One Dance with A Duke by Tessa Dare

Well hey! I got my marriage of convenience story…And, what a story it is!
Now, before I begin, I have to say that it is always easier for me to rant about a book I’m disappointed in then one I like. I wonder if anyone else experiences that little irritate?

Anyway, One Dance with a Duke is the first book in the Stud Club trilogy by Tessa Dare. And, before you go off into dirty-mindville…think four legs and whinnies.

There is much to love about this book, first and foremost the hero – Spencer. Wow, did I love Spencer! Now, let me me say this about that. I thought he was a wonderful character to read about, but I really wouldn’t want to deal with a real-life Spencer. This guy was more than just an arrogant duke; he was a truly autocratic duke. What I found so wonderful about him was his brilliant ineptness when trying to communicate with humans. He was blunt, way to honest and always putting his foot in his mouth. Of course, he also happens to be hiding a very tender side.

Then, we have Amelia, who thinks of herself as plain (and of course we know better.) Amelia is loyal, steadfast, faithful…almost like my Labrador. And, that is one of the minor stumbling blocks in One Dance... She is self-sacrificing and lives in martyrdom-land for way too l-o-n-g. I was starting to become annoyed with the stubbornness that both Spencer and Amelia exhibited toward the end of the book. However, the book is so well-written I overlooked that problem and sighed when I closed the pages.

The secondary characters are well-written. Also interesting is the way the men in the trilogy are written – for once, they are not the best of friends…at all! There was also something I didn’t see coming – all I’m going to say is "teenager in a snit."

Even though the page count was above normal, this is a quick read. There is a murder at the beginning and I am assuming that solving the murder is what will connect the other two books to this one. However, even though there is a mystery, this book is really about two very strong people who just happen to fall in love.

I think this is one you don’t want to miss!!!

Time/Place: Regency England
Sensuality Rating: Hot

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Melissa said...

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Wish I wasn't slogging through the next one.