Written on Your skin by Meredith Duran
Written on Your Skin was the third book I've read by Meredith Duran and I really like her writing style. I'm also expecting great things from her, which is why I was disappointed in this book. This is the story of Phin and Mina. I believe it's supposed to be taking place around the same time as her previous book Bound by Your Touch, because the character of James from that book shows up, but doesn't seem to have been changed into a hero yet.

I had trouble with this book, while the writing was good, it was also slow and I keep waiting for the romance to happen. It seemed to go on and on and on and on and eventually I did what I do when reading slow books. I started to skip read, and when you skip read you start missing stuff. But in this case when I'd skip and come back, they were still droning on and on. I found this book boring, with very little romance. I was very disappointed and hope her next book is better.

Time/Place: 1880's Hong Kong/England
Sensuality Rating: Hot

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Melissa said...

Darker than the first book in the series. About 3/4 thru, it lightens up and I thoroughly loved the characters, but initially I questioned to finish the book. Warning the c* word is used. Still a good book.