Upcoming Releases, August 15, 2013 to September 14, 2013

July 24, 2013
Release dates between August 15, 2013 and September 14, 2013.  Series indicates a spin-off, sequel, trilogy, brother/sister, secret society/spies, good friends who attended Oxford/Eton, vampire/werewolf - anything that has something continuing - even if written 20 years ago. H/O indicates either a hardcover or over-sized book or over $10.00 paper back (not ebook price.) Anthology/novella could be an anthology/novella or a bunch of books in one print. ebook, only sold electronically for now. Debut - congratulations!

Amanda McCabe, The Runaway Countess, series
Amanda Scott,
The Knight’s Temptress, series

Anna Campbell, A Rake’s Midnight Kiss, series
Anne Stuart,
Never Kiss a Rake, series
Ashlyn Macnamara,
A Most Devilish Rogue
Cheryl Ann Smith,
The Wife He Always Wanted, series
Elizabeth Lane,
The Ballad of Emma O’Toole
Erin Knightley,
Flirting with Fortune, series
Jeannie Lin,
The Lotus Palace
Katharine Ashe,
I Married the Duke, series
Kieran Kramer,
Say Yes to the Duke, series
Louise Allen,
Mary Balogh,
The Arrangement, series
Mary Jo Putney,
Sometimes a Rogue, series
Michelle Willingham,
Unraveled by the Rebel, series
Miranda Neville,
The Ruin of a Rogue, series
Pamela Nowak, Changes, h/o
Shana Galen,
True Spies, series
Sophia James,
Mistress of Midnight
Sophie Barnes, The Trouble with Being a Duke, series
Theresa Romain,
It Takes Two to Tangle, series
Victoria Roberts
To Wed a Wicked Highlander, series

Historical Fiction
Ann Hite, The Storycatcher, h/o
Elizabeth Chadwick,
The Outlaw Knight, h/o
Mary-Rose MacCall,
In Falling Snow, h/o
Pamela Schoenewald,
Swimming in the Moon
Sujata Massey,
The Sleeping Dictionary, h/o

Alexis Morgan, A Time for Home, series
Chelsea M. Cameron,
My Favorite Mistake, series
 Christina McKenna, The Disenchanted Widow

Diane Chamberlain, Necessary Lies, h/o
Donna Hill,
For You I Will, series
Elizabeth Noble,
Between a Mother and Her Child, h/o
Emily Liebert,
You Knew Me When, h/o
Gill Hornby,
The Hive, debut, h/o
J. Lynn,
Wait for You, series
Jaci Burton,
Hope Flames, series, h/o
Jane Haddam,
Hearts of Sand, series
Jane Porter,
The Good Wife, series, h/o
Janet Chapman,
For the Love of Magic, series
Jason Mott,
The Returned, debut, h/o
Julia Keller,
Bitter River, series, h/o
Julia London,
Homecoming Ranch
Karen Erickson,
Worth the Challenge, series
Karina Halle,
Shooting Scars, series, ebook
Katharine Britton,
Little Island, h/o
Kendall Banks,
One Night Stand
Kimberly Dean,
Lexie, series, h/o
Lily Santana, Unexpectedly You, debut, ebook
Libby Fischer Hellmann,
Havana Lost, h/o
Linda Lael Miller, Big Sky Wedding, series
Lisa Van Allen,
The Wishing Thread
Lorrie Thomson,
Equilibrium, debut, h/o
Louise Penny,
How the Light Gets In, series, h/o
M. Leighton,
Everything for Us, h/o
Natasha Solomons,
The Gallery of Vanished Husbands, h/o
Pamela Morsi,
Love Overdue
Pat G’Orge-Walker,
Sister Betty Says I Do, series
Regina Hart,
Trinity Falls, series
Robyn Carr,
The Hero, series
Rosanna Chiofolo,
Rosie Thomas,
Constance, h/o
Samantha Towle,
Wethering the Storm, series
Shelly Ellis,
The Player and the Games, series
Shirley Jump, The Sweetheart Bargain, series
Sue Margolis,
Coming Clean, h/o
Sugar Jamison,
Dangerous Curves Ahead, series
Susan Fox,
Gentle on My Mind, series
Suzanne Corso,
The Suite Life, series, h/o
Tamera Morgan,
The Derby Girl, series, ebook
Yona Zeldis McDonaough,
Two of a Kind

