The Sins of Lord Easterbrook by Madeline Hunter

Fan please!
Madeline Hunter writes hot stuff; she is also one of the better Medieval writers around, however, this isn't is hot though! This is the last of the four book Rothwell series, and it is about the eccentric older brother Christian. At last we find out why he is an eccentric recluse... he's empathic. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a paranormal book, it just has a little new age stuff thrown into the mix. You see Christian is a recluse because he is bombarded with other peoples emotions, that is until he meets Leona and she is the calm in his storm.

One of the interesting things about this book was the title. For once in a romance, the title actually matches the storyline. You see, The Sins of Easterbrook are not only Christian's but his fathers as well.

If you like books with strong Alpha males, this one is for you, Christian is very domineering, which was a good thing because Leona was a very stubborn woman. In fact she was very close to being a TSTL heroine who couldn't trust Christian; however she could certainly hop into bed with him for some very hot sex. And let me say, these sex scenes did require a fan. Also, for being a recluse, Christian certainly had all the right moves. This was a very intense romance and these two people struggled to the very end.

While I did enjoy the book and I found the writing to be above par, Leona really got on my nerves for way too long, which is why I couldn't give it the A rating I would have liked too.

Time/Place: Regency England
Sensuality Rating: Burning Hot

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Melissa said...

I felt the first half of the book was pure torture and only for you would I finish it. The end of the book was amazing and I wished the author had focused more on that portion of the story. The sins of the father passing to the son was a great storyline, but did not become apparent until well over halfway through the book.