Married by Morning by Lisa Kleypas
When I started reading Married by Morning, I found myself returning to the front cover to make sure this was actually a Lisa Kleypas book. It had a slight fluffy feel about it.

Anyway, at last we get to see Cat and Leo...and I loved their banter, bickering and fighting - and passion. I would have liked the story even better if they had married right away...I am really in the mood for a good marriage of convenience story. I did become a little irritated by Cat's refusal of Leo's proposal; she held out too long. And, she didn't appear quite as strong in this book as she had in the other wacky Hathaway books.

Speaking of Hathaway family, to be perfectly honest I couldn't remember their stories, so, when we are paid the obligatory Romanceland family visit, I didn't enjoy it as much. And, of course there is the set up for Beatrix Hathaway's story, Love in the Afternoon...Coming to a store near you in July!!!

And by the way, Dodger almost stole the entire story. Sometimes animals in romances irritate me, but since I have a fondness for ferrets, I loved Dodger.

This book wasn't on the level of Derek Craven and Dreaming of You, but Leo makes a wonderful hero, and Married by Morning is an enjoyable read!

Time/Place: 1850's England
Sensuality Rating: Hot

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Tracy said...

I have this one on order - can't wait to get it and dive right in.