June 15 to July 16, 2017!!! Upcoming Releases! Hey Delia!! More Than Just Historical Romance!!!!

Release dates mostly between May 15, 2017 and June 14, 2017. Series indicates a spin-off, sequel, trilogy, brother/sister, secret society/spies, good friends who attended Oxford/Eton, vampire/werewolf - anything that has something continuing - even if written 20 years ago. Anthology/novella/short stories could be an anthology or a bunch of books in one print or novella - one tiny book or an anthology with a bunch of novellas - could be a short stories by one author, could be - I'm getting a headache. Ebook, only sold electronically for now. Debut - congratulations!

Adriana Trigiani,
Kiss Carlo
Beatriz Williams,
Cocoa Beach
Claire McMillan,
The Necklace
Danielle Steel,
The Duchess
Diana Gabaldon,
Seven Stone to Stand or Fall, series
Harmony Verna,
Beneath the Apple Leaves
Joy Callaway,
Secret Sisters
Martha Conway,
The Underground River
Paul Lynch,

Alison Bliss, On the Plus Side, series
Anna Schmidt,
The Outlaw, series
Beverly Jenkins,
Chasing Down a Dream, series
Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg,
The Little Old Lady Strikes Again, series
Debbie Burns,
A New Leash on Love, series
Debbie Mason,
Primrose, series
Delores Fossen,
Branded by Trouble, series
Diana Palmer,
Donna Hill,
A House Divided
Donna Kauffman,
Blue Hollow Falls, series
Emily March,
A Stardance Summer, series
Fern Michaels,
High Stakes, series
Heather Van Fleet,
The Right Kind of Reckless, series
Holly Chamberlin,
Home for the Summer
Jay Crownover,
Jean E. Pendziwol, The Lightkeeper's Daughters
Jeaniene Frost,
The Sweetest Burn, series
Jenny Colgan,
The Cafe by the Sea
Jill Shalvis,
Lost and Found Sisters, series
Joshilyn Jackson,
The Almost Sisters
Judi Lynn,
First Kiss, On the House
K.A. Tucker,
Until It Fades
Kimberla Lawson Roby,
Sin of a Woman, series
Kimberly Fisk,
Boardwalk Summer
L.S. Hilton,
Domina, series
Lexi Blake,
Revenge, series
Liora Blake,
Second Chance Season, series
Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza,
Fitness Junkie
Maisey Yates,
Down Home Cowboy, series
Margaret Way,
Her Australian Cattle Baron
Marie Harte,
Just the Thing, series
Mary McNear,
The Light in Summer, series
Matthew Quick,
The Reason You're Alive
Melissa Scholes Young,
Nina Laurin,
Girl Last Seen
Pat Esden,
Reach for You, series
Patricia Preston,
Not Through Loving You
Patti Callahan Henry,
The Bookshop at Water's End
RaeAnne Thayne,
Serenity Harbor, series
Sara Richardson,
Comeback Cowboy, series
Sarah Title,
Falling for Trouble, series
Shady Grace,
The Hitman Who Loved Me, series

Shirley Jump, The Perfect Recipe for Love and Friendship
Sidney Landon,
Keeping it Hot, series
Siobhan Fallon,
The Confusion of Languages
Susan Mallery,
Secrets of the Tulip Sisters
Tawny Weber,
Call to Engage, series
Violet Duke,
All There Is


AC Moyer, Size Zero
AJ Nuest,
Dirty Little Secrets
Andrea Penrose,
Murder on Black Swan Lane
Andrew Wilson,
A Talent for Murder
Carolyn Baugh,
Shoreline, series
Christopher Bollen,
The Destroyers
Claire Booth,
Another Man’s Ground, series
Claire Douglas,
Local Girl Missing
David Bell,
Bring Her Home
Debbie Howells, Part of the Silence
Denise Swanson, Lions and Tigers and Murder, series
Diane Kelly,
Enforcing the Paw, series
Donna Grant,
The Legend, series
Ellie Alexander,
A Crime of Passion Fruit, series
Fiona Barton,
The Child
Holly Seddon,
Don't Close Your Eyes
J.C. Eaton,
Booked 4 Murder, series
James Patterson and Howard Roughan,
Murder Games, series
Janet Evanovich,
Dangerous Minds, series
John Connolly,
A Game of Ghosts, series
John Gilstrap,
Final Target, series
Julia Thomas,
Penhale Wood
Julie Ann Walker,
Fuel for Fire, series
Julie Blackwell,
A Ghostly Light, series
Julie Garwood,
Wired, series
Julie Hyzy,
Grace to the Finish, series
Kari Lemor,
Running Target, series
Kathy Reichs,
Two Nights
Laura Levine,
Death of a Bachelorette, series
Laurien Berenson,
Murder at the Puppy Fest
Lee Hollis,
Death of a Lobster, series
Liliana Hart,
Gone to Dust, series
Linda Castillo,
Down a Dark Road, series
Lindsey Davis,
The Third Nero, series
Loreth Anne White,
The Drowned Girls, series
Lou Dobbs and James O. Born,
Putin's Gambit, series
Margaret Maron,
Take Out, series
Mary Kubica,
Every Last Lie
Maya Corrigan,
The Tell-Tale Tarte, series
Nicci French
, Dark Saturday, series
Nina Laurin,
Girl Last Seen
Nuala Ellwood,
My Sister's Bones
Peg Cochran,
Sowed to Death, series
Reavis Z. Wortham,
Hawke’s Prey, series
Rose Pressey,
If the Haunting Fits, Wear It, series

