The Renegade Hunter by Lynsay Sands
Warning: A WHAT THE CRAP ending! I cleaned up my act and said Crap instead of what I really thought.

Let me be blunt! I hate the ending of this book! AARRGGHH! I would throw it across the room, except it is part of a stupid series that I have been sucked into!

The Renegade Hunter by Lynsay Sands is the 12th in the Argeneau family series and the 3rd in the Rogue Hunter series. Nicholas Argeneau is/was a rogue hunter (he who hunts rogue vampires or immortals as they like to call themselves.) Anyway, Nicholas is believed to have killed an innocent person, so the hunter becomes the hunted. Along the way he meets his "life mate" (hate life mates) Jo and the story begins.

We are once again reintroduced to the Argeneau clan and to Ms. Sands fast paced writing interlaced with humor. I like the Argeneau series better than the hunter series, however, this particular book was better than the last one in the hunter series.

I found Nicholas and Jo to be a cute couple, with just a little too much of a feisty heroine thing going on with Jo. Jo is out to solve the mystery surrounding the death of Nicholas' first wife and clear up the false murder charges against him. The momentum builds, the chase is on, puzzle pieces are being put together and vampires are running all over the place and then...and ends with *SPOILER* a telephone call that Nicholas is innocent.

What! How? Sputter...Sputter...what the crap; did I miss a book? Turn the page back and forth looking for more writing. Heart-attack looming, blood pressure to the author's website. Oh, I guess we will find out who murdered who August of next year. Ms. Sands is ever so sorry, because when she wrote the cliffhanger she had intended that the follow-up book come out the following month. Ms. Sands, do you know that I will not remember this plot line come August of next year? So, I guess I need to picket the publisher for changing the schedule or whine to the author for writing one of the worst cliffhangers I've ever read.

Place/Time: Present time United States and Canada
Rating overall:
Sensuality Rating: Hot

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Tracy said...

LOL I have to tell you that I felt the EXACT SAME WAY about this book. It was good until the end when it just left us hanging! I just kept saying WTF over and over. Ah well.