Upcoming Releases, May 15 to June 14, 2014 !!!! Hey, Delia!! More Than Just Historical Romance!!!!

April 24, 2014
Release dates between May 15, 2014 and June 14, 2014.  Series indicates a spin-off, sequel, trilogy, brother/sister, secret society/spies, good friends who attended Oxford/Eton, vampire/werewolf - anything that has something continuing - even if written 20 years ago. h/o indicates either a hardcover or over-sized book or over $10.00 paper back (not ebook price.) Anthology/novella could be an anthology/novella or a bunch of books in one print. ebook, only sold electronically for now. Debut - congratulations!  

Historical Fiction
Barbara Kyle,
The Queen’s Exiles, series
Beatrix Williams,
The Secret Life of Violet Grant, h/o
Diana Gabaldon,
Written in My Own Hearts Blood, series, h/o
Edoardo Albert
Edwin, High King of Britain, debut
Genevieve Valentine,
The Girls at the Kingfisher Club
Jeanne Macken,
The Beautiful American, h/o
Sebastian Barry,
The Temporary Gentleman
Susan Jane Gilman,
The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street, h/o

Amy Conner,
The Right Thing, h/o
Ann Wertz Gavin,
The Dog Year, h/o
Britani Sonnenberg,
Home Leave, h/o
Christie Ridgeway,
Take My Breath Away, series

CJ Hauser, The From-Always
Dakota Cassidy,
Something to Talk About, series
Devan Sipher,
The Scenic Route, h/o
Donna Hill, Grace Octavia, Delaney Diamond,
Endless Summer Nights, anthology
Dorothea Benton Frank,
The Hurricane Sisters, h/o
Emily Giffin,
The One and Only, h/o
Emily March,
Dreamweaver Trail, series
Erin Nicholas,
She’s the One, series, ebook
Fern Britton,
The Holiday Home, h/o
Holly Jacobs,
Just One Thing
J.J. Murray,
Until I Saw Your Smile, h/o
Jane Graves,
Baby It’s You, series
Johanna Lane,
Black Lake, h/o
Judi Fennell,
What a Woman Needs, series
Jules Bennett,
Secrets from Her Past, series

Kaje Harper, Sole Support, ebook
Karen Stivali,
Then, Again
Karen White,
A Long Time Gone, h/o
Kiki Swinson,
Wife Extraordinaire
Kim Wright,
The Unexpected Waltz, h/o
Kimberly Kincaid,
Gimme Some Sugar, series
Kristen Ashley,
The Gamble, series
L. Alison Heller,
The Never Never Sisters, h/o
Laura Moore,
Once Tasted, series
Laura Wright,
Branded, series
Lin Stepp,
Down by the River, series, h/o
Linda Lael Miller,
The Marriage Pact, series
Lisa O’Donnell,
Closed Doors, h/o
Lori Wilde,
Love with a Perfect Cowboy, series
Lutisha Lovely,
The Perfect Affair, series, h/o
Lynne Branard,
The Art of Arranging Flowers, h/o
Marie Force,
I Want to Hold Your Hand, series
Mary Kay Andrews,
Save the Date, h/o
Mary Monroe,
Family of Lies, h/o
Mhairi McFarlane,
here’s Looking at You, h/o
Nancy Thayer,
Nantucket Sisters, h/o
Nicole R. Dickson,
Here and Again, h/o

Patience Griffin, To Scotland With Love, series
Polly Dugan,
So Much a Part of You, series, h/o
Samantha Young,
Fall From India Place, series, h/o
Shari Shattuck,
Invisible Ellen, h/o

Shelli Stevens, Good Girl Gone Plaid, series, ebook
Stephen Greco,
Now and Yesterday, h/o
Susan Mallery,
Before We Kiss, series
Suzanne Hayes and Loretta Nyhan,
Empire Girls
Teri Wilson,
Unmasking Juliet
Toni Blake,
All I Want is You, series
Ward Anderson,
I’ll Be Here All Week, h/o

