Pet Peeves

Since I keep bringing up my pet peeves, I thought I compile a list of them. I'm sure I'll think of more. And by the way, this doesn't mean I will never read a book with them in it again, it just means that I will roll my eyebrows.

1. Twins (although I do like Twin of Fire and Twin of Ice by Ms. Devereaux)
2. Pirates
3. Mistaken Identities
4. Spies (the reason why England didn't win the revolutionary war was because all of their men were spies)
5. I’m not good enough syndrome
6. All women are bad because of "her"
7. Amnesia
8. "never been like this with any other woman" PULEASE!!!
9. Virgin Widows
10. Heroines eyes become large…she gulps…"will it fit?"
11. Women disguised as men and not being discovered
12. Young heroines (teens) usually with a hero in his 30’s, I don’t care if it’s historically accurate, it always trips my ick factor.
13. Not needing to wear glasses or pretending to need to wear them to hide ones beauty or as a disguise (I never did buy Clark Kent)
14. Hero's who give up other women after just one glance at the heroine (while I like my hero’s being true to their lady, I always roll my eyes when I read this, because we are talking about the male human aren’t we?)
15. Children that seem older than what they are
16. Removing all of ones clothes before sex, this usually occurs at a ball…
17. Family revenge plots
18. Hero not catching on to the really EVIL woman and sometimes totally overlooking the heroine because of it.
19. Paranormal peeve: Hero’s/heroines that can change into animals…somehow this also trips my ick factor
20. Hero idiot believes the wrong thing and can’t forgive heroine
21. Long separations, and usually the hero has sleep around and the heroine has not. Of course, there was never a woman quite like her...he really tried to forget her, but he couldn't
22. The use of the "c" word. There is nothing romantic or arousing about having this word whispered in your ear.
23. Modern names on historical hero/heroine. Or names like Stud, Lance, Rod, Steel
24. Mythical kingdoms...usually with names that end with "via."

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