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July 21, 2104
Release dates between August 15, 2014 and September 14, 2014.  Series indicates a spin-off, sequel, trilogy, brother/sister, secret society/spies, good friends who attended Oxford/Eton, vampire/werewolf - anything that has something continuing - even if written 20 years ago. h/o indicates either a hardcover or over-sized book or over $10.00 paper back (not ebook price.) Anthology/novella could be an anthology/novella or a bunch of books in one print. ebook, only sold electronically for now. Debut - congratulations!

Historical Fiction
Alyson Richman,
The Garden of Letters, h/o
Anne Girard,
Madame Picasso, h/o
Cate Campbell,
The Benedict Bastard, series, h/o
Damon Galgut,
Arctic Summer
Joanna Hickson,
The Agincourt Bride, series, h/o
Katy Simpson Smith,
The Story of Lord and Sea, h/o
Laird Hunt,
Neverhome, h/o
Pam Jenoff,
The Winter Guest, h/o
Ruby Jackson,
Wave Me Goodbye, h/o

Abbi Glines,
One More Chance, series, h/o
Alice Simpson,
Ballroom, h/o
Anjanette Delgado,
The Clairvoyant of Calle Ocho, h/o
Ann Aguirre,
I Want it That Way, series, new adult
Barbara Davis,
The Wishing Tide, h/o
Bella Andre,
The Way You Look Tonight, series
Carl Weber,
The Choir Director 2: Runaway Bride, h/o
Carolyn Brown,
Long, Hot Texas Summer
Cathy Lamb,
What I Remember Most, h/o
Courtney Miller Santo,
Three Story House, h/o
Darcie Chan,
The Mill River Redemption, h/o
De’nesha Diamond,
Boss Divas, series
Donna Hill,
For You I Will
Donna Kauffman,
Sandpiper Island, series, h/o
Drusilla Campbell,
In Doubt
Emma Barry,
Private Politics, ebook
Emily Liebert,
When We Fall, h/o
Erin McCarthy,
Shatter, series, h/o, new adult
Ginger Jamison,
Jericho, series, h/o
J.A. Redmerski,
Song of the Fireflies, new adult
Jamie Langston Turner,
To See the Moon Again, h/o
Janet Chapman,
The Highlander Next Door, series
Jill Shalvis,
It’s in His Kiss, series
JL Merrow,
Caught!, ebook
Jo Davis,
In His Sights, series
Kim Karr,
Frayed, series, h/o, new adult
Kristen Ashley,
Breathe, series
Kristen Proby,
Seducing Lauren, series
Kylie Scott,
Play, series, h/o, new adult
Lacey Baker, Summer Moon, series
Lorrie Thomson,
What’s Left Behind, h/o
Laura Drake,
Sweet on You, series
Lauren Dane,
The Best Kind of Trouble, series
Lori Foster,
No Limits, series
Lucy Dillon,
A Hundred Pieces of Me, h/o
Marilyn Pappano,
A Love to Call Her Own, series
Melanie Scott,
The Devil in Denim, series
Natalie Haynes,
The Furies, h/o
Nayomi Munaweera,
Island of a Thousand Mirrors, h/o
Nichole Chase,
Reluctantly Royal, series
Olivia Glazebrook,
Nevermind Miss Fox, h/o
Penelope Douglas,
Rival New, series, h/o, new adult
Rachel Gibson,
What I Love About You, series
Robyn Carr,
The Homecoming, series
Sandra Hill,
Snow on the Bayou, series
Sara Arden,
Return to Glory, series
Sarah Healy,
House of Wonder, h/o
Shelly King,
The Moment of Everything
Shirley Jump,
The Sweetheart Secret, series
Susan Elizabeth Phillips,
Heroes are My Weakness, h/o
Tanujo Desal Hidier,
Bombay Blues, new adult
Thrity Umrigar,
The Story Hour
Vicki Lewis Thompson,
The Perfect Man

