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January 30, 2012
Release dates between February 15, 2012 and March 14, 2012. Series indicates a spin-off, sequel, trilogy, brother/sister, secret society/spies, good friends who attended Oxford/Eton, vampire/werewolf - anything that has something continuing - even if written 20 years ago. H/O indicates either a hardcover or over-sized book or over $10.00 paper back (not ebook price.) Anthology could be an anthology/novella or a bunch of books in one print. Debut - congratulations!

Amanda Forester, True Highland Spirit
Caroline Linden, Blame It on Bath, series
Christine Merrill, Lady Folbroke’s Deception
Deborah Hale, His Compromised Countess
Elaine Levine, Logan’s Outlaw, series
Elizabeth Lane, The Lawman’s Vow
Heather Grothaus, Never Seduce a Scoundrel, series
Jade Lee, Wedded in Scandal, series
Joanna Fulford, The Viking’s Touch
Julia London, The Revenge of Lord Eberlin, series
Katharine Ashe, When a Scot Loves a Lady, series
Lauren Willig, The Garden Intrigue, series
Leigh Greenwood, Texas Pride, series
Leigh Lavalle, The Runaway Countess, debut, ebook
Louise Allen, Seduced by the Scoundrel, series
Lynsay Sands, The Husband Hunt, series
Madeline Hunter, The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne, series
Marguerite Kaye, The Rake and the Heiress
Maya Rodale, The Tattooed Duke, series
Mia Marlowe, Touch of a Rogue, series, h/o
Michelle Marcos, Lessons in Loving a Laird, series
Naomi Novik, Crucible of Gold, series
Renee Bernard, Passion Wears Pearls, series
Sarah MacLean, A Rogue by Any Other Name, series
Sophia Nash, Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea, series
Susan Gee Heino, Passion and Pretense, series

Historical Fiction
Donna Russa Morin, The King’s Agent, h/o
Kate Furnivall, The White Pearl
Sarah Bowers, The Needle in the Blood, USA Pub, h/o
Sophie Perinot, The Sister Queens, debut, h/o

Alicia Clifford, The Affair, h/o
Ashley Ream, Losing Clementine, h/o
Bella Riley, With This Kiss, series
Catherine Alliot, A Rural Affair, h/o
Cheries Hodges, Recipe for Desire
Cynthia D'Alba, Texas Two Step, series, ebook
Dakota Cassidy, Waltz This Way, h/o
Francis Ray, With Just One Kiss, series
J.A. Kazimer, Curses, h/o
J.J. Murray, I’ll Be Your Everything, h/o
Jane Green, Another Piece of my Heart, h/o
Janet Chapman, Spellbound Falls, series
Janet Goss, Perfect on Paper, h/o
Jennifer Chiaverini, Sonoma Rose, series, h/o
Kristina McMorris, Bridge of Scarlet Leaves, h/o
Lola Jaye, Being Lara, h.o
Meg Maguire, The Reluctant Nude, h/o
Naomi Chase, Deception, h/o
R.C. Ryan, Quinn
Rhonda Bowen, One Way or Another, h/o
Robyn Carr, Redwood Bend, series
Stephanie McAfee, Diary of a Mad Fat Girl, h/o
Susan Donavan, I Want Candy, series
Tawna Fenske, Believe It Or Not
Valerie Frankel, Four of a Kind, h/o

Mystery/Romantic Suspense
Ada Madison, The Probability of Murder, series
Alec Nevala-Lee, The Icon Thief, debut
Alison Gaylin, And She Was
Anne Canadeo, Till Death do Us Purl, series, h/o
Brad Parks, The Girl Next Door, series, h/o
C.S. Harris, When Maidens Mourn, series
Cara Black, Murder at the Lanterne Rouge, series, h/o
Catherine Mann, Protector, series
Christy Fifield, Murder Buys a T-Shirt, series
Chrystle Fielder, Death Drops, series, h/o
Deborah Coonts, So Dam Lucky, series, h/o
Denise Swanson, Little Shop of Homicide, series
Diane Kelly, Death, Taxes, and a Skinny No-Whip Latte, h/o
G. A. McKevett, A Decadent Way to Die, series
Gemma Halliday, Play Nice, series, h/o
Jami Alden, Run From Fear, series
Jenn McKinlay, Due or Die
J.D. Robb, Celebrity in Death, series, h/o
Joan Swan, Fever, h/o
Joanne Fluke, Cinnamon Roll Murder, series, h/o
Jonathan Kellerman, Victims, series, h/o
Jonnie Jacobs, Paradise Falls, series, h/o
Judi McCoy, Fashion Faux Paw, series
Karen Harper, Return to Grace, series
Kat Martin, Against the Night, series
Kira Peikoff, Living Proof, h/o
Laura Caldwell, Question of Trust, series
Lee Hollis, Death of a Kitchen Diva, series
Lou Manfredo, Rizzo’s Daughter, series, h/o
Maggie Toussaint, Death, Island Style, h/o
MaryJanice Davidson, Yours, Mine and Ours, series, h/o
M. C. Beaton, Death of a Kingfisher, series, h/o
Milton T. Burton, The Devil’s Odds, h/o
M. J. Rose, The Book of Lost Fragrances, h/o
Rebecca M. Hale, Adrift on St. John, series
Rhys Bowen, Hush Now, Don’t You Cry, series, h/o
Sharon Pape, Sketch a Falling Star, series
Shella Connolly, Fire Engine Dead, series
Shiloh Walker, If You Know Her, series
Simone S. James, The Haunting of Maddy Clare, debut, h/o