Anna Lee Huber, Mortal Arts, series, h/o
Arnaldur Indridason,
Black Skies, series, h/o
Barbara Ross,
Clammed Up, series
Carla Neggers,
Declan’s Cross, series, h/o
Carla Norton,
The Edge of Normal, h/o
Cassandra King,
Moonrise, h/o
Cate Price,
Going Through the Nations, series
Charles Todd,
A Question of Honor, series, h/o

Cheryl Crane, The Dead and the Beautiful, series, h/o
Christine DeSmet,
First-Degree Fudge, series
CJ Lyons, Hollow Bones, series
David O. Stewart,
The Lincoln Deception, debut
Dawn Eastman,
Pall in the Family, series
Deborah Sharp,
Mama Gets Trashed, series
Debra Webb,
Ruthless, series
Denise Swanson,
Murder of a Stacked Librarian, series
Diane Mott Davidson,
The Whole Enchilada, series, h/o
Douglas Corleone,
Good as Gone, h/o
Elizabeth Hynes,
Human Remains, h/o
Ellie Grant, Plum Deadly, series, h/o
Frankie Y. Bailey,
The Red Queen Dies, h/o 

Gina Robinson, License to Love, series
Gregg Hurwitz,
Tell No Lies, h/o
Hank Phillippi Ryan,
The Wrong Girl, series, h/o
Hannah Kent,
Burial Rites, h/o
Isabella Alan,
Murder, Plain and Simple, series

J.A. Jance, Second Watch, series, h/o
J.D. Robb,
Thankless in Death, series, h/o
Joan Swan,
Rush, series
Julia Keller,
Bitter River, series, h/o
Kat Martin,
Against the Mark, series
Kathy Reichs,
Bones of the Lost, series
Kristen Ashley,
Mystery Man, series
Laurie R. King,
The Bones of Paris, h/o
Laurien Berenson,
Gone With the Woof, series, h/o

Lee Child,
Never Go Back, series, h/o

Leigh Perry,
A Skeleton in the Family, series
Liad Shoham,
Lineup, h/o

Lindsay McKenna, High Country Rebel
Louise Penny,
How the Light Gets In, series
M.C. Beaton,
Something Borrowed, Someone Dead, series, h/o
Margaret Coel,
Killing Custer, series, h/o
Marie Hermanson,
The Devil’s Sanctuary, h/o
Nancy Bush, Nowhere Safe, series
Nina Bruhns,
Blue Forever, series
Randy Wayne
White, Deceived, series, h/o
Rebecca York,
Bad Nights, series
Sandra Brown,
Deadline, h/o
Shelley Freydont,
Silent Knife, series
Shiloh Walker,
The Protected, series
Sue Grafton,
W is for…, series, h/o
Susan Wittig Albert,
The Darling Dahlias and the Texas Star, h/o
Victoria Hamilton,
Bran New Death, series
Vivian Arend,
High Passion, series

Paranormal/Fantasy/Science Fiction
Angela McCallister, Bad Mouth, ebook
Angie Fox,
Immortally Ever After, series
Ann Aguirre,
Perdition, series
Ashlyn Chase,
How to Date a Dragon, series

Christine Feehan, Dark Lycan, series
Christine Price,
Half Blind, series
David Barnett,
Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl, h/o
Drew Karpyshyn,
Children of Fire, series, h/o
Eileen Wilks,
Ritual Magic
Erin Kellison,
Soul Kissed, series
Erin Quinn,
The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love, series

 Gina Lamm, Geek Girls Don’t Date Dukes, series
J.D. Tyler,
Hunter’s Heart, series

J.L. Langley,
My Regelence Rake, h/o
Jayne Castle,
Deception Cove, series
Jessica Sims,
Must Love Fangs, series
Kait Ballenger,
Twilight Hunter, series
Katie MacAlister,
The Art of Stealing Time, series
Kerrelyn Sparks,
The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo, series
Kim Stanley Robinson,
Shaman, series, h/o
L.E. Modesitt, Jr.,
The One-Eyed Man, h/o