Mystery /Thriller/Romantic Suspense
Alafair Burke,
All Day and a Night, series, h/o
Allison Brennan,
Dead Heat, series
Amanda Cooper,
Tempest in a Teapot, series
Amanda Lee,
Thread End, series
Antonia Hodgson,
The Devil in the Marshalsea, h/o
C.J. Carpenter,
Never Alone, series, h/o
C.L. Taylor,
Before I Wake
Carol McCleary,
No Job for a Lady, series, h/o
Carolyn Haines,
Booty Bones, series, h/o
Charles O’Brien,
Death in Saratoga Springs, series
Christine DeSmet,
Hot Fudge Frame-Up, series
Clare Donoghue,
Never Look Back, series, h/o
David Baldacci, ed.
Faceoff, anthology
Diane Kelly,
Paw Enforcement, series
Edith Maxwell,
Til Dirt Do Us Part, series, h/o
Emma Healey,
Elizabeth is Missing, h/o
Hy Conrad,
Mr. Monk is Open for Business, series, h/o
Isabella Alan,
Murder, Simply Stitched, series
James W. Ziskin,
No Stone Unturned, series, h/o
Jane Casey,
The Stranger You Know, series, h/o
Janet Bolin,
Night of the Living Thread, series
Jerry Ludwig,
Blacklist, h/o
Jill Paton Walsh,
The Late Scholar, series, h/o
Jill Sorenson,
Backwoods, series
Jonathan Holt,
The Abduction, series, h/o
Joseph Finder,
Karen Keskinen,
Black Current, series, h/o
Karen Rose Smith,
Deadly Décor, series
Kat Martin,
Against the Wild, series
Kate Carlisle,
The Book Stops Here, series
Kate Dyer-Seeley,
Scene of the Climb, series
Katherine Hall Page,
Small Plates, anthology, h/o
Krista Davis,
The Diva Warps It Up, series
Maggie Sefton,
Yarn Over Murder, series, h/o
Mary Billiter,
The XYZ Affair, h/o
Michael Koryta,
Those Who Wish Me Dead, h/o
Nancy J. Parra,
Engaged in Murder, series
Rachel Howzell Hall,
Land of Shadows, h/o
Sara Shepard,
The Heiresses, series, h/o
Sarah Lotz,
The Three, h/o
Saskia Sarginson,
Without You, h/o
Sharon Bolton,
A Dark and Twisted Tide, series, h/o
Sheila Connolly,
Razing the Dead, series
Shelley Freydont,
Independence Slay, series
Shiloh Walker,
Deeper Than Need, series
Steve Berry,
The Lincoln Myth, series, h/o
Tom Harper,
The Orpheus Descent, h/o
Tom Rob Smith,
The Farm, h/o

Paranormal/Science Fiction/Fantasy
Alastair Reynolds,
On the Steel Breeze, series, h/o
Alexandra Ivy,
Hunt the Darkness, series
Ally Blue,
Hell’s End, series
Christine Feehan
Air Bound, series
Daniel H. Wilson,
Robogenesis, series, h/o
Deborah J. Ross,
The Heir of Khored
Donna Grant,
Fire Rising, series
Elisabeth Staab,
Hunter by Night, series
Elizabeth Haydon,
The Merchant Emperor, series, h/o
Elizabeth Moon,
Crown of Renewal, series, h/o
Emmi Itaranta,
Memory of Water, h/o
Greg van Eekhout,
California Bones, h/o
Heather Graham,
The Cursed , series
Ian Douglas,
Dark Matter, series
Ian Irvine,
Justice, series
Jaime Lee Mayer,
A Barricade in Hell, series, h/o
Jane Undskold,
Artemis Awakening, h/o
Jean Bennett,
Grim Shadows
Jeffe Kennedy,
That Mark of the Tala, h/o
Jo Walton,
My Real Children, h/o
Kevin J. Anderson,
The Dark Between the Stars, series, h/o
Lindsey Piper,
Hunted Warrior, h/o
M.A. Carey,
The Girl with All the Gifts, h/o
Mark Lawrence,
Prince of Fools, h/o
Mercedes Lackey,
Blood Red, series, h/o
Nalini Singh,
Shield of Winter, series, h/o
Orson Scott Carol, Aaren Johnston,
Earth Awakens, series, h/o
P.G. Forte,
Ashes of the Day, series
Paul Carnell,
The Severed Streets, series
Sandra Hill,
Kiss of Wrath, series
Sarah Beth Durst,
The Lost, series
Susannah Sandlin,
Allegiance, series
Trudi Canavan,
Thief’s Magic, h/o
Vivi Andrews,
Jaguar’s Kiss, ebook, novella