Mystery/Thriller/Suspense/Romantic Suspense
Adrian McKinty,
The Sun is God, h/o
Anne Perry,
Blood on the Water, series, h/o
Anne Rutherford,
The Twelfth Night Murder, series
Annie Knox,
Groomed for Murder, series
B.J. Daniels,
Mercy, series
Barbara Palmer,
Claudine, h/o
Calia Road,
Unraval, h/o
Carla Neggars,
Harbor Island, series, h/o
Carol J. Perry,
Caught Dead Handed, series
Chelsea Cain,
One Kick, series, h/o
Christina Dodd,
Virtue Falls, series, h/o
D.D. Ayres,
Irresistible Force, series
Dana Haynes,
Gun Metal Heart, h/o
Denise Swanson,
Murder of a Needled Knitter, series
Dixie Lyle,
To Die Fur, series
Douglas Corleone,
Payoff, series, h/o
Drusilla Campbell,
In Doubt
Faye Kellerman,
Murder 101, series, h/o
Gregg Hurwitz,
Don’t Look Back, h/o
Helen Gittrow,
The Distance, h/o
J.D. Robb, 
Festive in Death, series, h/o
Jacklyn Brady,
Rebel Without a Cake, series
Jane Haddam,
Fighting Chance, series, h/o
Janet Cantrell,
Fat Cat at Large, series
Josie Belle,
Marked Down for Murder, series
Julia Keller,
Summer of the Dead, series, h/o
Karen Harper,
Shattered Secrets, series
Karen Robards,
Her Last Whisper, series, h/o
Kathy Aarons,
Death Is Like a Box of Chocolates, series
Kay Hooper,
Haunted, series, h/o
Kira Peikoff,
No Time to Die
Laurence O’Bryan, The Manhattan Puzzle, series, h/o
Laurien Berenson,
Death of a Dog Whisperer, series, h/o
Lee Child,
Personal, series, h/o
Leigh Perry,
The Skeleton Takes a Bow, series
Linda Davies,
Ask Storm, h/o
Lisa Jackson,
Close to Home, h/o
Lora Leigh,
Ultimate Sins, series
Louis Penny,
The Long Way Home, series, h/o
M.L. Buchman,
Light Up the Night, series
Mandy Baxter,
One Night More, series
Margaret Coel,
Night of the White Buffalo, series, h/o
Mary Kennedy,
Nightmares Can be Murder, series
Melinda Leigh,
Midnight Betrayal
Minerva Koenig,
Nine Days, h/o
Nancy Coco,
To Fudge or Not to Fudge, series
Nina Milton,
Unraveled Visions, series, h/o
Paul Finch,
Stalkers, h/o
Robin Perini,
Game of Fear, series
Rosie Genova,
The Wedding Soup Murder, series
Sandra Brown,
Mean Streak
Sophie Hannah,
The Monogram Murders, series, h/o
Susan Wittig Albert,
The Darling Dahlias and the Silver Dollar Bush, series, h/o
Tawni O’Dell,
One of Us, h/o
Victoria Abbott,
The Wolfe Widow, series

Paranormal/Science Fiction/Fantasy
Kristen Callihan,
Evernight, series
Alexis Morgan,
Honor’s Price, series
Amanda Ashley,
Beauty’s Beast
Angela Knight,
Love Bites, h/o
Ann Aguirre,
Havoc, series
Barbara Ashford
, Spells of the Crossroads
Bec McMaster,
Forged by Desire, series
Brent Weeks,
The Broken Eye, series, h/o
Carrie Vaughn,
Kitty’s Greatest Hits, anthology
Cherie Priest,
Maplecroft, series, h/o
Christine Feehan,
Dark Blood, series, h/o
Christine Warren,
Stone Cold Lover, series
Cynthia Eden,
Playing with Fire, series, h/o
Deborah Blake,
Wickedly Dangerous, series
Dianne Duvall,
Night Unbound, series
Drew Karpyshyn,
The Scorched Earth, series
Ed Finn and Kathyrn Cramer, ed,
Hieroglyph, anthology, h/o
Jacquelin Frank aka JAX,
Dangerous, series
Jayne Castle,
The Hot Zone, series
Jeaniene Frost,
The Beautiful Ashes, series, h/o, new adult
Jessica Sims,
Wanted: Wild Thing, series
John Scalzi,
Lock In, h/o
Karen Miller,
The Falcon Throne, h/o
Lilith Saintcrow,
The Ripper Affair, series, h/o
Melissa de la Cruz,
Vampires of Manhattan, series, h/o, new adult
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff,
Accidently…Over?, series
Richard Kadrey,
The Getaway Sod, series, h/o
Robin D. Owens,
Ghost Layer, series
Shannon Stoker,
The Alliance, series, h/o
Sherri S. Tepper,
Fish Tails, series, h/o
Sherrilyn Kenyon,
Son of No One, series, h/o
Steven Gould,
Exo, series, h/o
Sylvia Izzo Hunter,
The Midnight Queen, series h/o
Thea Harrision,
Night’s Honor, series
Timothy S. Johnston,
The Freezer, sequel, ebook

