Upcoming Releases!!! January 15 to February 14, 2013!!! Hey Delia! More than Just Historical!!!

December 28, 2012

Release dates between January 15, 2013 and February 14, 2013. Series indicates a spin-off, sequel, trilogy, brother/sister, secret society/spies, good friends who attended Oxford/Eton, vampire/werewolf - anything that has something continuing - even if written 20 years ago. H/O indicates either a hardcover or over-sized book or over $10.00 paper back (not ebook price.) Anthology could be an anthology/novella or a bunch of books in one print. ebook, only sold electronically for now. Debut - congratulations!

Adriana Girolami, Revenge of the Knights Templar
Ann Lethbridge,
Haunted by the Earls Touch
Anne Barton,
When She was Wicked, series, debut
Anne Gracie,
The Autumn Bride, series
Annie Burrows,
Never Trust a Rake
Beverley Jenkins,
Destiny’s Embrace, series
Celeste Bradley,
When She Said I Do, series
Deborah Simmons,
The Last DeBurgh, series, ebook
Georgina Gentry,
Travis, series
Grace Burrowes,
Lady Eve’s Indiscretion, series
Heidi Cullinan,
A Private Gentleman, h/o, male/male
Jane Ashford,
Once Again a Bride
Jenna Kernan,
The Texas Ranger’s Daughter

Juliana Gray,
A Duke Never Yields, series
Karen Ranney,
The Lass Wore Black
Maire Claremont,
The Dark Lady, series, debut
Manda Collins,
How to Entice an Earl, series
Margaret McPhee,
Dicing With the Dangerous Lord, series
Meredith Duran,
That Scandalous Summer, series
Michelle Willingham,
Undone by the Duke, series
Sarah MacLean,
One Good Earl Deserves a Lover, series
Sue Ellen Welfonder,
Seduction of a Highland Warrior, series
Teresa Medeiros,
The Temptation of Your Touch, series

Tracy Devlyn,
Checkmate My Lord, series
Victoria Alexander,
The Importance of Being Wicked
Victoria Roberts,
X Marks the Scot, series

Historical Fiction
Alison Atlee,
The Typewriter Girl, debut, h/o

Andre Brink,
Philida, h/o, c
Ayana Mathis,
The Twelve Tribes of Hattie, h/o
D.L. Bogdan,
The Forgotten Queen, h/o
Fay Weldon,
Habits of the House, series, h/o
Jennifer Chiaverini,
Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker, h/o
John Shors,
Temple of a Thousand Faces, h/o

Katherine Keenum, Where the Light Falls, h/o
Morgan Llywelyn,
After Rome, h/o
Nancy Richler,
Imposter Bride, h/o
Pam Jenoff,
The Ambassador’s Daughter, series
Patricia Bracewell,
Shadow on the Crown, h/o
Paula Brackston,
The Winter Witch, h/o
Tanis Rideout,
Above All Things, h/o
Tara Conklin,
The House Girl, h/o
Tosca Lee,
Iscariot, h/o


Alyssa Goodnight,
Austensibly Ordinary, h/o
Ann Leary,
The Good House, h/o
Barb Han,
Seducing Avery, novella, ebook
Brenda Novak,
When Summer Comes, series
Candice Dow,
The Ex-Wife, h/o
Carl Weber,
The Man in 3B, h/o
Carla Neggers,
That Night on Thistle Lane, series
Charles Dubow,
Indiscretion, debut, h/o
Christie Ridgeway,
Beach House No. 9, series
Cinthia Ritchie,
Dolls Behaving Badly, h/o
Colette Freedman,
The Affair, h/o
Darien Gee,
The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society, h/o
Deidre Martin,
Hip Check, series