Sarah Castille, Luca, Ruin and Revenge, series
Sharon Sala,
Race Against Time
Shiloh Walker,
Pieces of Me, series
Simone Kelly,
Like a Fly on the Wall
Spencer Quinn.
The Right Side
Steven James,
Every Deadly Kiss, series
Susan Stoker,
Claiming Alexis, series
Suzanne Brockmann,
Some Kind of Hero, series
Tawny Weber,
Call to Engage, series
Theresa Schwegel,
The Lies We Tell
Victoria Laurie,
A Panicked Premonition, series


Andrew Neil Gray and J.S. Herbison, The Ghost Line
Anthony Ryan,
The Legion of Flame, series
Callie Bates,
The Waking Land, series
Charlaine Harris, Christopher Golden, Kelley Armstrong, Jonathan Maberry, Kat Richardson, Seanan McGuire, Tim Lebbo, Cherie Priest, James Moore, mark Morris,
Indigo, anthology
Charles Stross,
The Delirium Brief, series
Christina Henry,
Lost Boy: The True Story of Captain Hook
Christopher Brown,
Tropic of Kansas
Dale Lucas,
First Watch, series
David Mealing,
Soul of the World, series
Edward Willett,
The Cityborn
Ian Irvine,
The Fatal Gate, series
James Gunn,
Transformation, series
Jonathan Maberry, ed. and George A. Romero, ed.,
Nights of the Living Dead, anthology

K.J. Parker, Mightier that the Sword
Kalayna Price,
Grave Ransom, series
Kevin Hearne,
Besieged, series
Laura Lam,
Shatter Minds, series
Laurence MacNaughton,
A Kiss Before Doomsday, series
Michael J. Sullivan,
Age of Swords, series
Nancy Kress,
Tomorrow’s Kin, series
R.S. Belcher,
The Queen of Swords, series
Rachel Dunne,
The Bones of the Earth, series
Rebecca Zanetti,
Wicked Kiss
Sarah Beth Durst, The Reluctant Queen, series
Sarah Kuhn,
Heroine Worship, series
Stephen Graham Jones,
Mapping the Interior
Stephen Leigh,
A Fading Sun, series
Steven Barnes,
Twelve Days
Tad Williams,
The Witchwood Crown, series
William C. Dietz,
Seek and Destroy, series


Bonnie Pipkin, Aftercare Instructions
Eleanor Herman,
Reign of Serpents, series
Emily Bain Murphy,
The Disappearances, debut
Gina Damico,
Wast of Space, series
Julia Walton,
Words on Bathroom Walls, series
Julie Buxbaum,
What to Say Next
Kiley Roache,
The F-Word
Luanne Rice,
The Beautiful Lost
Mackenzi Lee,
The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue
Miranda Kenneally, Coming up for Air, series
Pat Esden,
Reach for You, series
Pintip Dunn,
Girl on the Verge
Rachel Caine,
Ash and Quill, series
Sam J. Miller,
The Art of Starving, debut
Samantha Young,
The Impossible Vastness of Us


Brianna Hale, Princess Brat
Jade Waters,
The Reward, series
Sean Michael,
Seduced by the Tide, series
Shelly Bell,
At His Mercy, series
Tiffany Reisz,
The Red
Tina Donahue,
Days of Desire, series


Amber Lynn Perry, So Pure a Heart, series
Angela Hunt,
Egypt’s Sister
Anna Schmidt,
The Outlaw, series
Carolyn Miller,
The Captivating Lacy Charlotte, series
Carrie Fancett Pagels,
Maude’s Mooring, series
Charlotte Hubbard,
Weddings at Promise Lodge, series
Cindy K. Sproles,
Liar’s Winter
Colleen Coble,
Beneath Copper Falls, series
Courtney Walsh,
Just Look Up
Deb Richardson-Moore,
The Cover Story
Lis Wiehl, Sebastian Stuart,
The Separatist, series
Liz Johnson,
On Love’ Gentle Shore, series
Michael Phillips,
The Legacy
Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould,
My Daughter’s Legacy, series
Olivia Newport,
Gladden the Heart
Rachel Hauck,
The Writing Desk
Rachel Linden,
Ascension of Larks
Roseanna M. White,
A Name Unknown, series
Ruth Reid,
Abiding Mercy
Sandra Orchard, Over Maya Dead Body
Sara Ella,
Unraveling, series
Shelley Shepard Gray,
His Guilt, series
Susan May Warren,
A Matter of Trust, series
Tracie Peterson,
Beloved Hope, series

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