Upcoming Releases!! December 15, 2014 to January 14, 2015!!! Hey Delia! More Than Just Historical Romances!!!

Release dates between December 15, 2014 and January 14, 2015.  Series indicates a spin-off, sequel, trilogy, brother/sister, secret society/spies, good friends who attended Oxford/Eton, vampire/werewolf - anything that has something continuing - even if written 20 years ago. Anthology/novella could be an anthology or a bunch of books in one print or novella - one tiny book or an anthology with a bunch of novella - I'm getting a headache. Ebook, only sold electronically for now. Debut - congratulations!  

Historical Fiction
Greer Macallister,
The Magician’s Lie
Hilary Scharper,
Jennifer Robson,
After the War is Over
Priya Parmar,
Vanessa and Her Sister

Contemporary/Mainstream/New Adult
Alison Jean Lester,
Lillian on Life
Amy Lane,
The Bells of Time Square
Anna Todd,
After We Fell, series
Carolyn Brown,
The Trouble with Texas Cowboys, series
Catherine Anderson,
Silver Thaw, series
Christie Ridgway, Leslie Kelly, Tanya Michaels,
New Year’s Resolution: Romance!, anthology
Christie Ridgway,
Make Me Lose Control, series
Colleen Oakley,
Before I Go
Di Morrissey,
The Winter Sea
Edith Pearlman,
Honeydew, anthology
Ellen Hawley, The Divorce Diet, Erika Kelly,
You Really Got Me, series
Fiona Lowe,
Montana Actually, series
Grace Burrowes,
A Single Kiss, series
Harriet Lane,
Jane Green,
Saving Grace
Jessica Topper,
Dictatorship of the Dress, series
Julia Williams,
Coming Home for Christmas
Katie MacAlister,
The Importance of Being Alice
Kieran Kramer,
You’re So Fine
Krassi Zourkova,
Kristin Harmel,
The Life Intended
Kristyn Kusek Lewis,
Save Me
Laure Gallagher,
Razor Wire
Leisa Rayven,
Bad Romeo, series
Lin Stepp,
Makin’ Miracles, series
Lorelie Brown,
Ahead in the Heat, series
Lucy Ferriss,
A Sister to Honor
Melanie Scott,
Angel in Armani
Melissa Falcon Field,
What Burns Away
Menna van Praag,
The Dress Shop of Dreams
Patience Griffin,
Meet Me in Scotland, series   
Penelope Douglas,
Falling Away
Rebecca Donovan,
What If, new adult
Robin Kaye,
A Little on the Wild Side
Rosanna Chiofolo,
Stella Mia
Sarah Addison Allen,
First Frost
Sarah Rayner,
Another Night, Another Day
Season Vining,
Held Against You
Shari Goldhagen,
In Some Other World, Maybe
Shelly Ellis,
The Best She Ever Had, series
Sherryl Woods,
Dogwood Hill, series
Sonja Yoerg,
House Broken
Susan Lewis,
Behind Closed Doors
Taylor Bell,
Dirty Rush
Tiffany King,
Contradictions, series
Toni Blake,
Love Me If You Dare, series
Tracy Solheim,
Back to Before, series
Win and Meredith Blevins,
Moonlight Water

Mysteries/Thrillers/Romantic Suspense/Suspense
Ausma Zehanat Khan,
The Unquiet Dead, debut, series
Becky Masterman,
Fear the Darkness, series
Beverly Allen,
For Whom the Bluebell Tolls, series
Carol Miller,
A Nip of Murder, series
Cate Price,
Lie of the Needle, series
Charles Todd,
A Fine Summer’s Day, series
Christine Husom,
Snow Way Out, series
Christine Wenger,
Diners, Drive-ins, and Death, series
Delia Rosen,
Fry Me a Liver, series
Diane Kelly,
Paw and Order, series
Elizabeth Heiter,
Vanished, series
Ellie W. Alexander,
Meet Your Baker, series
Emma Miller,
Plain Killing, series
Franck Thilliez,
Bred to Kill
Gail Oust,
Kill Em With Cayenne, series
Gigi Pandian,
Accidental Alchemist, series
J.J. Cook,
In Hot Water, series
Jayne Ann Krentz,
Trust No One
Jonathan Kellerman,
Killer, series
Julie Hyzy,
All the President’s Menus, series
Karen Harper,
Broken Bonds, series
Kay Hooper,
A Deadly Web, series
Kelly Jones,
Lost and Found in Prague
Kyra Davis,
Dangerous Alliance, series
Lea Wait,
Twisted Threads, series
Maggie King,
Murder at the Book Group, series
Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini,
The Body Snatcher Affair, series
Maya Banks,
In His Keeping, series
Melissa Bourbon,
A Seamless Murder, series
Nele Neuhaus,
The Ice Queen
Pamela Christie,
Death and the Cyprian Society, series
Parnell Hall,
Puzzled Indemnity, series
Rebecca York,
Private Affair, series
Sarah Graves,
Winter at the Door, series
Sophie Hannah,
The Carrier, series
Stephanie Tyler,
Fragmented, series
Susan Lewis,
Behind Closed Doors
Susannah Hardy,
Feta Attraction, series
Tami Hoag,
Cold Cold Heart
Tess Gerritsen,
Die Again, series
Tessa Arlen,
Death of a Dishonorable Gentleman
Thomas Perry,
A String of Beads
Tim O’Mara,
Dead Red, series
Victoria Laurie,
No Ghouls Allowed, series

