Upcoming Releases, December 15, 2013 to January 14, 2014!!!! Hey Delia! More than Just Historical!!!!

November 22, 2013
Release dates between December 15, 2013 and January 14, 2014.  Series indicates a spin-off, sequel, trilogy, brother/sister, secret society/spies, good friends who attended Oxford/Eton, vampire/werewolf - anything that has something continuing - even if written 20 years ago. h/o indicates either a hardcover or over-sized book or over $10.00 paper back (not ebook price.) Anthology/novella could be an anthology/novella or a bunch of books in one print. ebook, only sold electronically for now. Debut - congratulations!

Historical Fiction
Fay Weldon, The New Countess, series, h/o
James Scott,
The Kept, h/o
Jennifer Chiaverini,
Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival, h/o
Jennifer Robson,
Somewhere in France, h/o
Judith Kinghorn,
The Memory of Lost Senses, h/o
Kate Quinn,
The Lion and the Rose, Borgias series, h/o
Rachel Urquhart,
The Visionist, h/o
Susanna Kearsley,
The Splendour Falls, h/o

Historical Mistorical!!! Already Out!
Dean Barrett, The China Memoirs of Thomas Rowley, ebook
Jessica Brockmole, Letters From Skye, debut, h/o
Lance Taubold, Richard Devlin, Ripper: A Love Story
T.J. Brown, Summerset Abbey: Spring Awakening, h/o

Alexis Morgan, More Than a Touch, series
Anna Sullivan,
Temptation Bay
Barbara Claypole White,
The In-Between Hour, h/o
Bella Andre
, Let Me Be the One, series
Candi Wall,
Primitive Nights, h/o
Candis Terry,
Sweetest Mistake, series
Cara Connelly,
The Wedding Favor, series
Catherine Bybee,
Single by Saturday, series
Christie Ridgeway and Victoria Dahl,
Turn Up the Heat, anthology
Dora Levy Mossanen,
Scent of Butterflies, h/o
Ellen Marie Wiseman,
What She Left Behind, h/o
Jaci Burton,
Hope Flames, series
Jay Crownover,
Rome, series, h/o
Jessica Clare,
The Experts Guide to Driving a Man Wild, series
Jules Bennett,
Sins from Her Past, series, h/o
Karen White,
Return to Tradd Street, series, h/o
Kat Murray,
Busting Loose, series
Kelsie Leverich,
The Valentines Arrangement, series, h/o
Kim Gruenenfelder,
Keep Calm and Carry a Big Drink, h/o
Kristen Ashley,
Law Man, series
Kristin von Kreister,
An Unexpected Grace, h/o
Linda Lael Miller,
Big Sky Secrets, series
Lori Foster, Christie Ridgway, Victoria Dahl,
Turn up the Heat, anthology
Lori Wilde,
Somebody to Love, series
Rosalind Noonan,
And Then She Was Gone, h/o
Samantha Young,
Before Jamaica Lane, h/o, series
Sarah Cornwell,
What I had Before I Had You, h/o
Tasha Macklin,
Baller Dreams
Teri Wilson,
Unleashing Mr. Darcy, h/o
Tiffany Baker,
Mercy Snow, h/o
Tracy Anne Warren,
The Last Man on Earth, series

Yes! More Contemporary/Mainstream that I Missed!
C.J. Carmichael, Promise Me Cowboy, ebook, novella
Inez Kelley, Take Me Home, ebook
Lauren Blakely, Far Too Tempting, ebook
Rachel Harris, Seven Day Fiance’, ebook
Sue Moorcroft, Is This Love?Paranormal/Fantasy/Science Fiction
Alex Bledsoe, He Drink, and Saw the Spider, series, anthology, h/o
Alexandra Ivy,
Born in Blood, series
Alma Katsu,
The Descent, series, h/o
Barb and J.C. Hendee,
A Wind in the Night, series, h/o
Brian Staveley,
The Emperor’s Blades, series, h/o
Carrie Vaughn,
Dreams of the Golden Age, series, h/o
Cat Devon,
Love Your Entity, series
Catherynne M. Valente,
The Bread we Eat in Dreams, anthology, h/o
Cecy Robson,
Cursed by Destiny
Christine Feehan,
Darkwolf, series, h/o
Christine Warren,
Heart of Stone, series
Christopher Golden,
Dark Duets, anthology
Donna Grant,
Dark Heat, series, anthology
Emma Jane Holloway,
A Study in Ashes, series
Irene Radford,
The Broken Dragon, series
Isis Rushdon,
Kindred of the Fallen, series, h/o
Jacqueline Frank,
Forsaken, series
Jaime Rush,
Dragon Awakened, series
Jenn Bennett,
Bitter Spirits, series
Joe Haldeman,
Work Done for Here, h/o
K.J. Taylor,
The Shadowed Throne
K.M. Ruiz,
Strykers h/o
L.E. Modesitt, Jr.,
Rex Regis, series
Larissa Ione,
Reaver, series
Lynn Kurland,
River of Dreams, series, h/o
Maria V. Snyder,
Taste of Darkness, h/o
Moira Rogers,
Haunted Sanctuary, series, h/o
Molly Harper,
How to Run with a Naked Werewolf, series
N.J. Walters,
Night of the Tiger, series, h/o
Renee Wildes,
God of Fyre Mountains, series, h/o
Shona Husk,
Lord of the Hunt, series
Simon R. Green,
Once in a Blue Moon, series
Steve Perry,
The Vastalini Gambit, series
Tammy Falkner,
The Magic Between Us, series
Tom Holt,
When It’s a Jar, h/o