Lee Child, Never Go Back, series, h/o
Lila DuBois,
Have Monster, Will Travel, series, h/o
Luke Scull,
The Grim Company, debut, h/o

Michelle Sagara,
Cast in Sorrow, series, h/o
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff,
Vampires Need Not…Apply?, series

N.J. Walters,
Damek’s Redemption, series
Rosemary Laurey,
Dark in the Woods, h/o
Sherrilyn Kenyon,
Styxx, series, h/o
Vivian Arend,
Diamond Dust, ebook


Benedict Jacka, Chosen, series
Jeanne C. Stein, Blood Bond, series
Jennifer Estep,
Heart of Venom, series
Juliet Dark,
The Angel Stone, series
Mari Mancusi,
Scorched, series, h/o
Seanan McGuire,
Chimes at Midnight, series
Simon R. Green,
Spirits from Beyond, series
Tad Williams,
Happy Hour in Hell, series, h/o
Kelley Armstrong, Omens, h/o
Linda Grimes,
Quick Fix, h/o

Young Adults
Abbie Glines,
Just For Now, h/o
Chelsea M. Cameron,
My Favorite Mistake, series
Christina Courtenay,
New England Rocks, h/o
David Levithan,
Two Boys Kissing, h/o
Elizabeth Scott,
Heartbeat, h/o
Elizabeth Wan,
Rose Under Fire, series, h/o
Gus Accardo,
Darker Days, series, ebook
Holly Black,
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, h/o
J. Lynn,
Wait for You, h/o
Jasper Fforde,
The Song of the Quarkbeast, series, h/o
Kass Moran,
The 100, series, h/o
Katy Evans,
Real, h/o
Kiersten White,
The Chaos of Stars, h/o
Mari Mancusi,
Scorched, series, h/o
Melissa Darnell, Consume, series
Michael Griffo,
Sunblind, series
Nancy Werlin,
Unthinkable, h/o
Rainbow Rowell,
Fangirl, h/o
Sadie Hayes,
The Social Code
Samantha Shannon,
The Bone Season, h/o
Sarah J. Maas,
Crown of Midnight, series, h/o
Tera Lynn Childs,
Sweet Legacy, series, h/o

Anne Calhoun,
Uncommon Passion
Beth Kery,
Addicted to You, h/o
Bianca D’Arc,
Maiden Flight, series
Bonnie Dee and Marie Treanor,
Sex and the Single Princess, series
C.L. Parker, A Million Dirty Secrets, h/o
Elyse Snow, Marrying Mari
Jenna McCormick,
No Escape, series
Lisa Renee Jones,
Revealing Us, series, h/o
M. Leighton,
Everything for Us, series, h/o
Maya Banks, Burn, series, h/o
Megan Hart,
Tear You Apart, c
Rie Warren,
In His Command
Roni Loren,
Caught Up In You, h/o
Sarah Castille,
Against the Ropes
Sasha Grey,
The Juliette Society
Stephanie Julian,
No Reservations, series
Tobsha Learner,
Tremble, anthology, h/o

Adam Thomas,
Letters from Ruby
Amanda Flower,
A Plain Disappearance, series
Anita Lustree, Caryn Rivadeneira,
Shades of Mercy, h/o
Anna Schmidt,
All God’s Children, series, h/o
Charlotte Hubbard, Winter of Wishes, series
Dan Welsh & Gary Smalley,
The Promise, h/o
Debby Mayne,
Bless Her Heart, series, h/o
Gale Sattler,
The Path to Piney Meadows, h/o
Irene Hannon,
Trapped, series, h/o
Janice Thompson,
The Icing on the Cake, h/o
Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian,
Fire with Fire, series, h/o
Jessica Dotta,
Born of Persuasion, series, h/o
Kelly Irvin,
Love Still Stands, series
Kim Vogel Sawyer,
What Once Was Lost, series
Lauraine Snelling,
Wake the Dawn, h/o
Lisa Harris,
Dangerous Passage, series, h/o
Lisa Wingate,
The Prayer Box, h/o
Mona Hodgson,
Prairie Song, series, h/o
Patrick E. Craig, The Road Home
Shelley Shepard Gray,
Eventide, series
Tracie Peterson,
The Miner’s Lady, series, h/o

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