Elsa Watson,
The Love Dog

Erin Nicholas,
Everything You’ve Got, series
Gwen Cooper,
Love Saves the Day, h/o
Harper Fax,
Scrap Metal
Haywood Smith,
Out of Warranty, h/o
Jackie Collins,
The Power Trip, h/o
Jane Porter,
The Good Daughter, series, h/o
Jen Lancaster,
Here I Go Again, h/o
Jennifer Bernard,
Sex and the Single Fireman, series
Joanne Kennedy,
Cowboy Tough
Jude Deveraux,
Moonlight Masquerade, series, h/o
Julie Kibler,
Calling Me Home, debut, h/o, c
Kaje Harper,
The Rebuilding Year
Kimberla Lawson Roby,
The Perfect Marriage, h/o, novella
Lara Santor,
The Boy, h/o

Lindsay McKenna,
Beyond Valor
Lisa Kleypas,
Crystal Cove, series, h/o

Lucinda Rosenfeld, The Pretty One: A Novel About Sisters, h/o
Mariah Stewart,
The Long Way Home, series
Molly O’Keefe,
Crazy Thing Called Love, series
Priscelle Sibley,
The Promise of Stardust, debut, h/o, c
Randy Susan Meyers,
The Comfort of Lies, h/o
Santa Montefiore,
The Woman from Paris, h/o
Susan McBride,
The Truth About Love and Lightning, h/o
Tiffany L. Warren,
Don’t Tell a Soul, series, h/o
Victoria Dahl, Shannon Stacey, Jennifer Cruise,
Be Mine, anthology

Mystery/Suspense/Thriller/Romantic Suspense
Alan Bradley,
Speaking from Among the Bones, series, h/o
Alison Gaylin,
Into the Dark, series

B.B. Haywood,
Town in a Pumpkin Bash, series

B.J. Daniels,
Redemption, series
Carol K. Carr,
India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy, series
Charles Todd,
Proof of Guilt, series, h/o
Charley Memminger,
Aloha, Lady Blue, series, h/o

Deborah Crombie,
No Mark Upon Her, series, h/o
Diane Kelly,
Death Taxes, and Peach Sangria, series
E.J. Copperman,
Chance of a Ghost, series
Elise Sax,
An Affair to Dismember, series
Elle Kennedy,
Midnight Alias, series
J.A. Jance,
Deadly Stakes, h/o
J.L. Saint,
Tactical Deception, series, h/o
Jenny Milchman,
Cover of Snow, h/o
Karen Rose,
Did You Miss Me?, series
Leslie Meier,
Easter Bunny Murder, series, h/o

Linda O. Johnston,
Oodles of Poodles, series
Linda Stasi,
The Sixth Station, debut, h/o
Lisa Gardner,
Touch and Go, h/o
Lisa O’ Donnell,
The Death of Bees, debut, h/o
Lorraine Bartlett,
One Hot Murder, series

Lucy Arlington,
Every Trick in the Book, series
Lucy Monroe,
Heatseeker, series, h/o
M.L. Buchman,
Wait Until Dark, series
Maddy Hunter,
Bonnie of Evidence, series

Mary Burton,
The Seventh Victim
Mary Daheim,
The Alphine Xanadu, series, h/o
Mignon F. Ballard,
Miss Dimple Suspects, series, h/o
Miranda James,
Out of Circulation, series
Parnell Hall,
Arsenic and Old Puzzles, series, h/o
Phillip DePoy,
December’s Thorn, series, h/o
Sheila Connolly,
Buried in a Bog, series

Shiloh Walker,
The Reunited, series
Sofie Kelly,
Cat Trick, series
Staci McLauglhlin,
All Natural Murder, series
Wendy Corsi Staub,
Shadowkiller, series

Paranormal/Fantasy/Science Fiction
Cassandra Rose Clark,
The Mad Scientist’s Daughter
Cathy Yardley,
Tempting is Hell

Cheryl Brooks,
Wildcat, series
Irene Radford,
The Silent Dragon, series
Jax Garren,
How Beauty Saved the Beast, ebook
Jennifer Roberson,
Sword-Bound, series, h/o
John R. Fultz,
Seven Kings, series, h/o
Julie Kagawa, Ann Aguirre, Karen Duvall,
Til the World Ends, h/o, anthology
Karen Lord,
The Best of all Possible Worlds, h/o

