna Grant,
The Hero
Douglas Schofield,
Storm Rising
E.J. Copperman,
Spouse on Haunted Hill, series
Ejell Eriksson,
Stone Coffin, series
Elliot Wake,
Bad Boy
Gail Oust,
Curried Away, series
Greg Olsen,
Just Try to Stop Me, series
Jack Higgins,
The Midnight Bell, series
James Church,
The Gentleman from Japan, series
James Patterson,
Cross the Line, series
James Rollins,
The Seventh Plague, series
Jane K. Cleland,
Glow of Death, series
Janet Evanovich,
Turbo Twenty-Three, series
Jayne Ann Krentz,
When All The Girls Have Gone
Jessica Treadway,
How Will I Know You?
Karen Harper,
Chasing Shadows, series
Karen Rose Smith,
Shades of Wrath, series
Kate Dyer-Seeley,
First Degree Mudder, series
Laura Childs,
Egg Drop Dead, series
Loren D. Estleman,
Lorraine Bartlett, Laurie Cass,
Dead, Bath, and Beyond, series
Paige Tyler,
Wolf Unleashed
Patricia Cornwell, Chaos, series
Piper J. Drake,
Absolute Trust, series
Rose Pressey,
Haunted is Always in Fashion, series
Sara Driscoll,
Lone Wolf, series
Sarah Castille,
Sidney Bristol,
Chase, series
Stefanie Pintoff,
City on Edge, series
Sue Ann Jaffarian,
The Ghosts of Misty Hollow, series
Susan McBride,
Walk into Silence
T.C. LaTempio,
Crime and Catnip, series
Val McDermid,
Out of Bounds

Paranormal/Science Fiction/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy

A.M. Dellamonica, The Nature of a Pirate, series
Ben Bova,
Apes and Angels, series
Brandon Sanderson,
Arcanum Unbounded, anthology
C.S. Friedman,
Dreamweaver, series
David Dalglish,
Fireborn, series
Eileen Wilks,
Dragon Spawn, series
Erika Johansen,
The Fate of the Tearling, series
Genevieve Cogman,
The Burning Page, series
Gini Koch,
Alien Nation, series
Greg Egan,
The Four Thousand, The Eight Hundred
Lauren Beukes,
Rob J. Hayes,
Where Loyalties Lie
Sharon Buchbinder,
The Haunting of Hotel Lavelle
Sylvain Reynard,
The Roman
Jennifer Estep,
Nice Guys Bite, series
Greg War,
Take Back the Sky, series
Ian Tregillis,
The Liberation, series
J.r. Ward,
Blood Vow, series
Jean Johnson,
The Blockade, series
John Gwynne,
Wrath, series
Keri Arthur,
Winter Halo, series
Kerry Adrienne,
Pursuing the Bear
Kim Harrison,
The Operator, series
Luke Scull,
Dead Man’s Steel, series
Mercedes Lackey,
Tempest, anthology
Nora Roberts,
Island of Glass, series
Robert Charles Wilson,
Last Year
Sandra Hill,
Good Vampires Go to Heaven, series
Stella Gemmell,
The Immortal Throne, series
Sylvia Izzo Hunter,
A Season of Spells, series

Young Adult

Alexander Monier, The Girl in the Picture
Ashley Elston,
This is Our Story
Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson, Robin Wasserman,
Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
E.K. Johnston,
Emily Albright,
Everyday Magic
Estelle maskame,
Did I Mention I Miss You?, series
Kirsty Moseley,
Worth Fighting For
Mila Gray,
Stay with Me
Morgan Rhodes,
Crystal Storm
Ni-Ni Simone,
Dear Yvette, series
Rebekah Crane,
The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland
Sasha Stephenson,
Victoria Laurie,
Forever, Again

Devon Scott,
J. Daniels,
Hit the Spot, series
Jackie Ashenden,
Wrong for Me, series
Jackie Ashenden,
Make It Hurt
Teri-Lynne DeFino,
Waking Savannah

Inspiration Romance/Fiction

Anna Schmidt, Last Chance Cowboys: The Lawman, series
Julie Klassen,
The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill
Melanie Dickerson,
The Silent Songbird
Michele Phoenix, Of Stillness and Storm
Nancy Moser,
The Pattern Artist
Piper Huguley,
A Champion’s Heart, series
Regina Jennings,
For the Record
Ronie Kendig,
Conspiracy of Silence, series
Sandra Orchard,
Another Day, Another Dali

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