More Paranormal/Fantasy/SciF That Popped UP!
Anne Hope, Soul Thief, novella, ebook 

Ian Tregillis, Something More Than Night, h/o
Lesley Young,
Sky’s End, series, h/o
Mina Lobo,
That Fatal Kiss, ebook
Natalie J. Damschroder,
Heavy Metal
Paula Altenburg,
Black Widow Demon, series, h/o
Sarah Gilman,
Deep in Crimson, series, h/o

Alan Bradley, The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches, series, h/o
Anne Canadeo,
A Dark and Stormy Knit, series
Annie Knox,
Paws for Murder, series
Averil Dean,
Alice Close your Eyes, h/o
Carol Ann Martin,
Tapestry of Lies, series
Carol Miller,
Murder and Moonshine, h/o
Cath Staincliffe,
Dead to Me, series, h/o
Charlotte Williams,
The  House on the Cliff, h/o
Christopher Fowler,
The Invisible Code, series, h/o
Christy Fifield,
Murder Sends a Postcard, series
Dick Wolf,
The Execution, Series, h/o
Elizabeth Heiter,
Hunted, series, h/o
Ellery Adams,
Pecan Pies and Homicides, series
Gail Oust,
Rosemary and Crime, series, h/o
Harry Dolan,
The Last Dead Girl, h/o
Helene Tursten,
The Fire Dance, series, h/o
J.J. Cook,
Playing with Fire, series
Jill Sorenson,
Joan Swan,
Shatter, series
Joelle Charbonneau,
A Chorus Lineup, series
John Katzenbach,
Red 1-2-3, h/o
Joyce Ann Krentz,
River Road, h/o
Julie Hysy
, Home of the Braised, series
Karen Robards,
Hunted, h/o
Kate Watterson,
Buried, series
Kendra Elliot,
Alone, series
Kristen Ashley,
Law Man
Laura Levine,
Killing Cupid, series, h/o
Laurie Childs,
Eggs in a Casket, series, h/o
Lee Hollis,
Death of a Chocoholic, series
Linda O. Johnston,
Teacup Turbulence, series
Lisa Gardner,
Fear Nothing, series, h/o
Mark Pryor,
The Blood Promise, series, h/o
Martha O’Sullivan,
Chance Encounter, ebook
Mary Marks,
Forget me Knot, series
Maya Banks,
After the Storm, series
Quentin Bates,
Chilled to the Bone, series, h/o
Raymond Buckland,
Cursed in the Act, series, h/o
Richard Marcinko and Jim DeFelice,
Curse of the Infidel, series, h/o
Robin Burcell,
The Kill Order, series
Robin Cook,
Cell, h /o
Samuel Thomas,
The Harlot’s Tale, h/o
Sarah Pinborough,
Mayhem, h/o
Sonja Condit,
Starter House
Stuart Woods,
Standup Guy, series, h/o
Terry Shames,
The Last Death of Jack Harbin, h/o
Tessa Harris,
The Devil’s Breath, series
Victoria Laurie,
The Ghoul Next Door, series 

Mysteries that Mysteriously Escaped My Eagle Eye!!!  Already Out There!
Ashley Gardner, A Disappearance in Drury Lane, series, h/o
Carolyn Hart,
Ghost Gone Wild, series, h/o
Leonard Wise,
Oklahoma Pretty, ebook
Marianne Harden,
Malicious Mischief, debut, h/o
SE Jakes,
Catch a Ghost
Shannon Curtis,
For Her Eyes Only, ebook
Sharon Sala,
A Thousand Lies, h/o
Stella Cameron,
Cold, series

Waverly Curtis, The Big Chihuahua, series

Cassie Alexander, Deadshifted, series
Cecy Robson,
Cursed by Destiny, series
Diana Rowland,
Fury of the Demon, series
Faith Hunter,
Black Arts, series
Jennifer Estep,
The Spider, series
Kelley Armstron,
Brazen, h/o
Lisa Shearin,
Grendel Affair, series
M.L. Brennan,
Iron Night, series
Maria V. Snyder,
Taste of Darkness, series, h/o
Michelle Sagara,
Touch, series, h/o
Sandy Williams,
The Sharpist Blade, series