Kendra Leigh Castle, Immortal Craving, series
Lauren Dane,
Going Under, series
Lexi George,
Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar
Maggie Shayne,
Blood of the Sorceress, series
Marie Brennan,
A Natural History of Dragons, series, h/o
Robert Jackson Bennett,
American Elesewhere

Savana Welles,
When the Night Whispers, h/o
Terry Spear,
A Howl for a Highlander, series

Amanda Phoenix,
On Midnight Wings, series

Chloe Neill, House Rules, series
Hannah Jayne,
Under the Gun, series
Juliet Dark,
The Water Witch, series, h/o
Kate Locke,
The Queen is Dead, series, h/o
Kathleen Tierney

Caitlin R. Kiernan, Blood Oranges
Kerry Schafer,
Between, series

Kim Harrison, Ever After, series, h/o
Linda Robertson,
Shattered Circle, series
Piper Maitland, Hunting Daylight, series
Sierra Dean,
Deep Dark Secret, series

Stephen Blackmoore,
Dead Things
Tessa Adams,
Soulbound, series
Yasmine Galenorn,
Haunted Moon, series

Young Adult
Amy Spalding,
The Reece Malcolm List
Andrew Fukuda,
The Prey, h/o
Artist Arthur,
Majestic, series
Beth Revis,
Shades of Earth, series, h/o
Gail Carriger,
Etiquette and Espionage, series, h/o
Jennifer Lynn Barnes,
Nobody, h/o
Kasie West,
Pivot Point, h/o
Kate Ellison,
Notes from Ghost Town, h/o
Kimberly Reid,
Sweet 16 to Life, series
Kristen Simmons,
Breaking Point, series, h/o
Laurie Boyle Crompton,
Blaze (or Love in the Time of Supervillains)

Lenore Appelhans,
Level 2, h/o

Lisa M. Basso, A Shimmer of Angels
Liz Fichera,
Marissa Meyer,
Scarlet, series, h/o
Megan Miranda,
Hysteria, series, h/o
Megan Shepherd,
The Madman’s Daughter, h/o
Nina Berry,
Othermoon, series
Rebecca Maizel,
Stolen Nights, series
Richelle Mead,
The Indigo Spell, h/o

Alison Kent,
Unbreakable, series, h/o
Darcy Abriel,
Haevyn, series, h/o
Indigo Bloome,
Destined to Feel, series, h/o
Jenna McCormick,
No Mercy, series
Lauren hawkeye,
Seduced by the Gladiator, ebook
Maya Banks, Rush, series
Olivia Cunning,
Hot Ticket, series

Stephanie Draven,
It Stings So Sweet, h/o, anthology
Vonna Harper,
Studs, series

Allison Pittman,
All for a Song, h/o
Ann Shorey,
When the Heart Heals, series
Beth Webb Hart,
Moon Over Edisto, h/o
Colleen Coble,
Safe in His Arms, series, h/o
Dani Pettrey,
Shattered, series, h/o
Darrel Nelson,
The Return of Cassandra Todd
Diann Hunt, Denise Hunter,
Secretly Smitten, h/o, anthology
Gilbert Morris,
Rosa’s Land, series
Janice Thompson,
Picture Perfect, series
Jeanette Windle,
Congo Dawn, h/o

Jennifer Beckstrand,
Miriam’s Quilt, series
Jerry Eicher,
Katie Opens her Heart, h/o
Jill Eileen Smith,
Rebekah, series, h/o
Jordyn Redwood,
Poison, series
Kathleen Y’Barbo,
Flora’s Wish, series, h/o
Kelly Irvin,
Love’s Journey Home
Lena nelson Dooley,
Catherine’s Pursuit, series
Lisa Wingate,
Firefly Island, series
Lucretia Grindle,
Villa Triste, h/o
Mary Ellis,
Love Come to Paradise, series
Melody Carlson,
A Dream for Tomorrow, h/o
Nancy Mehl,
Unbreakable, h/o
Patrick E. Craig,
A Quilt for Jenna, series
Rita Gerlach,
Beyond the Valley, series
Shelley Shepard Gray,
Daybreak, series
Sophie Littlefield,
Garden of Stones
Tiffany L. Warren,
Don’t Tell a Soul, h/o

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