Memories Schmemories, Part VIII, The Templar's Seduction by Mary Reed McCall, 2007

Can you say "The Return of Martin Guerre" or even the awful remake "Sommersby?"
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The Templar's Seduction by Mary Reed McCall, is the last book in a series and I believe the last book Ms. McCall wrote. It is my understanding that she's working on another book, however, it's not a romance. This is the only one of hers that I've read and I may go back and glom her other ones... But I have to get my other projects done first.

Set in the 1300's, it's the story of Alex de Ashby disguising himself as Lady Elizabeth's husband in order to save his friend. That's it in a nutshell. I've never been a big fan of people pretending to be someone else in romance... talk about untrustworthy. However, almost from the beginning he is overwhelmed with love and then guilt. Elizabeth, being no dummy, also knows something isn't right and suspects he isn't her husband.

What drew me to the story was Alex's struggle to save his friend's life, and not lose Elizabeth in the process. I liked Elizabeth's reaction to Alex's betrayal and I was glad it didn't drag on forever. The sensuality in the book was hot, but sometimes I found my eyebrows going up and saying to myself, "Oh Puleese Alex! Get a grip on it!" Although, at the end of the book, some of the tying up of loose threads stretched the boundaries of belief.

This is set in a very tumultuous time period; in fact, I can't think of any Medieval time period that didn't have something tumultuous going on. And, that makes me wonder why more romance novels aren't set in that time period. There was so much conflict happening everywhere.

So, if you like a good Medieval story with a knight doing battle for his fair lady, I recommend this as a pretty good read. Just be prepared for an overly sweet epilogue where we get to see everyone from the series and their hordes of children.

Time/Place: 1309 England
Sensuality Rating: Hot

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