Young Adult
A.L. Jackson, Come to Me Quietly, series, h/o
Alyxandra Harvey,
A Breath of Frost, h/o
Amy Kathleen Ryan,
Flame, series, h/o
Anne Greenwood Brown,
Promise Bound, series, h/o
Cate Tiernan,
Darkest Fear
Ciara Knight,
Ascension of Evil, series
Hannah Jane,
See Jane Run
Kathleen Hale,
No One Else Can Have You, debut, h/o
J.A. Redmenski,
The Edge of Always
James Patterson, Emily Raymond,
First Love, h/o
Jennifer Rush,
Erased, series, h/o
Jessica Khoury,
Vitro, h/o
Kimberly Derting,
The Offering, h/o
Krista McGee,
Luminary, series
Lauren Morrill,
Being Sloane Jacobs, h/o
Leila Rasheed,
Diamonds and Deceit, h/o
Lissa Price,
Enders, series, h/o
Lucy Christopher,
The Killing Woods, h/o
Melissa Walker,
Ashes to Ashes, h/o
Nina Berry,
Otherspere, series
Ransom Riggs,
Hollow City, series, h/o
ReShonda Tate Billingsley,
Real As It Gets, series
Robin Benway,
Going Rogue, h/o
Robin Constantine,
The Promise of Amazing, h/o
Sara Zarr, Tara Altebrando,
Roomies, h/o
Shannon Delany,
Stormbringer, series

Yappers! Young Adult Already Out There!!
Ciara Knight, Pendulum, series
Jessica Sorensen,
The Ever After of Ella and Micha, h/o
Jocelyn Davies,
A Radiant Sky, series, h/o
Kat Falls,
Inhuman, h/o
Katie Cotugno,
How to Love
Tamora Pierce,
Battle Magic
Alice Clayton, The Redhead Plays Her Hand, series, h/o
A.M. Arthur,
Color of Grace, series, m/m, h/o
C.C.  Gibbs,
All He Needs, series
Charlotte Stein,
Dona Marie Bell,
The Hob, series, h/o
Emma Chase,
Tangled, h/o
J. Kinner,
Wanted, series, h/o
Jess Dee,
Rhythm of the Night, series
Jessica Clare,
The Expert’s Guide to Driving a Man Wild
Kate Pearce,
The Sinners Club, series, h/o
Mackenzie McKade,
Sand Angel, h/o
Nikki Gemmell,
I Take You, series
Red Garnier,
Obsessed by Him, series, anthology
Shiloh Walker,
Beautiful Scars, h/o

Hot Potato! Erotica (In Case You Couldn't Tell by the Titles) Ready for You Now!
Dana Marie Bell, Mr. Red Riding Hoode, ebook
Jess Dee, More Than Lovers, novella, ebook

Jess Michaels, Pleasuring the Lady, ebook
Melissa Schroeder,
A Little Harmless Ride, ebook
Nico Rosso, Heavy Metal Heart, ebook
Riley Murphy,
Love of a Lifetime
Sylvia Day,
Entwined with You, series, h/o
Tibby Armstrong,
Public Relations, ebook

Cara C. Putman, Shadowed by Grace, series
Colleen Coble,
Butterfly Palace, h/o
Deborah Raney,
A January Bride, ebook, novella
Emma Miller,
Plain Murder, series, h/o
Erin Healy,
Stranger Things, h/o
Ginny Aiken,
She Shall be Praised, h/o
Jennifer Beckstrand,
Huckleberry Hill, series
Julie Klassen,
The Dancing Master, h/o
Julie Lessman,
Dare to Love Again, series,  h/o
Lis Wiehl,
Snapshot, h/o
Lynette Eason,
No One to Trust, series, h/o
Lynette Sowell,
Tempest’s Course, h/o
Mary Ellis,
The Quaker and the Rebel, series, h/o
Melody Carlson,
Once Upon a Winter’s Heart
Michael K. Reynolds,
Songs of the Shenandoah, series, h/o
Robin Lee Hatcher,
A Promise Kept, h/o
Ronie Kendig,
Beowulf, h/o
Ruth Reid,
A Miracle of Hope, h/o
Sarah E. Ladd,
The Headmistress of Rosemere, h/o
Tracie Peterson, Kimberley Woodhouse,
All Things Hidden, h/o
William Sirls,
The Sinner’s Garden, h/o

Inspirations Already Out There!!
Erynn Mangum, Paige Rewritten, series, h/o
Jennifer AlLee, Lisa Karon Richardson,
Vanishing Act, series
Jerry S Eicher,
Katie’s Forever Promise, series
Julie Cantrell,
When Mountains Move, series, h/o
Lisa T. Bergren,
Glittering Promises, series
Lori Copeland, Virginia Smith,
A Bride for Noah, h/o
Maggie Brendan,
Perfectly Matched, series, h/o
Margaret Brownley,
Gunpowder Tea, series, h/o
Murray Pura,
An Amish Family Christmas
Robbie Cheuvront, Eric Reed, Shawn Allen,
The 13: Stand, series, h/o
Timothy Lewis,
Forever Friday, h/o
Tricia Goyer,
A Christmas Gift for Rose, novella

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