Make me Yours by Betina Krahn
Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover or publisher!!

I almost missed this one due to my not reading very many Harlequin romances. I'm a Harlequin snob. Another reason I almost missed this one is I lost track of Betina Krahn when she switched publishers and she didn't keep her website updated. She has a new website by the way. Anyway, Make Me Yours is a gem, and shouldn't be overlooked. It's fast-paced and filled Krahn's trademark humor.

A refreshing change from the Regency time period, it takes place during the late Victorian era, when the Prince of Wales was cutting a swath through Britain's women. The heroine, Mariah, is wonderful, she's pragmatic and has a wicked sense of humor. The hero, Jack, is one of my favorite types, the befuddled hero. He is in the Prince of Wales set of men friends and he is given the job of finding a husband for Mariah so she can become Bertie's mistress. Of course, he falls for Mariah and when that happens the fun begins.

I really enjoyed Mariah, she appeared to be one jump ahead of Jack all through the story and I loved the way she made him trip over his feet on the rocky road to finding love. Thankfully, Mariah was not a virgin widow nor a widow that didn't like sex because of her cruel husband.

There are some gentle moments, some fun moments, some nice sex and a happy ending.

This was a delightful story, and I highly recommend it.

Place/Time: Great Britain 1880's
Sensuality Rating: Hot

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Melissa said...

Fun quick read.