Paranormal/Science Fiction/Fantasy
A. Lee Martinez, Emperor Mollusk Versus the Sinister Brain
Amanda Downum, Kingdoms of Dust, series
Alexandra Ivy, My Lord Vampire, series
Amanda Downum, Kingdoms of Dust, series
Anne Bishop, Bridge of Dreams
C.J. Cherryh, Intruder, series, h/o
Caitlin R. Kiernan, The Drowning Girl, h/o
Elle Jasper, Eventide, series
Elspeth Cooper, Songs of the Earth, series, h/o
Gail Carriger, Timeless, series
Gena Showalter, The Darkest Seduction, series
H.P. Mallory, Witchful Thinking, series
Jessa Slade, Darkness Undone, series
Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray, editors, The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity, anthology
Kris DeLake, Assassins in Love, series
Laurie London, Tempted by Blood, series
Lynn Viehl, Nightborn, series
Marina and Sergey Dyachencko, The Scar, debut, h/o
Michele Bardsley, Now or Never, series
Molly Harper, Nice Girls Don’t Bite Their Neighbors, series
Nalini Singh, Angel's Flight
Naomi Novik, Crucible of Gold, series
Nina Bangs, Wicked Edge, series, h/o
Patricia Briggs, Fair Game, series, h/o
Raymond E. Feist, A Crown Imperiled, series, h/o
Shannon K. Butcher, Dying Wish, series
Stella Cameron, Darkness Bound, series
Stephanie Tyler, Dire Needs, series
T.C. McCarthy, Exogene, series
Terry Spear, A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing, series
Thea Harrison, Oracle’s Moon, series
Tim Powers, Hide Me Among the Graves, h/o
Yves Meynard, Chrysanthe

Allison Pang, A Sliver of Shadow, series
Amber Benson, How to Be Death, series
Benedict Jacka, Fated, series
C.E. Murphy, Raven Calls, series, h/o
Cat Adams, The Isis Collar, series, h/o
Christina Henry, Black Howl, series
Deborah Coates, Wide Open, h/o
Elle Jasper, Eventide, series
Jennifer Estep, By a Thread, series
Jessa Slade, Darkness Undone, series
Kim Harrison, A Perfect Blood, series, h/o
Molly Harper, Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors, series
Patricia Briggs, Fair Game, series, h/o
Rob Thurman, Doubletake, series
Seanan McGuire, Discount Armageddon, series
Tim Powers, Hide Me Among the Graves, h/o

Beth Williamson, Gideon, series, h/o
Crystal Jordan, Night Games, series, h/o
Jaci Burton, Taking a Shot, series
Rachel Grace, Geared for Pleasure, series, h/o
S. Reesa Herberth and Michelle Moore, The Slipstream Con, series, h/o 
Tina Donahue, The Yearning, h/o

Donna Fletcher Crow, A Darkly Hidden Truth, series, h/o
Dorothy Love, Beauty for Ashes, h/o
Jennifer Rogers Spinola, Like Sweet Potato Pie, series, h/o
Kate Lloyd, Leaving Lancaster
Hill Eileen Smith, Sarai, series
Lisa Norato, Prize of My Heart
Loree Lough, Honor Redeemed, h/o
Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith, The Heart's Frontier
Mesu Andrews, Love's Sacred Story, h/o
Naomi King, Abby Finds Her Calling, series, h/o
Neta Jackson, Stand by Me, series, h/o
Randy Singer, The Last Plea Bargain
Rosslyn Elliott, Sweeter than Birdsong, series, h/o
Sally John, Heart Echoes, h/o  
Siri Mitchell, The Messenger
Stephanie Grace Whitson, The Key on the Quilt, series, h/o  
Susan May Warren, Baroness, series, h/o
Terri Blackstock, Downfall, series
Tracie Peterson, Chasing the Sun, h/o
Vicki Hinze, Not This Time, series, h/o

Young Adult
Amanda Hocking, Torn, series
Bree Despain, The Saving Grace, series, h/o
Cayla Kluver, Allegiance, series
Claudia Gray, Balthazar, series, h/o
Dream Jordan, Bad Boy
Jessica Shirvington, Embrace, h/o
Jessica Spotswood, Born Wicked, h/o
Jordan Sonnenblick, Curveball: The Year I Lost My Grip, h/o
Lauren Oliver, Pandemonium, h/o
Mari Mancusi, Soul Bound, series
Melissa Marr, Faery Tales and Nightmares, anthology
Michael Griffo, Unafraid, series
Nikki Carter, On the Flip Side, series
Veronica Wolff, Vampire’s Kiss, series

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