Urban Fantasy
Amanda Carlson,
Red Blooded, series, h/o
Benedict Jacka,
Hidden, series
Devon Monk,
House Immortal, series
Kevin J. Anderson,
Slimy Underbelly, series, h/o
Kim Harrison,
The Witch With No Name, series, h/o
Patricia Briggs,
Shifting Shadows, series, anthology, h/o
Seanan McGuire,
The Winter Long, series
Simon R. Green,
Voices from Beyond, series
Tad Williams,
Sleeping Late on Judgment Day, series, h/o

Young Adult
Adam Gallardo,
Zomburbia, series
A.J. Betts,
Zac and Mia, h/o
Alexandra Adornetto,
Ghost House, series, h/o
Amy Ewing,
The Jewel, debut, series, h/o
Andrew Maloney
, The Master Song,series, h/o
Avery Hastings,
Feuds, series, h/o
Calvin Slater,
Lovers and Haters, series
Ellen Hopkins,
Rumble, h/o
Gregory Maguire,
Egg and Spoon, h/o
Holly Black and Cassandra Clare,
The Iron Trial, series, h/o
Jane Casey,
How to Fall, h/o
Jen Alexander,
The Aftermath, series, h/o
Josephine Angelini,
Trial by Fire, series, h/o
Kat Spears,
Sway, h/o
Kelly Armstrong,
Kiersten White,
Illusions of Fate, h/o
Kiki Sullivan,
The Dolls
Mari Mancusi,
Shattered, series, h/o
Mary Weber,
Storm Siren
Sarah J. Maas,
Heir of Fire, series, h/o

Alice Clayton,
Screwdrivered, series, h/o
Barbara Elsborg,
Taking Stock, ebook
Cari Quinn,
Proving His Worth, series, ebook
Cecila Tan,
Slow Satisfaction, series
Em Petrova,
Body Language, ebook
J. Kenner,
Ignited, series, h/o
Katie Porter,
Own, series, ebook
Lauren Jameson,
Linger, series, h/o
Lisa Renee Jones,
No In Between, series, h/o
Marina Anderson,
The Dining Club, series
Mia Gabriel,
Lord Savage, series, h/o
Opal Carew,
His to Claim, series, h/o
Shelley Munro,
Farmer Wants a Wife, ebook
Tawny Tayler,
Darkest Ecstasy, h/o

Amber Stockton,
A Grand Design
Ava Bleu,
Glorious Sunset, h/o
Beverly Lewis,
The River, h/o
Charles martin,
A Life Intercepted, h/o
Cindy Woodsmall,
A Love Undone, h/o
Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley,
The Desire, series, h/o
Deborah Raney,
Home to Chicory Lane, series, h/o
Diane Noble,
The Curious Case of the Missing Figurehead, h/o
Jan Karen,
Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good, series, h/o
Jane Kirkpatrick,
A Light in the Wilderness, h/o
Janice Thompson,
A Bouquet of Love
Jerry S. Eicher,
Finding Love at Home
Lisa Wingate,
The Story Keeper, h/o
Lyn Cote,
Honor, series, h/o
Lynette Eason,
Nowhere to Turn, series, h/o
Marcus Brotherton,
Feast for Thieves, debut, series, h/o
Mary Connealy,
Tried and True, series, h/o
Olivia Newport,
Wonderful Lonesome, series, h/o
Philip Gulley,
A Place Called Hope, series, h/o
Sharlene MacLaren,
Threads of Joy, h/o
Shelley Shepard Gray,
Joyful, series
Suzanne Woods Fisther,
Christmas at Rose Hill Farm, h/o
Sigmund Brouwer,
Thief of Glory
Tracey L. Higley,
Palace of Darkness, h/o
Vickie McDonough,
Song of the Prairie, h/o

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