Mistress by Mistake by Susan Gee Heino

Can you say far fetched, stretch of the imagination, farce, silly and historical inaccurate?

I purchase this book for a number of reasons, one it was a debut author and two it was getting good reviews. And those reviews happen to say "laugh out loud romp." So, I thought "Just what I'm looking for, a book with laughs." Half way through Mistress by Mistake, I was still waiting for my first laugh, I eventually smiled when I was about 50 pages from the end.

As I've said before, writing funny is hard and I give Susan Gee Heino some small applause for trying. However, she tried too hard. From the totally historically inaccurate Regency miss getting drunk on the bottle of wine she's carrying around to the convoluted idea that the hero, Dashford, has of getting out of his engagement, it was just way too much. It was like a Jerry Lewis movie, beating the audience over the head trying to get a laugh. And then there was one of my pet peeves, the interrupted love scene...over and over and over. There's that Jerry Lewis thing again.

Overall, the writing wasn't that bad and Ms. Heino seems like a talented writer, it's just I didn't find it funny.

Time/Place: Regency England
Sensuality Rating: Hot

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