Memories Schmemories, Continuing Saga Update, Warning!!

Warning Will Robinson!!! Over the weekend I perused a couple of the cutesy Kasey Michaels books Rambunctious Lady Royston, 1983 and The Lurid Lady Lockport, 1984 and found some things that touched off my ick alarm. Both women/girls in these books are 17, get a spanking, and are called infant by the much older heroes throughout the book. I'm checking out The Questioning Miss Quinton, 1987, so far no alarms are going off. So, go ahead and read The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane, 1982, but the others may not pass any eewww moments or ick factors.


Tracy said...

I know it was so common in historical times to have the women young and the men older but...ewww! lol

SidneyKay said...

I forget which one it was, they are both blending, but these two books are great examples of what we have outgrown in romance. The one guy was in his 30's, called her infant, brat, child...forced her to marry him, spanked her...was amused when she dressed up as a boy. Really, really groan worthy. And, I know when I read that book a long time ago it probably didn't bother me. Although, even then 17 years old is really young.