Urban Fantasy
Cassi Carver,
Dark Flight, series
Darynda Jones,
Grave on the Edge, series, h/o
Deborah Coates,
Strange County, h/o
Jenn Bennett,
Banishing the Dark, series
Jill Archer,
White Heart of Justice, series
Jim Butcher,
Skin Game, series, h/o
Laurell K. Hamilton,
A Shiver of Light, series, h/o
Mia Marshall,
Turning Tides, series
Richelle Mead,
The Immortal Crown, series,
Simon R. Green,
Property of a Lady Faire, series, h/o
Terry Spear,
Jaguar Hunt, series
Vicki Pettersson,
The Given, series, h/o

Young Adult/New Adult
Cara Lynn Shultz,
The Dark World, series
C.C. Hunter,
Erin McCarthy,
Sweet, series, h/o, new adult
Eve Silver,
Push, sequel to Rush
Jo Gibson,
Julie Anne Peters,
Lies My Girlfriend Told Me, h/o
Kady Cross,
The Girl with the Windup Heart, series, h/o
Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl,
Dangerous Creatures, series
Katie McGarry,
Take Me On, series, h/o
Kim Karr,
, series
Kody Keplinger
The Swift Boys and Me
Liz Fichera,
Played, series
Michael Barakiva,
One Man Guy
Noelle August,
Boomerang, series, h/o, new adult
ReShonda Tate Billingsley,
Rumor Central: Truth or Dare
Season Vining,
Beautiful Addictions, series, h/o
Skylar Dorset,
The Girl Who Never Was, series
Sophie Jordan,
Tease, series, h/o, new adult
Teri Brown,
Born of Deception, series, h/o

Dawn Ryder,
Out of Bounds, h/o
Helena S. Paige,
A Girl Walks Into a Wedding, series
Isobel Rey,
J. Kenner,
Heated, series
Jessica Clare,
The Virgin’s Guide to Misbehaving, series
Joanna Wylde,
Devils Game, series, h/o
June Gray,
Arrest, series, h/o
Lora Leigh,
Nauti Enchantress, series, h/o
M. Leighton,
There’s Wild, Then There’s You, series, h/o
Marie Harte,
The Troublemaker Next Door, series

Megan hart and Sarah Morgan, Tangled Up, series, duology
Rhyannon Byrd,
Keep Me Closer, series, h/o
Samantha Ann King,
Tempting Meredith, ebook
Tawny Taylor,
Surrender, h/o
Vina Jackson, 
Mistress of Night and Dawn, series, h/o

Amy Clipston,
A Mother’s Secret
David and Beverly Lewis,
Child of Mine, h/o
Eva Gibson,
A Stitch and a Prayer, series, h/o
Jennifer Beckstrand,
Huckleberry Summer, series
Jerry S. Eicher,
Seeing Your Face Again, series, h/o
Jolina Petersheim,
The Midwife, h/o
Karen Barnett,
Out of the Ruins, h/o
Karen Witemeyer,
Full Steam Ahead, h/o
Kellie Coates Gilbert,
A Woman of Fortune, h/o
Mary Connealy,
Stuck Together, h/o
Rebecca DeMarino,
A Place in His Heart, h/o
Rebecca St. James and Nancy Rue,
Sarah’s Choice, h/o
Traci Peterson,
A Moment in Time, h/o

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