Panic is setting in!

What's the deal with September? I am going into panic mode because I had a number of DNF book's this month, in fact I believe I've had more this month than ever before. I believe I am going to take the plunge and cross some auto-buy authors off of my list, even if they have a series going. And, while I'm in panic mode, wouldn't you think that when you order your new shipment of books and the person on the other end says "confirmed" (they either say confirm or back-order) that would mean you would see those said books in a couple of days. Seems I'm wrong...if you're not going to send those books to me, don't confirm them - say "yes, they are at our warehouse, but we cannot release them till the release date." Don't play with me, especially when I've had a horrible read month - when I've experienced slogging through title after title of books that go nowhere. I'm going to be like a spider waiting for my prey when I order my books next month...just wait until I hear that word "confirmed" false hope doers you.

September used to be my favorite month...and where are my books?

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