Paranormal/Science Fiction/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy
Alex Gordon,
Gideon, series

Amber Benson, The Witches of Echo Park, series
Ben Aaronovitch, Foxglove Summer, series
Alexandra Ivy,
Blood Assassin, series
Barb and J.C. Hendee,
First and Last Sorcerer, series
Brian Staveley,
The Providence of Fire, series

Carrie Vaughn, Low Midnight, series
Daniel Jose Older, Half-Resurrection Blues
Donna Grant, Hot Blooded, series
Glenda Larke,
The Dagger’s Path, series
Hailey Edwards,
A Veil of Secrets, series
Jim C. Hines,
Unbound, series
Jo Walton,
The Just City
K.J. Taylor,
The Shadow’s Heart, series
Karen Lord,
The Galaxy Game
Karen Marie Moning, Burned, series
Kerrelyn Sparks, Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire, series
Larissa Ione,
Revenant, series
Lynn Kurland,
Dreamer’s Daughter, series
Michael Moorcock,
The Whispering Swarm
N.J. Walters,
Heart of a Serpent, series
Paige Tyler,
Hungry Like the Wolf, series
Pierce Brown,
Golden Son, series
Seth Grahame-Smith,
The Last American Vampire
Simon R. Green, Tales from the Nightside, anthology
Steven Harper, Iron Axe, series
W.C. Bauers,

Young Adult
Amanda Hocking,
Frostfire, series
Amber Hart,
After Us, series
Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner,
This Shattered World, series

Brandon Sanderson, Firefight, series
Chris Lynch,
Killing Time In Crystal City
James Patterson and Emily Raymond,
The Lost, series
Jennifer Echols,
Perfect Couple, series
Jennifer Niven,
All the Bright Places
Jennifer Rush,
Reborn, series
Jonathan Frieson,
Both of Me
Julie Cross and Mark Perini,
Halfway Perfect
Kate Axelrod,
The Law of Loving Others
Kerry Wilkinson,
Renegade, series
Kresley Cole,
Dead of Winter, series
Maggie Hall,
The Conspiracy of Us, debut, trilogy
Marcus Sedgwick,
The Ghosts of Heaven
Natalie D. Richards,
Gone too Far
Ni-Ni Simone, Lights,
Love and Lip Gloss, series
Susan Adrian,
Tunnel Vision
Travis Thrasher,
Wonder, series

Alice Clayton,
Last Call, series, novella
Cat Grant,
Tap Out
Cathryn Cade,
She’s All Tied Up, series
Joey W. Hill,
Naughty Bits, anthology
Kate Allure,
Playing Doctor, anthology
Kate Pearce,
Mastering a Sinner, series
Kelly Jamieson,
You Really Got Me
Marie Harte,
Served Hot
Red Hot Liar, series
Roni Loren,
Nothing Between Us, series

Amy Lillard,
Courting Emily, series
Angela Hunt,
Catherine Finger,
Alabaster Vases, debut, series
Cathleen Armstrong,
At Home in Last Chance
Chris Fabry,
The Song
Elizabeth Camden,
Beyond All Dreams
Gina Welborn,
Masterpiece Marriage
Jessica Dotta,
Price of Privilege, series
Kelly Irvin,
The Beekeeper’s Son, series
Lisa Harris,
Hidden Agenda, series
Lisa Samson,
A Thing of Beauty
Lynne Gentry,
Return to Exile, series
Melody Carlson,
Love Gently Falling
Michelle Griep,
Bretwood’s Ward
Rene Gutteridge,
Old Fashioned
Siri Mitchell,
Like a Flower in Bloom
Stacy Henrie,
Hop Rising, series
Thomas Locke,
Emissary, series
Tracie Peterson,
Steadfast Heart, series
Vannetta Chapman,
Murder Tightly Knit
Vickie McDonough,
Gabriel’s Atonement, series

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